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July 14, 2012

Linda asks…

How does Low income apartments work?

so i dont have much money but i need an apartment. can some one explain to me how low income apartments works? do they lower rent based on your income or how does is work and how can it help me?

Administrator answers:

Low income is usually subsidized housing——which means that you have to get into a program(such as section 8). Once into the program, you then find an apartment that qualifies and accepts subsidized tenants.. You then pay a discounted rent and the rest of the rent is subsidized by the program. Contact your local agencies

Betty asks…

low income apartments around madison, indiana where you don’t have to pay until you get a job?

I just moved down here from Tennessee and I have no job right now and no place to live and I was wondering if there’s a low income apartment in Madison, Indiana where I don’t have to pay anything until I get a job?

Administrator answers:

Unless you are related no one is going to let you move in hoping that maybe you will get a job someday and pay rent.

Mark asks…

How do i find low-income apartments?{in my area}?

i only make about $600 a month and have no credit what so ever , but i really need to find a low income apartment because i have a time limit.can anyone help?

Administrator answers:

The housing authority administers those, but there is a minimum income level, which should be minimum wage. You are claiming you make less then 4 an hour, which is not even legal.

Sandy asks…

does any body knows any low income apartments in Manhattan ?

ok i am 21 years old and i am still living at home with my mother. . And my two younger siblings. and i have a job but i only have a part time job .at home depot which i get paid 8.55 per hour. and i wanna move out my mothers house and move to Manhattan because all my life i lived in brooklyn i i just wanna move out of brooklyn to Manhattan does any body knows any low income apartments in Manhattan that would go by my income or not ?

Administrator answers:

Travis, this is the FIFTH time you had asked that question. If not myself as well with others who responded, there is no apartment or room as well that is low income to allow you to stay in. At $8.55 per hour on a part-time basis, you can not afford to pay rent, purchase groceries and pay utilities like Con-Ed, telephone and cable.

Since you are working on a part time basis, as suggested before you should take some courses that can enhance your vocational/technical skills. With that your earnings can be a bit better and increase with employment opportunities.

While you are working, open up a savings/checking account as well with any bank and sign up for direct deposit through employer at Home Depot. This can help you with savings and as well your credit as well. While you are building your savings, do not apply for credit cards, use your debit card from your bank.

With this advice, use it wisely so you can do better.

Thomas asks…

do low income apartments do unexpected inspections?

do low income apartments do unexpected inspections?
just checking out low income apartments seeing if they will check out the apartment while i’m gone or there unexpectedly.

Administrator answers:

I believe they will have to notify you they will be entering the unit on a certain date and time. I do know they make inspections to see if the place is up to their standards. If it isn’t, they require repair and if the landlord slacks off, they pull his funding. (which basically would force you to move)

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