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Your Questions About Low Income Apartments In Michigan

July 2, 2013

Helen asks…

How can i get immediate help from the state of Michigan?

As of right now i am married but i want a divorce soo bad. I have been stuck with my husband for over a year now cause i cant make it on my own. I am low income i have a 4 year old son. I have horrible credit and no where to go. I wont go to a shelter but i so need help. I cant bare to be with my so called husband any longer. Does anyone know where i can get help fast to get my own place or anything. I cant get on section 8 due to over a 7 year waiting list and horrible credit. I cant go to low housing income apartments due to long waiting lists and horrible credit. Does the state help with anything?
Im not being picky. I dont want to write on here where im at but you wouldnt go to a shelter around here. And my son belongs to him so i dont have a dad to call. Thanks for all you imputs anyways.
Also yes it is taxpayers money but at least my son and i need it unlike half these people that get to take it to what spend on drugs and stupid stuff. Its a messed up world but if they can give someone who sits at home all day and does drugs money than they can help me out.

Administrator answers:

Why won’t you go to a shelter? Seems if you really want to help yourself,you’ll do whatever is necessary to make it happen. You are willing to take money from the state(the taxpayers) but are not willing to compromise and go somewhere that might actually help you. There are people at the shelter that will help you with employment and housing.

Thomas asks…

Are all apartments in Baltimore infested with mice and roaches??

I might be moving to Baltimore next month. I am looking for an affordable one bedroom apartment to move into. My job will be in Laurel, MD but the apartments in that area seem to be sky high. I looked at a lot of apartments in the city of Baltimore that are reasonable but I went to another website where they give reviews on the apartments. Many of the reviews says that apartments are infested with mice and roaches or gang activity. This is disgusting and scary and making me rethink my move.
I currently live in Michigan and pay only $430 a month for a one bedroom apt. I don’t have mice or roaches or gangs in my building. Its not the nicest place in the world but its better than what I thought i’d get for the price.
Does anyone know of an apartment that has one bedroom that isn’t roachy or micey or dangerous? Laurel will be nice but i’m willing to drive further if needed. I don’t want to pay more than $700 for rent.


Administrator answers:

You are going to work in Laurel but want to live in Baltimore City? Wow, you must LOVE to drive! It is about a 45 minute to an hour ride depending on traffic and how fast you drive. I live in Baltimore city and no, all apartments in the city are not roach infested, have crack dealers,overrun with drugs or have gangs. I have a girlfriend that lives in an apartment complex two streets up from me and her apartment is very clean. There are plenty of apartment complexes in my neighborhood that don’t tolerate drugs or any type of criminal activity. Hopefully, you have a clean record because a lot of the complexes in Maryland now do background checks to keep that element out of their complex. The other people that answered must be watching too much of “The Wire” on HBO. I live in the city, about 5 minutes away from Pikesville, Maryland (Baltimore County) and there are no roaches, drug dealers, rats or gangs in my area. I can sit out on my porch at night and not hear gunfire and I’m not afraid to walk to the corner store after it gets dark. Living in Baltimore City instead of the county will definitely be more costly as far as car insurance goes. If you definitely want to live in the city, look in the NW area of the city. The rent is about $500-$700 for a one bedroom. Some nice counties are Pikesville, Catonsville, Randallstown, and Towson. The rent in these counties are reasonable and the areas are nice. Like all cities, the counties are higher in price but there are gangs, crackheads and drugs in the counties also, TRUST ME. You have more Section 8 (welfare) in the county than the city, believe it or not. Most of the bad areas of the city are filled with low income, welfare people. Move to an area where people have jobs. You can tell by looking at the lawns and the gutters in the street. Lawns would be well manicured and there are no trash or debris in the gutters, street or sidewalk. Look at the people in the neighborhood. People that have above minimum wage jobs take care of their property and themselves and have pride in their home and they maintain it. People that don’t care, wont.

Check out some of these areas yourself and judge accordingly instead of hateful people that watch too much TV and believe everything they see.

Sharon asks…

Housing Assistance for Pregnant Low-Income Woman?

I’m 6 weeks pregnant, 20 years old, and engaged. We are however, a very low income family. We’re currently staying with his mom and we have to move out in a couple weeks. I live in Michigan and I will be applying for food assistance next week, but what can I do about housing assistance. Thanks
Section 8 is open here but I read somewhere that you can’t have bad credit. Mine is about 580. hm… Oh, and to the rude lady…I hope you never have children for the fact that they’ll have a mean-spirited, judgmental, bitch of a mother and most likely end up serial killers who’ve never experienced a mother’s love. Good luck to you on your serious mental health issues.

Administrator answers:

You need to go to the housing authority to apply for housing and usually there is a rather long waiting list. (6 months to 2 years on average) However when you go to apply for food and medical and whatever else you need to apply for they may have a temporary shelter you can move in to until you have an apartment available.

Maria asks…

Can ANYONE give advice? Help, baby on the way?

I’m due on Sunday, and pretty much screwed, I have to, HAVE to be out of my apartment in a week, (long story) I’ve applied for low income based housing, but they have waiting lists, I don’t have time, I was referred to apply for section 8 rent assistance, but they don’t always accept applications (I’m going to try tomorrow anyway)
Are their any ways around this? Is their another program that can help people like me? I can’t get a job, I’m about to go through labor, and just completely screwed…
Does anyone know of places that can help in Michigan? And I really don’t want to bring my baby home to a shelter…or anything like that..

Administrator answers:

It depends on your location. If you have the appropriate income for the service some states have programs that will pay for you and your child’s medical needs.

Please check out this link, and choose the county you are in from the left column to see the information that is useful to you:

Edit**: Here is something that may be of use to you, please call them, and if they are unable to help you they will most likely give reference to places that may be nearer to you.


Sandy asks…

what is and how do you get section 8 in mi?

Administrator answers:

Section 8 is a program for low income familes or even adult indivuals. There is public housing where they can reside and pay a low amount of rent, there are also vouchers that are available, which allows a person to look for housing in the private market and they can use this voucher in any apartment where the landlord will accept it. With a voucher, your local housing authority pays a portion of your rent, and you pay the rest. How much you pay, goes according to your monthly income.

Section 8 can be very hard to get on, there are usually waiting lists a mile and a half, and sometimes the wait can be years. In my area, to get a voucher, besides being approved (meaning they need to make very little income) the wait is almost 5 years.

Call your local housing authority if you wish to apply. You can even type in your states housing authority on the net, the number will most likely come up, and possibly a website.


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