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Your Questions About Low Income Apartments In Michigan

April 30, 2013

Steven asks…

Section 8 Houseing Question… URGENT!!?

I live in Michigan with My Fiance and 6mo old son.. Today we got an eviction notice from our landlord who was a family friend.. Long story short he was renting us out the house cheap and has been wanting us to buy it but we cannot afford to buy it out front, our lease is up this month and thought it was weird that he wasn’t making us sign another one come to find out he is evicting us so he can sell it.
We have 30 days to be out and have no money saved up at all.. Both of our credit is bad and we are very low income so we cannot move into an apartment or rent another house.
I am already recieving help from the state with the food assistance program.. My aunt told me that since we have an eviction notice we might qualify for some sort of emergency houseing.
How likely would I be able to get help with houseing?
How does section 8 exactly work?
Do they give us cash or do they pay a renter?
How much money do they usually give out?
Does it cover utilities?
Do they pick where we get to live and how long usually does it take to get on a waiting list?

I would greatly appreciate if sombody could let me know how everything works if you are on section 8 help or have ever been on it.
1 second ago – 4 days left to answer.

Administrator answers:

The only housing assistance you would receive on short notice like this would be the homeless shelter.

Section 8 will take about 2 years, if you are lucky, witing 5 years is not uncommon. Since it sounds like you are not disabled, but low income by choice you may never get a voucher.

Michael asks…

What happens when a minor changes their guardian?

I currently live with my unemployed mother in Michigan, living off of food stamps and medicaid. I want to live with my sister in a low-income apartment in Wisconsin, but my mother is unaware of what will happen to the food stamps and the medicaid if I move. What will happen to the government help that I am currently getting? Will it be transferred to my sister if she becomes my guardian?

Administrator answers:

Yes it goes to your sister who will be your guardian when you move or if shes making too much you wont get the aid at all considering that the aid is based on the guardians income.

Ruth asks…

How hard is it to get a small business loan?

I need about 20,000 to get this well researched idea going and I don’t have the capital to do it. I rent an apartment and own no real collateral but I make roughly 70K a year before taxes in California. My credit score is average with nothing major on record. I’m confident in my business plan but don’t know how much weight that will carry when applying for this funding. Any serious input from someone with experience in this area?

Administrator answers:

Watch out for these internet scammers.

The Small Business Administration provides lots of information on getting a loan, but here are a couple of quick points:

*Have a business plan completed, showing how you will be able to repay the loan with income generated from the business.

*Make sure you pull credit reports from all three agencies, and check your credit BEFORE you apply for a loan. If you find any discrepancies, act on that first. If you have a credit score over 750, you are good. Between 675-750, be prepared to explain how you got into that situation, and show how you are working your way out.

*Legitimate loan officers request at least 20% down on a business loan nowdays. Can you scrape up $4,000? Having a down payment is important to show how serious you are about the project. It takes some of the risk off the lender, so they are more likely to take your prospect seriously.

*Every state has a SBDC, Small Business Development Center, that can help you get ready for your venture, at no charge. A certified business consultant will work with you at no cost, helping you to get ready to apply and start your business. You can also get counseling from a seasoned professional in your industry from SCORE.

I am an SBTDC business consultant in Michigan, and my answers are based on what the current SBA and banking community have told us to share with our clients. There are numerous free and low cost classes out there to help answer your questions in a legitimate way, offered online at or from your local SBDC.

Good luck in your venture! America relies on entrepreneurs to help the economy, and your work is important!

Donald asks…

Single Mom on unemployment trying to find a place to live?

Does anyone know of how I would go about finding help for a place to live on unemployment? I am laid off, and trying to find a job. I have a 5 1/2 month old daughter, and trying to find a apartment. What are the laws and such in Michigan? Any ideas would be helpful.

Administrator answers:

The FHA (Fed housing authority) has many programs that can help, such as Section 8 housing for low income families. Check them out online, or call and talk to someone to see if you qualify or if they have apartments in your area..


or I know it doesnt sound glamorous but what about moving back in with your parents until you can get a new job? Are you getting child support from the father? You should be…

Susan asks…

How much does it cost to buy a house in the USA?

What is the average price of housing? And how much is it to rent per month on average?
I’m not thinking of moving, just wondering if it was less or more expensive than Australia. Housing prices over here don’t differ a whole lot really. They used to but not anymore.
OK well I am in WA and for a nice home in a middle class suburb will cost around $500-650k The cheaper suburbs are around $280-400k and the flashier area homes about $800k-millions.
Housing has gone up so much in the last few years it has gotten ridiculous and first homebuyers are having to pay $2000-3000 per month for their repayments! Our house cost $350k and our repayments are $2500 a month which is like 80% of our entire income as my husband is still at uni at the moment.

Administrator answers:

Cost of a house? The cheapest single family detached houses are probably around michigan right now, around $30,000 (for the lower end). For most of the country it would be reasonable to expect to pay $200,000-$300,000 range – but you can still get a townhouse for the 100k-200k range. For more expensive markets (New York, Cali, etc) It is challenging to get a not so great house for less than 300k (great being judged by location) and can go up into the millions.

As for renting an apartment – it really depends on where and what your needs are. If you’re willing to share with several people you can often pay 1/2 as much as living alone. In more depressed areas that is the $200-400/month range, 400-800 for most areas, and maybe 800-2500 for larger cities.

I’d recomend you take a peak at for whatever destination you have in mind. If you’re a foreign student looking to come to america – contact the student organization of your prospective school, they often have foreign-born ethnic clubs that assist new students with this sort of new information.

Personally, I live in Thailand, easy to rent a very nice place for USD $100/month here for 8 months and work the other 4 months in london – the pound still goes very far here.


I was looking at buying property in australia recently – even though the market has gone up a lot there – it’s still better than the american market. Avoid places that have gone up a lot (like perth) for more steady places (I like adalea in south australia personally). When buying investment prperty, it’s best to look at the capitalization rate (The % of net income you will get on the purchase price). On the whole the cap rate in australia is still higher than the USA (an average I am guessing based on personal knowledge, some markets will outperform others naturally).

Not to mention that it’s easier to get a loan in australia than america – a colleague of mine got approved for a 95% mortgage just yesterday in autralia – you can’t get that anywhere stateside these days.

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