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Your Questions About Low Income Housing Projects

June 8, 2013

Thomas asks…

What are some good technical colleges in the United States?

Im a sophmore in highschool and we have to do a project on our future college. I want to go for landscaping and construction but I dont know what college is good. Also I would love if the college had a great baseball program because I am a serious baseball player. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

With schooling, please forgo those private expensive for-profit tech schools and instead consider the more affordable county vo-tech school or community college (or major university) as long as the program is accredited within the industry. In order to play baseball, a community college or university may offer that option.

For general career information: and can search ‘grounds maintenance workers’, ‘construction laborers’, ‘construction managers’ or whatever other career that piques one’s interest.

With schooling, please steer clear of those online, for-profit schools (may have ‘brick and mortar’ buildings and may be ‘accredited’) such as penn foster, ashworth, devry, ITT tech, strayer, everest, kaplan, argosy, walden, ashford, remington, ashwood, sanford brown, high tech, capella, keiser, colorado tech and others as they are merely out to ‘make a profit’ (and course credits may Not transfer to other schools): and can type into search.

For US colleges:

For basic experience in the field, the non-profit organization “Habitat for Humanity” is usually looking for volunteers of all levels of expertise to help build new houses for those from low-income households: (Please talk about it with your parents though :)

For other possible volunteer opportunities:

Lizzie asks…

Is it possible to take a home loan on a house abroad?

I have an Australian wife, and she is looking forwards to moving to Australia one day, however, the home loan rate over there is usually above 7% which is much more than the relatively low 4,25% offered here.

Is it possible to pay off a house in Australia with a home loan from my country? If so, what kinds of fees are there? Any personal experience is appreciated.

Administrator answers:

What you ask is possible but you must use the right words.
If you can buy the house in Australia, the banking establishments
want you to make the mortgage payments. They do not care
how you do it.

If you can borrow the money here against the property you
have here and use the funds to pay the mortgage there, all is
well as long as the banker here gets their mortgage payments.
If one of the properties is rented, or used for housing for a
relative (who pays enough to make the mortgage payments)
again all is well.

In no case does Australia or America Bankers want to hear
that you are sending funds to another country. (DON’T TELL
DON’T ASK) Pay all bill Early and in full.

The usual way to handle this problem is to buy an income
producing property in the country where you are currently
living. And an income producing property in the country
where you want to live. As a result of two income producing
properties, you will have assets that will pay for the property
you want when your decide to move.

The sooner you start this project the better off you will be.

George asks…

How much does it cost to live in the projects?

I was thinking about moving to my own place. Im having problems where i live. I was thinking about moving to the projects. I just want to know how much does it cost and also what does the price include and how do i pay for utilities or is it included in the price. And all and any more information. Btw i live in texas

Administrator answers:

Are you sure you qualify to live there at all? It isn’t as if you just up and decide. Public housing is paid for by the public, so you have to qualify through HUD. Rent can be as little as 20 a month, depending on how much disabily you receive, and how high your medical expenses are. Or if you are renting as a low income family, how many kids you have.

If you are just a bum that does not want to support themselves you are not likely to be living there.

Daniel asks…

Can you Apply For Section 8 at Apt buildings? Or Do you have to Go to HUD? Can You Do Both?

I am going to an Apartment today and My Friend said i could apply for section 8 there and get approved on the spot? Or could they be doing they re own low income program there?

Administrator answers:

No, they would not only not have the authority, but even the ability to do all of the back ground checks that the housing department performs.

Government housing programs are managed through the county housing authority.

This includes the low income (otherwise known as Projects) housing.

This is some sort of scam.

Laura asks…

What do traditional Thailand houses look like from the inside?

I’m doing a school project on traditional Thailand house and I would like to know if I should include some specific Thailand features. And how is everything arranged? ^.^

Administrator answers:

Depends a lot on the income status of the people owning the house. You can find homes just like you can in any western country or you can find homes with the very basic in looks and furniture.

Most furniture is sized to just a little smaller scale. A chair or couch is a bit lower. Most rural people all have TVs but maybe not a kitchen table since they eat on a mat on the floor, and cook outside or in a closed roof area with charcoal or LPG gas. Rural people can either have a very simple bed or sleep on a mattress on the floor, (this is very common). Most don’t have air and the bathroom has a swat toilet with needs to be cleans a pail in a water reserve next to the toilet. Shower will be very basis or they will use a large water jug that is filled by rain or piped in water, some inside most outside.

Also each home will have a Buddhist image or statue where a small dish of food or fruit is offer to Buddha If the home is on a plot of land they will most likely have a spirit house where they believe the spirits of those who lived on the land before stay.
And very home, does no matter of wealth will have a picture of the King of Thailand.

The above is for rural people, but again those of middle income will live and have the same types of comforts you have.

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