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Your Questions About Low Income Apartments In Florida

August 22, 2013

Mark asks…

which states have short waiting lists for section 8?

My fiance and I live in Florida but we want to move out of the state but we need to know which states have short waiting lists for section 8. We don’t want to move anywhere TOO far away, Florida has a 3-5 year waiting list but we can’t wait that long.For example, my cousin moved to Boston, MA and it took her about 2-3 months to get section 8 and an apartment.

Administrator answers:

First of all, you can apply for Section 8 ONLY in the county of the state you reside in. You have to prove residency when you file application. So you have to call some Housing Authorities in different locations where you want to move and see if the process is open. Some cities have their own Housing Authority and separate programs from Section 8.

Secondly, not every Housing Authority in every county or city is taking new applications. Thirdly, it would be impossible to say how long the wait is if you get on a waitlist since preference goes to seniors, disabled and low income families first. The last point is you cannot have unrelated people on the same voucher in the same apartment. People who do that are in violation of Section 8.

It takes about 2 years to get a voucher in a smaller city, 5 years in a larger populated area and up to 10 years in New York and Los Angeles. Your cousin could only have gotten a Section 8 apartment in Boston in a few months if she already had a voucher. Or, if she was expedited as a homeless veteran or government-displaced person.

John asks…

How can I use $100K to earn a residual income to live on right away?

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately interest rates are very low right now (about 1%-3%) so putting your money in the bank and living off of the interest is probably not an option at this time. There have been times in history not long ago where you could have earned 15% or more per year, but this is not the case right now.

So that means if you want to earn a residual income that you can survive on, you are going to have to explore more risky investment options. Depending on how much money you need to live off of, you may not be able to earn enough money without a lot of work or a ton of risk.

Basically your possible options are these:

1 – Invest in real estate -
2 – Invest in the stock market
3 – Own your own small business

All of these options are similar in that they involve owning a business. The difference is how you go about it. Investing in stocks is the easiest option because you don’t have to run the business, you just buy one (or a combination of them) and live off of the income. Investing in real estate is the next most involved, you don’t have to do a whole lot of work, but you still have to find and buy a property, find tenants, collect your rent payments, and keep the property maintained. Small business ownership requires a ton of work, but can have huge rewards.

Today there are several stocks paying dividends greater than 8% per year. Some of them are very high quality investments. These could provide you with a chance to earn close to $700-$1000 per month in income, plus whatever appreciation the stocks might have over the long term. Unfortunately you would need to know where to find these stocks, and how to evaluate them. Consider hiring a professional investment advisor. A good one will be able to help.

Real estate is another great option. Here in Florida, you could potentially purchase 4 homes with $100,000 right now, assuming that you borrow about half of the money to purchase them. That would be 4 $50,000 houses (doable) financed with $25,000 of your own money each, and $25,000 of the bank’s money.

Looking on a craigslist, homes like these can be rented for anywhere between $800-$1500 per month. Bear in mind that you will have to cover all expenses including interest on the loans, maintenance of the properties, taxes, insurance, etc. So you won’t get to keep all of the money that your tenants pay you. You could also consider alternatives such as investing in apartments, but managing that many tenants can become complicated.

Owning your own business is another option. You could invest in a coin laundry, or something passive like that, or you could invest in something that you personally would find interesting. Either way, you are going to have to do a lot of work, will potentially need employees, and may need a lawyer and accountant if you don’t know how to establish and run a business.


The bottom line is that $100,000 is probably not enough to be able to earn a safe residual income to live on right away, unless you plan to live on a very small income. You do have some options, but they are risky and involve a lot of work. Your best bet is probably to continue to save. You have a great start with $100,000, in the stock market, money has tended to double about every 7 years on average. So in only another 20 years or so you might be a millionaire. At that point you should have plenty of money to live off of.

William asks…

I wanna move from ny to florida but i dont know if its a good move?

everyone keeps telling me im not gonna be able to make it due to the pay and lack of good jobs. i only have a high school diploma and 7 years of experience in a cable company. is survival critical in florida withou a college education?

Administrator answers:

The pay scale is lower, and the price of housing through the roof. An apartment in Tampa / Orlando costs more than an apartment in Phoenix.

If you’re selling a house in NY, you MAY have enough equity to buy something down here.

You don’t need a college education, but the trades are NOT well paid down here. It is NOT cheaper to live in Florida. You don’t pay as much for heating, but you make up for that in cooling costs. You may think you can take the heat…but not with the humidity. We may not have a state income tax, but they have “hidden” taxes that drive the price of everything through the ceiling…and whatever fruits, veggies and meat you like…eat it there, because it’s tasteless down here.

I’m looking to LEAVE Florida.

Betty asks…

How is crime in orlando florida? I was thinking of moving there but am looking for the best place for my 2 yr?

Administrator answers:

Orlando, Florida gets a bad wrap for crime. I’ve lived here my entire life with no major issues. I’ve never been held at gunpoint or been mugged in the streets or anything. I have had my car broken into twice, but it was a Honda (a highly sought after car here and easy to break into.) I sold that car and got a Pontiac and have had no problems since.

The best areas to live in are pretty much anything with Park in it. Winter Park, Delaney Park, Thor ton Park, College Park, etc… Keep in mind that you will also pay more for these highly sought after areas.

If you don’t have a job or some sort of trade you will struggle to live in the nicer areas. Depending on how many rooms, house or apartment would determine how much money you would pay to live there. I rent a two bedroom one bath house in a decent neighborhood and I pay $850 a month. If I were to put the same house in a great area I would easily pay $1000+

If you do decide to live here in the lower income neighborhood, you might encounter problems. Just use good judgment and you will be fine. Don’t walk around places you don’t know after dark, don’t flash large amount of cash, be aware of your surroundings. Basically stay away from trouble and trouble will stay away from you.

I hope this helps. Good Luck!


Charles asks…

I’m trying to move from Florida to Ohio, I will be 22 by the time I plan to leave. I just need some tips..?

Moving tips?
I’m looking to get my own apartment there, but I am not 100% on the steps. How does this all go?

Administrator answers:

Hi! It’s nice to know somebody else going through a similar situation. I just moved to Ohio from Florida about 2 months ago. My boyfriend and I were looking for apartments, and it seems that it’s a fairly easy process compared to Florida due to the extreme differences in cost. It’s much cheaper to live in Ohio, and the general prices for a one bedroom (in the area where we live, which happens to be in the very small town of New Carlisle) are between 400-500 a month. I used to live in Orlando, and I payed almost 800 a month for a 575 square foot apartment! Of course, make certain to have some source of income and a decent credit score, plus first month’s rent and a security deposit. My boyfriend and I ended up buying a house instead, but we have several friends who have very limited incomes who are living very decently because of the low cost of living. The only downside I’ve noticed to moving here is the obvious boredom that accompanies moving to a smaller town. Good luck!

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