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Your Questions About Low Income Housing Projects

June 17, 2012

Carol asks…

What criminal activities go on inside low income housing projects?

And why do the gangsters that roam it have more control over it then the police? Theirs a lot if hallways and stuff.. Do the gangsters have plans?

Administrator answers:

You bet they have plans.
Escape routes, walls taken down between connecting buildings so they can actually escape out of a separate entrance, safe apartments they can run to when a lookout sees the type of police they might be afraid of.
Specific plans and stored stuff like auto tires and refrigerators to block access streets or fire lanes to emergency vehicles. Using innocent “mules” to transport guns and money. You name it they thought of it.

I spent 5 years walking the high-rise projects in my city (mostly torn down now). We found the only real way to control things for the normal people who lived there was to walk and sometimes hide. We walked up and down the stairwells and hallways. Our cars parked blocks away.
Often when we entered a building by the time we were coming out a new set of bad guys had occupied the lobby, not knowing we were somewhere in the building. We often caught those we had wants on or those working dope security who were armed that way.

We got to know the people and they go to know us. Soon many who had not reported crimes where now reporting, because they felt something would now be done. When something bad happened, like a shooting we were often told who did it and where the weapon might be hidden within minutes of the shooting.

Richard asks…

The Projects in your town or Low income housing?

I was wondering what the housing projects r like in your town. I’m from Rhode Island and the housing waiting list for low income families as well as section 8 are closed. Is it any better in your home town and are they dangerous projects?

Administrator answers:

I don’t think any “projects” or “low income” homes are good in any city. They arent in mine- i live in phoenix! Lol! The only good ones I’ve seen are in small, very small acutally, towns. We’re talking less then 2,000 population.

James asks…

Why do Democrats enjoy building low income housing in Republican suburbs?

A low income housing project was built two blocks away from my house with Federal money, the town tried to block it but it was passed, just waiting on the drug dealers now.
It used to be a duck pond :(

Administrator answers:

Hah….because we know it really pisses you off to even have to look at people who aren’t JUST like you.

Laura asks…

need info on low income housing projects for nd?

what inforation will i need toget on awaiting list to get into a house?

Administrator answers:

You should go to your city and find out what departments regulate the low income housing. From there they should be able to tell you if you meet requirements and how to get on any list.

Donna asks…

Can a exfelon reside in low income housing such as projects or Hud housing with his wife and kids ?

My friend is about to get out of prison ,he went to prison for assulting someone that hurt his kid.He said he may not be able to live with his wife and kids due to this charge.He has never been in trouble before this incident .

Administrator answers:

AS long as he meets all the requirements of release their shouldnt be a problem. Was he in for any kind of sexual charge? If not I wouldnt think so. If he has counseling and he goes and if the judge imposed any other sentence like comm service and he complies he should be just fine. As long as he stays out of trouble.

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