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November 19, 2012

Mark asks…

best place to raise a family in Vancouver Washington?

do these places — “small town America” really exist here in the NW? small towns charm and value, but not too far from major airport. great schools. low/ or minimal crime rate. towns with people who want to work and build a community rather just wait for the government to pour in subsidy for low income housing projects, one after another.

Administrator answers:

I don’t have the name of a town or city, but friends of mine are very much enamored with Idaho. They currently live in San Jose, CA and when they visit family up there, they love the pace of life, the people, the general feel. The only thing is that I don’t know how close to a major airport you’d be…

Betty asks…

How do housing projects work?

im doing a research paper so if you do not have a sourse that is .net .org .edu or .gov that you can provide dont even bother answering. i need to know how housing projects work and someone to explain it in a reliable information resourse. im writing an essay on lowering minimum wage and i wold like to point out there are housing projects for people with low incomes to live in. if i understand right the rent is based on your income? if you get give me some links to a reliable .net .org .edu site that would be very helpful, thankyou.
thank you everyone for NOT posing links to websites and thanks to everyone for NOT reading the details. now i have everything i need to a research paper. if my teacher asks where i got this information, ill tell him that people on yahoo answers gave me the answers. im sure a colledge professor will love that. any one that actually reads these do not post anything unless your have a SOURCE
oh and for erik down there, if you descrease minimum wage it opens more job opportunities for the unemplyed actually reducing the need of fundings. on top of that lawyers doctors etc dont get payed minimum wage. it will give more job opportunities and encourage people to wrk mroe and harder and to be a fuctioning person in a society. its very easy to get a scholarship if you take the time to do it. theres scholarships for things as stupid as the color of your haird eye or your name. my science teacher in eighth graade got a scholarship because his name was robert and the lady had a son named robert who died and she still had his college savings. people for the most part or poor for a reason, im not saying always but they decided to blow it on drugs, they decided to get pregnant young or not ready they decided to make investments they cant keep etc. im not saying always most almost always thats the case. some poeple just straight chose to drop out and f*ck off. thats their problem. if m

Administrator answers:

Feminism is a socialist, anti-family, political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians.

Robert asks…

where can i find a picture of a low income house or a house in poverty?

i need a large picture for a project that i am doing. i am doing a project on habitat for humanity and i need an example of a poor house…..any sites??? google and yahoo pictures arent helping much…


Administrator answers:

Here’s one:

Donna asks…

Can my friend be kicked out of her house for no reason at all?

My friend lives in a low-income housing project. It is privately funded. In order to be allowed to live in the housing the tenant must sign a contract. In the contract it has a default clause that says to the
effect that the tenant waives their right to “due process of law” and will not hold the landlord ” liable for any prosecution therefrom”.

One note I should add is that if a tenant political supports with the landlord’s political opponent that tenant will usually find themselves evicted.

A large portion of that town is made up of low income families and the mayor is the landlord. His privately funded housing projects house a good portion of the town’s citizens.

Recently, my friend was given an eviction notice. When I heard of her eviction I asked to see her contract and I noticed that she was the only one to sign it. It wasn’t even notarized. Neither the landlord nor anybody else signed the contract.

Can they legally evict her from her house since the contract wasn’t signed by both parties?
Even if both parties signed the contract, is the contract itself even legal? Can it be legally enforced?

What legal grounds can she do o fight this?
It’s a lease
It’s a lease

Administrator answers:

1. There’s no requirement in law that a lease be notarized.

2. Since the landlord didn’t sign the lease, she does not have a lease. She’s a month-to-month tenant. As such, she generally can be forced out with 30 days WRITTEN notice spanning a full rental period. Assuming that rent is due on the 1st of the month, notice given today would therefore be effective on August 1st.

3. Some leases may contain an arbitration clause and the courts have held those to be legally enforceable in most cases. However a clause that unilaterally surrenders due process generally cannot be enforced. That’s a moot point since she does not have a lease.

Edit: No, it’s not a lease if it is not signed by both the tenant and the landlord. End of discussion. If she tries to defend an eviction with what she has, the judge will have no option but to grant the request for the eviction if everything else is in proper order.

Jenny asks…

Is it time for a Roosevelt style New Deal in Order to save this country?

Franklin D. Roosevelt’s program was known as the New Deal. Under it, the federal government took far more responsibility for the economic welfare of the people than it had in any previous administration. One amendment to the Constitution was passed—the 21st (1933), which repealed the 18th (Prohibition) Amendment.
Relief Measures

The nation’s economic system was almost at a standstill when Roosevelt became President on March 4, 1933. Nearly every state government had declared a banking holiday, or moratorium, to prevent depositors from withdrawing all their funds and ruining the banks. Roosevelt declared a four-day national banking holiday. He then obtained, in one day, legislation from Congress that permitted reopening of most banks under certification by the federal government that they were sound. Later banking reforms included insuring of deposits through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

The New Deal provided large sums of federal money for direct payments to needy citizens through grants (rather than loans) to the states. It also established various new agencies to provide government-sponsored work for the unemployed. Through the Works Progress Administration (WPA) special projects were devised to provide employment for skilled and unskilled labor and for such persons as writers, artists, actors, and musicians. A vast program of public works—the construction of public buildings, highways, dams, and similar projects—was begun under the Public Works Administration (PWA). Young men were employed by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) to work on conservation projects.

A basic goal of the New Deal was to raise both wages and prices, which had dropped lower and lower as the depression continued. The National Industrial Recovery Act called for the cooperation of labor and management in setting prices, minimum wages, and working hours within various industries. The act also gave workers the right to join unions without interference from employers.

To increase the income of farmers, the Agricultural Adjustment Act was passed. It included provisions for paying farmers to reduce the acreage of certain crops and to limit livestock holdings. These measures were intended to reduce surpluses, which caused low prices.

Both the National Industrial Recovery Act and the Agricultural Adjustment Act later were declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. However, the right of workers to organize was reinforced by the National Labor Relations Act (1935), the constitutionality of which was upheld by the court. Later legislation restored other gains for labor that originally had been part of the Recovery Act. A revised Agricultural Adjustment Act, passed in 1938, retained the basic provisions of the farm relief program and was later sustained by the Supreme Court.
Other New Deal Programs

Along with its relief program, the New Deal enacted various measures for the reform of business practices, many of which resulted in increasing the scope of government activity. The Tennessee Valley Authority was created in 1933. The Securities and Exchange Commission was established to regulate the stock market. The Social Security Act of 1935 provided for unemployment insurance and old-age pensions.

In 1936 Roosevelt was reelected, carrying every state except Maine and Vermont against the Republican candidate, Alfred M. Landon. During Roosevelt’s second term, the United States Housing Authority was established to advance funds to cities for replacing slums with low-rental housing projects for low-income families.

In 1937, in order to get a Supreme Court more receptive to his policies, Roosevelt asked Congress to enact legislation increasing the number of justices. He was accused of trying to “pack” the court and the plan was defeated. However, the court eventually became more sympathetic toward the New Deal.

In 1940 Roosevelt sought election to an unprecedented third term—no President had ever served more than two terms. He went on to defeat Republican candidate Wendell Willkie.By 1940, the New Deal crusade for economic reform had all but ended. War in Europe and Japanese aggression in Asia caused the Roosevelt administration to shift its main attention to foreign policy and national defense. In September Congress authorized the first peacetime military draft in the nation’s history. In October, 16,300,000 men registered and the draft began soon afterwards.
Because of the New Dael My Grandfather went to school as an Electrician
He wired Hoover Damn
Later in life he managed a Power plant here in the South West
My other Grand Father became a Fireman and later a Fire chief
Both were strong Union Men
Because Obama and Democrats pandered too much to the right
the recovery act did not work as well and was not nearly enough .

Administrator answers:


That would be an excellent idea.

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