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Your Questions About Low Income Housing Projects

May 23, 2013

Linda asks…

Can people on low income receive benifits for building/maitenance on their house?

This question only applies for people living in the UK.

Administrator answers:

There are projects and some funding if you want to improve the environmental aspects on your house if your boiler is totally shot and inefficient then there are some grants to help with the costs.
I think the same goes for solar panels and better windows etc. I know the scheme gives less now but i think it’s still around.
Not sure what is available out there for normal repairs
but not a benefit per se.
If your on some type of benefit I think there is a small crisis loan you can get to help with these but again I am only vaguely aware of these.
I would contact the Citizens advice bureau and see what they say, or your local council.
Good Luck!

David asks…

Is there any difference between council estates and projects?

If people know what those are – council estates are (I think) the English equivalent of projects – but there might be some differences. If anyone has any info, thanks!

Administrator answers:

Well lets call it social housing and start from there.

Local authorities (councils) used to build houses to rent to low income families. Then Mrs Thatcher decided that council house tenants could buy their houses and at the same time stopped councils from building. The building of social housing for rent is now done by housing associations – non profit making bodies. Hope this helps.

Jenny asks…

How long should a person be on welfare?

If a person loses their job and needs to go on welfare, what is the longest they should be allowed to use the service? I say 6 months max. That is plenty of time for a person to search for a new job and save up some cash. Anything more than that leads people to abuse the system. There are too many young people having children because they know that as soon as they get knocked up at 17 they can move out of their parents house and into the projects, get a welfare check, get WIC, food stamps, free health care, etc. It’s a good life! You’d be surprised how many people on welfare have digital cable, a computer with high speed internet, a cell phone, car, etc. If people realized that their were on their own if they had a baby at 16, there would be less people doing it. With welfare laws today, there is little consequence for their actions.
HahacharadeUR, nobody mentioned Clinton. Do you have some sort of complex? Almost as if you think liberalism and welfare are connected. I also think that the children on welfare would decrease if people were not getting extra $$$ for having them. Right now we are paying people to have kids.

Administrator answers:

In the first place you said that’s plenty of time to get a job and save up money..NOT if you are on welfare. Your benefits immediately drop the day you go to work..whether you have gotten paid or not. Welfare only counts rent, utilities, basic car, etc. They don’t give them credit for cable, internet, cell phone, etc. I am on permanent disability and I have to tell you that it’s a THRILL for me to fight with the govt for my $30 food stamps, living in low income housing (where I live in constant fear of my life from guns, drugs, etc) The govt does NOT want you to suceed or they would not punish you for every dime you make. They would allow you to keep all your benefits for 6 months and then start cutting them back. And anymore to get stamps you MUST work or be a full time student. I don’t know that there is an answer.

Donna asks…

What is the real name for the housing projects?

I’ve never heard it called any thing else but “i or they live in the projects
Is there a specific name the state or w.e calls it?

I dk

Administrator answers:

That’s the name, but some people call it “low income housing”.

Carol asks…

Listing of Grants for projects to help the elderly?

Working on a project to benefit the elderly of San Antonio. I need to find grants, local or national, to fund this project.

Its a health services project, specifially for the elderly and infirm.

Web sites would be great, but book sources would help too.
Yes, I am currently representing a nonprofit!

Administrator answers:

If you are looking for grants for the elderly, go to the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

Click on Search for Assistance Programs (HTML) –> Browse by Beneficiary –> Click on 81 Senior Citizen (60+) and you will find all government grants available for the elderly

Here is the list:

10.415 USDA Rural Rental Housing Loans
10.417 USDA Very Low-Income Housing Repair Loans and Grants
10.427 USDA Rural Rental Assistance Payments
10.550 USDA Food Donation
14.103 HUD Interest Reduction Payments_Rental and Cooperative Housing for Lower Income Families
14.138 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Rental Housing for the Elderly
14.149 HUD Rent Supplements_Rental Housing for Lower Income Families
14.157 HUD Supportive Housing for the Elderly
14.191 HUD Multifamily Housing Service Coordinators
14.314 HUD Assisted Living Conversion for Eligible Multifamily Housing Projects
14.315 HUD Emergency Capital Repair Grants for Multifamily Housing Projects Designated for Occupancy
14.850 HUD Public and Indian Housing
14.870 HUD Resident Opportunity and Supportive Services – Homeownership and Family
14.876 HUD Resident Opportunity and Supportive Services – Elderly and Persons with Disabilities
14.877 HUD Public Housing Family Self-Sufficiency under Resident Opportunity and Supportive Services
16.105 DOJ Civil Rights of Institutionalized Persons
16.613 DOJ Scams Targeting the Elderly
17.207 DOL Employment Service/Wagner-Peyser Funded Activities
17.235 DOL Senior Community Service Employment Program
20.513 DOT Capital Assistance Program for Elderly Persons and Persons with Disabilities
21.006 TREAS Tax Counseling for the Elderly
30.002 EEOC Employment Discrimination_State and Local Fair Employment Practices Agency Contracts
30.008 EEOC Employment Discrimination_Age Discrimination in Employment
64.104 VA Pension for Non-Service-Connected Disability for Veterans
66.508 EPA Senior Environmental Employment Program
81.042 DOE Weatherization Assistance for Low-Income Persons
84.177 ED Rehabilitation Services_Independent Living Services for Older Individuals Who are Blind
86.001 PBGC Pension Plan Termination Insurance
93.041 HHS Special Programs for the Aging_Title VII, Chapter 3_Programs for Prevention of Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation
93.042 HHS Special Programs for the Aging_Title VII, Chapter 2_Long Term Care Ombudsman Services for Older Individuals
93.043 HHS Special Programs for the Aging_Title III, Part D_Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Services
93.044 HHS Special Programs for the Aging_Title III, Part B_Grants for Supportive Services and Senior Centers
93.045 HHS Special Programs for the Aging_Title III, Part C_Nutrition Services
93.047 HHS Special Programs for the Aging_Title VI, Part A, Grants to Indian Tribes_Part B, Grants to Native Hawaiians
93.048 HHS Special Programs for the Aging_Title IV_and Title II_Discretionary Projects
93.053 HHS Nutrition Services Incentive Program
93.254 HHS Infant Adoption Awareness Training
93.569 HHS Community Services Block Grant
93.760 HHS Rural PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly) Provider Grant Program
93.773 HHS Medicare_Hospital Insurance
93.774 HHS Medicare_Supplementary Medical Insurance
93.776 HHS Hurricane Katrina Relief
93.778 HHS Medical Assistance Program
93.779 HHS Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Research, Demonstrations and Evaluations
94.002 CNCS Retired and Senior Volunteer Program
94.011 CNCS Foster Grandparent Program
94.016 CNCS Senior Companion Program
96.001 SSA Social Security_Disability Insurance
96.002 SSA Social Security_Retirement Insurance
96.004 SSA Social Security_Survivors Insurance
96.006 SSA Supplemental Security Income
96.007 SSA Social Security_Research and Demonstration

Then take note of the CFDA number and use that when you apply for the grant at . They have everything you need to apply for grants.

The first step is to register with and their registration process is

1. Get a Data Universal Number System (DUNS) Number
2. Register with Central Contractor Registry (CCR)
3. Authorize your Organization’s Representatives
4. Login as an E-Business Point of Contact (POC)

For private foundation grants, the best resource for this is Foundation Center . They have a very good database covering all organizations giving grants and you can find foundations that are interested in supporting your type of cause. However, it’s a subscription based website ($19.95 per month I think is the cheapest subscription price). But it certainly is worth the fee. You can subscribe one month, and make sure you get all the info you need and then stop the subscription.

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