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Your Questions About Low Income Housing Projects

July 13, 2012

Mandy asks…

Are these things common with single moms living in subsidized housing or low-income neighborhoods?

Marijuana and tobacco use around children and even using when pregnant
Deadbeat uneducated losers as boyfriends
Satelitte dishes or cable tv hook ups when I visit these neighborhoods or housing projects
fast food wrappers and pizza boxes strewn about
I’ve seen nothing but crappy junk cars from early and mid-90′s around there.

Administrator answers:

I don’t think that’s always true but in some cases it is, just like not all rich people are snobs but some are.

And if you see junk cars in low income housing projects, isn’t that a good thing? I mean what do you expect to see a lexus? Obviously the people who live there don’t have a lot of money so yeah they are going to drive junk cars. I’d actually be mad if I saw an expensive car because I would wonder how they can afford that but need to live in low income housing.

Nancy asks…

Does a lack of hispanic and black men being able to rent in low income housing prove Disparate Impact ?

I was just thinking when was the last itme I actually saw men renting in projects .

Administrator answers:

Ofcourse it does when was the last time you seen or heard about a black or latino man renting a hud home unless he was old or had aids .Ofcourse its wrong we have vets and men that are filling up prisons and people popping out babies getting not just apartment and homes .

It not fair to our men and not only is it sexist its extremly racist to know that not even Hud will not release the statistics on how many men can rent homes homes . Their defiition of Discrimnation does not comply with state and federal laws .It goes against the EEOC and they should be held accountable for forcing millions of men especially vets into a prison .

Gay men are not currently being housed in HUd units they hav not won housing right.

Now that if you are a protected class i.e black or hispanic even if you have a felony record you are covered since black and latino men are the mostly unlikely people in America to become home owners and renters due to low wages.So men that are minorities are beign discrimanted against in record numbers men that are minorties should never be counted with men that are white and have access to jobs and homes because its proves women are being discrimnated against when infact the numbers are totally different .

Statistics are used by social engineers of scientist to create change and we are seeing that men that are minorities are not getting the change we need and desire .

George asks…

Where can I find grants to purchase real estate to provide low-cost, low-income housing in Ohio?

I want to pick up foreclosed properties and turn them into low-cost, low-income rentals for families in Columbiana County, Ohio. I want to use all the local talent I can but, I need to be able to fund the project. Where can I get grants to get started.

Administrator answers:


Sandy asks…

Long Island City Housing Project for Low to Middle Income?

Will the proposed plan to build apartments in Long Island City for low to middle income hurt the housing market in LIC? Do you feel it will depreciate the overall values for rentals and housing sales there?

Here is a related link I found for more info:

Administrator answers:

Yes! Low income property are hardley ever nice, and tenats wreck the aparment. PLus property value would drop

Charles asks…

Why is the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development Demolishing Housing Projects?

Houses and developments in New Orleans are being demolished.

Can someone fill me in on the facts?

Who will be evicted?
What is the impact on low income persons?
pricier housing projects plan?

Infor please..thanks!

Administrator answers:

I live in New Orleans.

Those projects were no more than slums. They were a cesspool of violence and drugs. They were the dirtiest, nastiest housing I have ever seen. I cannot even fathom why anyone would want to live there, much less protest when they are being torn down.

The point is, the people who lived there have always had their housing paid for by the government. What makes them think it will stop now? They are just going to move to a better location, if anything.

Do you want me to completely sum it up for you?


This woman has the government paying for her housing, and she has a bigger TV than me. That is just pitiful.

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