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August 16, 2013

William asks…

If the Senate messes up the House passed stimulus plan, will u vote republican?

The white house and House agreed on a good stimulus plan, if the senate and Baucus mess this up or delay it, it will be very upsetting.

Administrator answers:

I don’t know who I am going to vote for yet, but the Reid statement below is evidence that this bill is in deep trouble. It has nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans because both sides just can’t wait to spend more money that we don’t have.

In response to Bush stating that the bill needed to be on his desk by mid-February.

Reid, D-Nev., said that was unlikely in the freewheeling Senate, where members have elaborate wish-lists for adding to the bill, including food stamps, Medicaid and heating assistance for low-income people and spending on infrastructure projects, among other things.

I am completely against this bill because it is just smoke and mirrors. Yes it provides an immediate cash infusion into the economy, but it does nothing to address the deeper issues which have led us to this point in the first place. The first step to recovering the economy should be a commitment to a cap on government spending, but obviously that it is not going to happen no matter who is in power.

You know I expect nothing less than this from Washington, but it distresses me that so many people can’t wait to get their hands on this money. Many of whom are the first to complain about out of control government spending. So I guess what they are really saying is that government spending is bad, unless I am the one receiving the benefit of it. Deny the stimulus package and demand real substantive change from your leaders. A good place to start would be repealing the outrageous gas taxes. This would have a better long term effect on the economy and would also put more money into people’s pockets immediately.

Maria asks…

What are some literary quotes about New Mexico?

I need some quotes or sayings about New Mexico. I’m doing this for a project. I’m originally from NM and would like to know what authors or other people of note say about the state.

Administrator answers:

“We are very pleased to bring a bowl game to the great college sports fans of New Mexico and provide national exposure to the participating conferences, the state of New Mexico and the University of New Mexico. Albuquerque is a fast growing travel destination and a strong college football market — a terrific foundation for this exciting new venture.” – Pete Derzis

“New Mexico is launching a new era of opportunity that will bring with it high-wage jobs and economic growth, particularly for southern New Mexico, … It is a cutting edge initiative that will help us continue to move our state forward.” – Bill Richardson

“The New Mexico proposal was stronger, specifically on the strength of their financial bid. Governor Richardson is personally very excited about the whole space business and about building New Mexico into a central hub for public spaceflight.” – Peter Diamandis

“I’m soggy but happy at the great exposure for New Mexico. It was a continuing, freezing rain. But the warmth of the crowd made up for soggy, very cold rain.” – New Mexico Gov Bill Richardson

“New Mexico should be considered the most immigrant friendly state. I have led the way on dealing with immigrants in New Mexico in a realistic way,” – Bill Richardson

“As the future home of Rocket Racing League, we look forward to welcoming the hundreds of thousands of people who will come to New Mexico to enjoy NASCAR in the sky.” – New Mexico Gov Bill Richardson

“New Mexico was an out-of-the-way place. It wasn’t a hub for Mexico or Spain, or for the United States. The old families are still here.” – Ed Romero

“Because New Mexico has one of the country’s lowest median incomes, a lot of consumers with decent-paying jobs could be disqualified from Chapter 7.” – Mike Hacker

“Every New Mexico taxpayer gets a rebate, … Every one. — from $50 $200, that helps.” – Bill Richardson

“This approval allows us to bring housing and schools to Mesa Del Sol and it is what New Mexico needs to attract good jobs.” – Mike Daly

“We can assure the country and New Mexico that our nuclear materials are safe,” – Bill Richardson

“New Mexico is an energy state, and we believe in market-based solutions to the nation’s energy and environment challenges.” – Bill Richardson

“How New Mexico Government Works: The Key Players and Key Issues.” – Bill Richardson

“New Mexico and Arizona have additional problems that California does not have, which is the killing of livestock and killing on the border, drug smuggling, human trafficking,” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Lisa asks…

What was the life of a medieval lawyer like?

Im doing a project for school that requires me to take on the role of a medieval lawyer and i need to know the following.
What were the specific duties of a medieval lawyer?
Where would I live?
What kind of house would I live in?
What kind of clothing would me and my family wear?
where would I get the clothing?
What kind of food would me and my family eat?
How would I prepare the food?
Would someone prepare it for me?
How much leisure time would I have?
What games or activities are popular for children and adults?

Administrator answers:

What were the specific duties of a medieval lawyer?
Where would I live?
Well, one can generalize from Medieval life, and carry on from there. What you ought to do is find a book on medieval life and check it out for yourself. Remember that the period was some four of five hundred years long, so there were a number of changes in that time. I can give you some basic information, but not with certainty, never having been a medieval lawyer.

What were the specific duties of a medieval lawyer?
During the middle ages, law was not nearly the scam it currently is, since the justice system was much more brutal, and much more one-sided. Up until the 15th Century, torture was still an accepted means of eliciting testimony. So, the lawyer of the day was much more like a clerk, and often a cleric as well. Most of the population was still illiterate, recall, so record-keeping was a lot of their purpose in those days. Other than that, they wrote legal papers for the transfer of property, for marriage settlements, and whatever other agreements any two or more people wished to codify between them, through a third party, And were responsible for making the participants’ copies and for filing the papers with the appropriate authorities.
Then, too, at least in Englad, there is a distinct difference between a lawyer and a barrister, one of which mostly does paperwork while the other deals in criminal procedure, and neither the twain mostly meet.

What kind of house would I live in?
That would depend upon how much money you started out with, where you lived, and whether or not you farmed also, or pursued a craft. Besides the law, that is. In a city, you might well have lived in a small stone house, though there were some, depending on the area, made of timber, and a lot of wattle and daub, which is sort of the olf-style poured concrete. Mostly, the rooms would have been smallish, low-ceilinged and pretty basic, and multi-purpose.
What kind of clothing would me and my family wear?
The sumptuary laws were still in effect, so that would depend on your birth: noble, gentle or common. Pretty much, as a gentle, you would have been restricted to native fabrics like linen and homespun, perhaps dimity and broadcloth, and the more common furs such as weasel and fox, maybe. I’m not sure about which were allowable for which group.
Where would I get the clothing?
In a city, there would be tailors, modistes or seamstresses, though ready-to-wear was not yet available. Many people just made their own, though the poorer people often bought or scrounged used clothing.
What kind of food would me and my family eat?
Barring a farming capability, mostly they ate bread, veggies and fruit, with the occasional meat–often game birds or smaller mammals. Sugar was practically unheard of, but a favored food was pasties, or small tarts made of any number of things, often something like stew.
How would I prepare the food?
There were street vendors, and in some cities, eateries just a hair short of restaurants, but mostly, they cooked their food at home. Stoves were not common, though there were some primitives varieties later in the period. Mostly, food was cooked either in cauldrons over the floor, or on ‘spiders; which held the pot or pan off the fire in the fireplace. Some lucky folks had ceramic ovens, and often they just used a brazier to grill or heat their food.
Would someone prepare it for me?
If you were married, yes. Or if you were able to afford a maid or housekeeper. Some homes kept cooks, but chefs were much less common. Ordinarily, the womenfolk of the house took care of the cooking, as well as the cleaning, laundry and sewing.
How much leisure time would I have?
Leisure time depended on your income, and your inherited assets. But it wasn’t nearly as much as today’s working people have. Evenings were probably free, but otherwise, it would depend on how intent you were on making money, and how many routes you took to do so. If one wanted to ‘make good,’ one often spent many hours a day at one thing or another, to make that money.
What games or activities are popular for children and adults?
Women mostly worked at things like sewing, knitting, cooking and household type stuff, while men often read–those who could–but they played things like fox and hounds, chess, gambling games like dice, and some card games. Ball games were also popular, and dancing among some groups. Physical games were very popular, as was hunting. And, the traveling players or circuses were always well received.
Hygiene was iffy, and waste disposal was usually rough, excepting the occasional outhouse. Bathing, outside the Roman outposts who kept public baths, most people either didn’t, or just washed off with a rag and a basin, and not more often than once a week or so. Bathing had at one time been very popular, until the claim that some wormen had gotten pregnant throuogh bathing in a pool used by men. So the gentler b

Mandy asks…

Would you like to have a national sales tax instead of income tax?

Even the drug dealers and illegal immigrants would have to pay.
It would seem to help the poor. You would not have to tax necessary items like food. Then the tax cuts would be more accurate.
If the government wanted to go to war you would know how much it costs before you went.

Administrator answers:

Actually, there has been just such a movement that gains momentum with each Congress called the Fair Tax, and it addresses many of the issues that some answerers here say are a problem such as unfair burdens on the poor, the theoretical increase in taxation and the decrease in growth it will cause. All are untrue.

The Fair Tax is an idea that was developed in Houston, Texas in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a response to a challenge to design a fairer, more simple tax code. In its simplest, most basic form, the Fair Tax is a consumption tax that is proposed to replace all federal taxes. It is designed to eliminate the income tax (and thus the IRS), marriage and death taxes, capital gains tax, etc.

In essence it proposes to implement what is basically a 21-23% consumption tax on new products. Because the consumption tax eliminates income and other taxes, if you make $15 an hour, you take home $15 per hour. You only pay taxes when you spend it.

Prices on consumer products would not raise in price because there is an embedded tax of approximately 21% built into every product we buy today anyway. An embedded tax is the tax burden of the manufacturers, distributors, retailers, etc that they don’t pay … They pass the cost on to the consumer. The free market, within a year, would eliminate the embedded tax bringing prices down to where they are now.

This has actually happened in an airline ticket tax back in the 1990s. A particular tax (I forget which one) was eliminated by the government. At first, the airlines said, “Let’s not lower the price of a ticket. That is that much more profit for us.” Soon, however, the free market took over and airlines began lowering the prices to attract customers. Within a few months, all airlines had lowered their prices accordingly.

There are also provisions that basically amount to tax credits for low income families. While they would pay the tax at registers, the Fair Tax proposes to set up accounts into which a “refund” is deposited equal to the amount they would need to pay the tax on housing, food and utilities.

The economic boom this country would see as a result of the Fair Tax would make any other economic growth period in this country pale in comparison. As people begin to spend and invest the extra money they are taking home, the government’s share would increase as more and more goods are bought. After a short while, the government is projected to have a surplus of funds.

Now why should we switch to such a radical, untested tax policy such as a consumption tax? Well, it is neither radical nor untested. In fact, the seventh largest economy in the world uses it, and its citizens pay no income tax. The State of Texas has used a very similar tax system for decades. It is tried and true.

Computer models of the Fair Tax have been run by conservative, moderate and liberal think tanks, and they have all come to the same basic conclusion. The Fair Tax would work and work beyond our wildest dreams.

It is a very interesting proposal that has been gaining support in Congress over the last few years. It is important that you let your Congressional and Executive branch leaders now that you support the Fair Tax.

I have really not done the proposal justice, though. See the links below for the Fair Tax website, the Fair Tax book and how to find and contact Congressional and Executive branch leadership.

Sorry for such a long answer, but I am passionate about the Fair Tax! ;-)

Source(s): – Fair Tax website

Chris asks…

what website can i find local low income apartments ?

our income is only 1100 and i was wondering what website can i use to find local low income apartments in my area? i live in the los angeles county area, antelope valley.

Administrator answers:

I doubt you will qualify, you do not earn enough. All adults have to either be collecting disability or employed.

Contact the housing authority, they will tell you with housing projects (income based housing) you qualify for. Expect it to take abut 5 years, they have long waiting lists.

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