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Your Questions About Low Income Housing Projects

April 24, 2013

Susan asks…

what are the eligibility requirements for low income housing in connecticut?

I cant get much information online so I’m hoping I can get some advice here. Im a single mom finding it impossible to support my family. Please share if you are or have gotten approved for Low Income housing in Connecticut. Thanks in advance!!

Administrator answers:

There are different levels of public housing projects.

You would need to be within the correct % of median income for the project, they go as low as 30% of median up to 60%.

You will need your birth certificate, your childs birth certificate, your Social Security card, your childs social security card, bank statements, proof of child support, and your pay stubs. If you are not working you need your disability or welfare information. There are projects for welfare families.

Linda asks…

How to apply for low income housing?

So I’m going to need to live in a low income housing. But I’m not quite sure how to search for it online or even how to apply for it…can anyone please help me? I’m going to be living in Virginia.

Administrator answers:

In the State of Virginia, public welfare programs (including low income housing) are administered on the county level, instead of on the state level. Therefore, you will need to contact the relevant department in the county you will be moving to.

For example, in Arlington County, the “Department of Community Planning, Housing and Development (DCPHD), Housing Division” handles rental assistance. In other counties the department may go by a different name.

Please bear in mind two things:

(1). Many counties have no public housing projects, and rental assistance is provided exclusively through “Section 8″ rental assistance vouchers. There are a limited number of vouchers available in each county, and the waiting list is often long. In my state (Massachusetts) some people have been known to wait for years before obtaining Section 8 housing.

(2). In many states there are residency requirements which require that you have lived in the state for a period of time (usually at least one year) before you are entitled to apply for any form of public welfare payments in that state.

Daniel asks…

Is it better that low paid workers receive higher compensation for their work or a government handout?

I am a widow in her mid 40′s with two children. I work two part time jobs, both just slightly above minimum wage for a total of 40-45 hours a week, depending on my employer’s needs.

I have an Associate’s Degree in Marketing. Before my husband passed away, I was a home owner for more than 15 years. Until recently, I was able to maintain employment with benefits and play plenty of taxes. In the past 4 years, my life has had a 180 degree turnaround, not for the better.
Now I have no insurance so I go to a Community Health Center. As an adult, I pay $38 for a doctor’s visit. A visit for my children is $10. We don’t qualify for Medicaid, but most patients at the clinic do. It is a 2nd rate health care facility for sure. My own physician is a young woman working off her scholarship, They send you to med school, you work for them as an Internal Medicine doctor for 4 years. My doctor only earns $800 a week. As soon as her 4 years are up, she’s gone and who can blame her? This is partially, if not indirectly subsidized by Medicaid. In my community, if you have no insurance, this is the only sliding scale facility. If you have Medicaid, this is the only practice that accepts it. If it was not for Medicaid, it would not be able to exist.

I live in low income housing. Not the projects, but I had to meet certain income criteria to live here. I am renting a 1 bedroom apartment for about 25% below the market price. I know this too receives indirect public support.

Without these two programs, I would still be in a ramshackle tenement. Before my mother passed away, my children lived with her. I had to move 60 miles away from home to find even the low pay work I have.
Now is it better that I am paid a living wage? In a way, YOU are supporting me, but also my employer. They can get away with paying less because they know that the government pick up the slack, at least partially.

I know some of you would rather see me and my children on the street begging. I know in your sick sociopathic minds, this is they way it should be. I pray to God you never find the misfortune I have had the past 4 years. As sick as you are and as much as I dislike you, I would not even wish it upon you, the things that have happened to me. You don’t know me, yet you hate me. You claim to be a Christian, yet you have absolutely no compassion. Feel free to say whatever stupid things you feel you must, but your answers are just showing the world how sick and pathetic you really are.

Administrator answers:

Those kinds of people are too sick to understand compassion. They have the compassion of a rock. Hope things get better for you.

Carol asks…

how much income do you need to get section 8 housing?

Im trying to get info on low income housing. Im recently divorced and have two small children. I am suppose to recieved $600 a month in child support. Ive been searching for employment non stop. My questions are Does child support count as income? And how do they determine if you qualify for housing and how do they decide how much rent you pay?

Administrator answers:

You are required to work 32 hours a week, for at least minimum wage, AND collect child support. The child support is included in your income to determine how much of your rent you pay and how much hard working Americans pay for you.

If you have no medical issues you would pay roughly 1/3rd of your income and child support to the rent, tax payers paying the rest. How much your total rent can be is determined by the median rent for your area. Total rent can not exceed 80% of the median rent.

If you are not working you qualify to live in the project housing, as well as collect welfare. (welfare will take the 600 a month from the ex)

However, as a mother myself, I would recommend you either get off your rear end and work so you can put your children into decent housing, or turn the children over to Dad. The projects are there to help the poor, but that means your children will be associating with some really rough people, crime and drug use is very very high in the projects. Personally I would never subject my children to that.

Sandy asks…

When there is news of low income housing already approved and being built do real estate agents know about it?

I just bought a house and they were in the progress of building apartments a couple blocks up the street, and now the are finished and it will be low income housing. The value of our house is more than liking going to fall, so is it possible that the real estate agent knew and did not tells us. What is the odds of them knowing?

Administrator answers:

If the sellers knew about it, they should have mentioned it to their agent who should have mentioned it to your agent. But, really the sellers may not have thought twice about it– the catch is they are required to mention things that are decrimental, but if they don’t consider a new housing project to be a negative, you can’t really prove that they willfully withheld anything from you.

However, all of that is a matter of public record, so you also could have done the research to see what it was zoned for and what was approved for that space. Low income housing is such a hot topic right now I bet it even made the newspapers.

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