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Your Questions About Low Income Housing Projects

June 26, 2012

Mandy asks…

if someone lives in low income housing and wins over thousand dollars do you have to notify the housing author

i won some money at a casino and i live in the housing projects isnt that my money, why do i have to report it to housing?

Administrator answers:

Now, you’re the reason hard working middle class Americans resent questions like these. I and a heck of a lot of other contributors work really hard for a roof, food, and transportation, and I must say I totally resent a question like this. First, if you’re living in low income housing how in the name of Ben Franklin do you have the money to go gambling? Don’t you think it might be wiser to be saving your green backs to pull yourself out of poverty. I would like to explain something to you about gambling. The only reason you may have won is that so many people lost in the casino. I can only imagine that this isn’t the first time you went gambling, so I will “wager” that you probably have lost money in the casinos too? Low housing is not a green light to take the money that you saved in rent and then go have a few spins at the nearest casino. Now, with regards to your question if you won money you should damn well report it! The reason you should report it is because you should be honest with the housing authority! I would venture a $1,000 will not affect your rent to much, but it really should. I can only hope that your not a smoker and a drinker too? The amount of money that poor people flush down the toilet on unnecessary stuff that so many feel their entitleted to is rather saddening! Your question is highly irratating and very unethical. You should consider taking a hard look at your life and consider changing it. You might want to start with your local church! Best of Luck kid!

Joseph asks…

How many projects or low income houses are in Massachusetts. It would help if you listed the city and next to?

it te number of projects

Administrator answers:

I live inside 128 and can’t think of a town or city that doesn’t have government housing complexes, in one form or another. Also can’t think of any town or city without a HUD Housing office responsible for those complexes as well as administering to the section 8 program.

Laura asks…

Wouldnt it be cheaper to build low cost housing projects instead of bullying the banks into giving loans?

low/no income people cant afford or show no responsibly to pay back?

Administrator answers:

The government should just get out of the housing business.

Before Regan changes the tax rules people used to be able to deduct losses from rental real estate. Then the law changes and that is what caused the real estate crash in th 80s. If that law was repealed more people would invest in real estate again and that would provide liquidity in the real estate market and the prices would finally stabilize

Mary asks…

What are some ways to make a housing project that uses tax credits and Section 8 housing more profitable?

Are there ways to make a low-income housing project more profitable if the project consists of some low income housing tax credit units, some HUD section 8 units and some fair market units?

Administrator answers:

Be careful with section 8 tenants. They aren’t all bad but enough of them are human locusts that if you rent section 8 long enough you’ll have some gigantic repair bills and no real recourse to recover the money. Actually, now that I think about it, all of the ones I’ve ever had have been bad. And every landlord I’ve ever talked to says “I’m sure they aren’t all bad” but none of them can come up with an example in their own experience with one that hasn’t been bad.

At the top of my long list of section 8 tenant repairs is a woman who lived in my house for 2 weeks and did a little over $5000 in damages. The brand new carpet had a smell I could never get out, every wall had at least one hole, most of the interior doors were broken, several windows were broken. The best part, she asked for her security deposit back. The least I’ve had in damages is tie between a woman who set the living room carpet on fire but managed to put it out before the house burned down and another woman who decided to have her electric turned off and move in with her mother for 3 months. I had to have a city inspection done to get it turned back on. I think those each cost me about $500.

Michael asks…

Why did so many poor people in Chicago live in deplorable conditions under senator 0bama’s housing plan?

Millionaire slumlords like Valerie Jarret and Tony Rezko recieved multi million dollar contracts to manage low income housing projects and even though they couldn’t afford steel wool to plug up the rat holes in the buildings they were able to make large campaign contributions to Barrack Hussein. If the poor people are counting 0bama for help their going to be poor forever. And if you don’t believe me research it yourself, the facts are at your finger tips.

Administrator answers:

Blaming Obama for the problems in his home state of Illinois makes little sense, since he never actually ran the state of Illinois. That was the governor’s job. Obama was never Illinois governor, he was a Senator involved in running the federal government.

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