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Your Questions About Low Income Apartments In Florida

May 22, 2012

Michael asks…

low income apartments in florida?

i recently moved to florida from buffalo ny which is very low in rent 300-500 im alil worried about finding a apartment here in fort lauderdale since the prices are sky high im a cna havent started working as a cna down here yet so im not sure what i’ll be bringing in but are there any apartments that go by your income or is there any sort of rental assistance with paying rent if that situation ever comes up beside section 8 since im on the waiting list

Administrator answers:

It is the same waiting list. You will not qualify for either anyway, you have to work at least 30 hours a week, unless you are disabled.

Donald asks…

how do i found a low income apartment in orange park, florida?

well i have 2 kids and i am also going to school so that i can get a better but right now i am not making a enough money to get apartment how do i get low income apartment and where can i go in orange park florida and what apartments do low income apartments helps me please thank you

Administrator answers:

There’s this website called craigslist. It’s a classified ad for jobs, apartments, everything you can think of. You should check on there to see if they have apartment listings in your area.

Paul asks…


Administrator answers:

Check for apartments south of Central and east of US19. You’ll find some low income housing in this area.

Lizzie asks…

Where can we find low income apartment listings?

When I google the above, only high-end options are made available. Does anybody know a good site that has LOW INCOME apartment listings? I live in North Port, Florida. Thanks~

Administrator answers:

The low income housing is handled via the housing authority, you will need to apply with them. They will tell you which, if any, of the projects you qualify for.

Mark asks…

Does an apartment landlord in Florida have right to search personal belongings?

I’m new to florida and I’m renting a low income apartment. We have inspections tommorrow. I’m expecting them to look in the kitchen , bath, and bedrooms and look at the general cleanliness of the place but do they have the right to search my dressers,draws, boxes and other personal belongings? I dont think so, do you? Its ok if they look in the closets, to me that part of the apartment structure but all furniture and dressers are personal which would require some sort of legal warrant. I’m just concerned about my right to privacy. Any thoughts from renters or landlords welcomed.

Administrator answers:

No landlord has the right to your personal belongings unless you get evicted and forfit your things. Some low income places will screw you over if you dont know your laws for your state. I got screwed out of a low income apt. In mississippi. Most neighbors in low income are snitches too.

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