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October 28, 2012

Sharon asks…

I need suggestions about areas to move to in Austin, Texas. What are the best areas you recommend for me?

I am in my early to mid-30′s with a good career and I am looking for a good area to rent an apartment. I might seem picky but here’s what I am looking for: a location where there isn’t high crime (or ghetto/projects/low income housing), I don’t want to live around a lot of college kids nor do I want to reside around uptight, snobbish yuppies and I would like to have decent access to activities and shopping. Please give me as much feedback as you can. What areas are ideal (with general directions such as North Austin or Downtown and more specific landmarks such as major streets, roads and highways) for my select criteria? Thank you so much for any insight you can provide me with.

Administrator answers:

Go North, and don’t go east. Your best bet is to higher a location apartment locator. They are free to you and have great advice, plus let them do the work for you.

Michael asks…

UK: Housing estate question?

I know that council housing is the same as low income housing (aka projects)

Is a housing estate the same as council housing?

What are housing estates like? I read a lot, and I’ve read about tower blocks which don’t sound all that great. Are there any housing estates that are nice that people would choose to live in them?

Sorry, I don’t mean to sound like an ignorant Yank, I’m just trying to figure it out.

Thanks for your time.

Administrator answers:

You are talking about two different things

Socail housing, which used to be owned by councils and offered cheap rental housing, which mainly have now been sold off/or given over to privately owned social housing companies, who have taken on the maintenance, built new social housing and manage what used to be council owned property…some of these were also sold off cheaply to their tenants so they are ex council houses which are now privately owned houses.

Housing estates are where houses are built in an area together, these can be private or social housing or a mixture of the two…………. Most large private builders will buy up land and put in planning permission to build lots of houses 200-400 houses which are sold as they are built, or if it is social housing, reted out as they are built…………..the vast amjority of new housing in the Uk is housing built on ‘estates’, some are small, select developments but most in towns/cities are just large estates………… The 1960s was a time where ‘new’ housing options were being used, groups of housing joined by walkways and tower blocks of flats were built after knocking down the war slum housing, but flats don’t work for the majority of people and the housing joined by walkways turned into a rabbit warren of hiding places for crime…so these are being flattened asap and decent housing is being built………….

Any place is only as good as the people who live in them, so if you get areas where people don’t work and put them all together in one area of social housing ( and some councils have done that) no one wants to live near, no companies open businesses near and the place ibecomes a dump and a dumping ground for troubled people and people who cause trouble……………

Nancy asks…

Why do military recruiters prey on the most vulnerable?

There is a bus stop in front of my home. Across the street is low income housing (not housing projects, but a step above that). There’s a lot of people that cross the street and wait for the bus into town. At least a few are borderline retarded. Most are poor people just trying to get by…
In the past month I’ve seen the recruiters at the bus stop. In an hour, they can find 50 people who live very modest lives and start to work on them.
I live a mile outside a small but impoverished city. It takes about another mile or two out of town to reach upper middle class, snow white suburbia. I work just inside the city limits (not the best part of town) across the street from their office.
There’s two stations in my county. Both in poor areas.
Why aren’t they chasing after the white kids with parents making six digit incomes?

Administrator answers:


Helen asks…

can a public housing develpment charge a person rent based on backpay from a ssi claim?

i live in a government low income housing development (projects, section 8, HUD).i just received approx $1200 in back pay from my disabled childs ssi claim that was in these developments are based off of gross income.i have been told by numerous ppl that i do not have to pay any rent based on the back pay but i believe that the landlord is trying to screw me over. i dont want to commit fraud or ne thing , but i dont trust the info given by the landlord. does ne one know the truth about this?
my mother had recieved ssi back pay and was told that she did not have to pay rent on the money and she lived in the same developement, but this was yrs ago
social security told us that since it is a childs ssi claim and that since we r already paying rent based on our jobs that the back pay is exempt

Administrator answers:

First of all, if you are living in gov’t subsidized housing your landlord is not the one you deal with. You need to call your housing commission that handles sec 8 (your landlord is not in charge of this) explain to them about the money (you need to be honest you can get kicked off for the slightest infraction. Most will try to help knowing the situation, but if somebody tattles on you, they automatically have to kick you off.) If they say you are right then you need to report your landlord to them. Again: The landlord does not determine what your rent is, Sec. 8 does and that is who you need to talk to.

Sandra asks…

Whats Another Name for “The Projects”?

I need another name for “The Projectslow-income housing unit,

a bunch of different names?
Making a story, but its futuristic and The projects doesn’t suit it

Administrator answers:

Ghetto, slums, shanty town, skid row, tenement housing, run down neighborhood, the hood, public squalor, joint, jungle

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