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August 26, 2013

Jenny asks…

Could you live in a used old trailer off minimum wage..?

Alright. So I look at the price of used trailers & how much you make off minimum wage. I was told a drop out makes at most 17,000 a year. Now some used trailers will have you pay like $350 a month at lower price then newer trailers. But I also am wondering if it costs more to live in a apartment or used trailer. The real question i’m wondering is could a high school drop out live on his own off minimum wage if he lived in a trailer or apartment..? (Lets put Michigan as a example as far as Michigan‘s salary on houses goes)

Administrator answers:

You could, Lord knows people do it all the time here. The pluses of living in a trailer are having more space than an apartment with the potential for a yard and pets but they are harder to heat and cool than an apartment. In a trailer you don’t have to worry about neighbors knocking around above you but in an apartment there is usually one utility (like water or gas) that is taken care of.

We are below poverty here so even college graduates (like myself) may not make more than $20000 a year. I have a house that costs $350 a month and when I was by myself I did just fine with a little budgeting.

My recommendation, if you don’t have pets or need a yard, don’t bother with them and get an apartment. Try to find an apartment complex that works off of your income, it won’t be the nicest but it’s cheaper. NEVER buy a new trailer, they rip you off with intrest and fees. Most mobile home companies want you to default so they can sue you for the remainder of the house payments while they resell the house to some other poor fool.

Donna asks…

please help me decide which apartment to get.?

i am on a budget. i have figured out that i have up to $515 each month available for rent, but it would be nice to be able to save money if i can because i have to factor in utilities like electric, cell phone, cable, and internet. the following apartments are located in michigan. please tell me why in your answer which one is better. thank you!

apt. #1


*Rent 1 bed=$385-$415
*Heat Gas Water included in rent
*Private entrance


*Thin walls
*no dishwasher
*no washer/dryer only laundry facilities
*potentially lower quality neighbors
*565 sq ft

apt. #2


*1 bed Rent=$515
*Heat Gas and Water included in Rent
*Washer/Dryer in apartment
*Private entrance
*Newer and better looking exterior
*Thick walls
*744 sq ft


*More expensive
*Farther away

Administrator answers:

What is your take-home per month? Having no washer or dryer is really annoying, but you can meet people at laundrymats. Does the location have a coin-op washer and dryer?

No dishwasher is inconsequential. I have one and I never use it and they are impractical for a single person; it takes a week to fill them up, so unless you have a huge stash of dishware, you’ll have to either waste water/electricity or wash by hand anyway.

Thin walls could be bad. I lived in a place and I hung thick wool blankets from the ceilings and it helped a lot, but it really sucks if your job is in the morning or your neighbors fight, etc.

Lower quality neighbors? Does that mean that it might be dangerous? If so, I wouldn’t live there. Is ther glass in the street (cars being broken into)? Gangs? A lot of homeless people? Or is it just low-income housing?

If you make about 3 times more then 400 then I would go with the more expensive place (as long as you don’t have a car payment or anything like that.) That extra square footage will help. Depending on how much farther away, you could spend a lot in transportation (gas, etc.) If you job isn’t steady, though, (like most servicre jobs) then don’t get caught into the troubles of many folks on here where they can’t afford thier place and are fighting eviction, bad credit, roomate woes, etc. Go with the affordable place as long as it’s safe.

Lizzie asks…

Wanting to buy a house and very confused: first steps and how to go about getting a Michigan home loan?

My fiance and I are really wanting to move from our apartment to a bigger house, so our daughter has more room to play and we would have some more living space. I am so confused as to what to do first. We have picked out 3 homes, each between $20,000 and $40,000. We can afford $400 per month. Neither of us have much credit at all, and it isn’t very good (just small stuff on mine, unpaid magazine subscriptions) and I’m not sure what’s in my fiance’s credit history, but when we purchased our car and his credit was checked, he was told that his credit was not that bad. I see there is a program on to help with a down payment and there is some type of a loan called a MSHDA loan, but I don’t know what that is. What should we do first? Look at houses? Find somewhere to get approved for a loan? Talk to a county office? I don’t know how we should go about doing any of this; it’s all very confusing. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)

Administrator answers:

The first thing you need to do is obtain a loan, before you get your heart set on a house. There are few banks doing any loans at all for that small of an amount, none in the 20k range. Homes that cheap are usually paid for in cash.

The MSHDA appears to have some programs to help you, contact them first as you much be very low income to only afford 400 a month.

Sandra asks…

How do you go about getting custody of a minor child in the state of Michigan?

I have an 8 year old little brother. His parents are considered homeless however they are staying with me in my apartment so my brother has a stable house to live in and go to school. Both of the parents do drugs, don’t have jobs and live off the state. The little one did amazing in school last year because I made sure he was there before that he never went to school. I would like to keep him in a safe home where he has someone who is stable and wanting him around. The parents always yell at him, telling him that he is dumb, and refuse to take care of him. As his older sister I have stepped up and am making sure he is being taken care of however I would like to make it so I am his legal guardian and not his parents. However I don’t know the first steps I would take. I am 18 years old, have a job and my own apartment. I have tried talking to Child Protective Services but at the time they had said there was not enough for a case. However they recommend that I get on my feet so if it does come about I am ready to take him. So I guess my question is does anyone know what Michigan requires for you to go about getting custody of a minor child?

Administrator answers:

Since the child isnt yours, its going to take ALOT for a judge to strip the biological parents of their rights.

Heres how it would play out right now.
Say you can prove they are frequent drug users (as shown by a urine analysis or blood test) Depending on the severity – the judge would grant them time to clean up their act.
If you want to prove the verbal abuse – you need written documentation. You need to document what they say and when they say it. Also, document EVERY thing you do for your brother, and what they do.

If CPS told you there wasnt enough for a case at this time – they are right. Because usually they hop right on it, if its serious.

The steps you can take – is keep working, keep taking care of him. And document everything. It will be your saving grace should you go to court. It saves a hassle with a “he said-she said” case. You may also want to consider going to a counselor with your brother, having him speak with a professional about the situation can come in handy too, beause that person can serve as a witness for a court proceeding to prove how they way your parents are, affect him.

I do wish you luck, i hope it works out in your favor for your brothers sake, but keep in mind, its got to be very serious for parental rights to be revoked. There has to be substantial abuse taking place, and a completely unfit situation.

I would suggest setting up a free consult with an experience family law attorney in your area – running the situation by them, and see if there is a way around it. You can petition the court for custody – and then your parents will have to prove they are fit to raise the child. And you can also prove that you are the better choice. Just ask a lawyer how you go about getting the forms in your state to petition for non-parental custody action.

Also, here is a site for free or low cost legal services for low income individulas in your area.


Joseph asks…

Family of 8 looking for affordable rental in SE michigan?

We are a family of 8 looking for at least a 4 bedroom house to rent, lease, or lease with option. We are looking for a place close to Wixom, MI or some place within Oakland County or lower east of Livingston County. We would really like a price around $800 a month or to try to stay under that as best as possible, I know that it will be hard to do for a 4 bedroom but we only have one income. We however do have great rental references. We would appreciate a timely response. Our move in date will be December 1, 2007.

Administrator answers:

There are plenty of apartment listings on

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