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June 21, 2012

Sandra asks…

Young Adult, No Credit. Where do I go from here?

A little back story, right now I am employed part time and I have 10% of my check put directly into my savings account. (Newly opened, so there’s less than $300.00 in it.) My second job doesn’t make very much at all and whatever I make from it is being placed ENTIRELY as savings. (It feels like a paid hobby, so I want to put the money away.)

I’m about to enter my first year of college, and I am using federal grants and federal loans to pay for it, as I’m from a low-income situation and my parents did not have money to send me to school.

I have checked my credit score for the last two years, and both times the report comes back as “Insufficient Information”, meaning I have no credit. I have three small debts, all totalling less than $1000,00 so I’m not too concerned right now. They’ll be paid off by the end of this year.

In the summer, I’m going to have to find myself a place to live be it apartment or crashing at a friend’s house until I can get together enough money for a down payment on a place.

My question is, where do I go from here?
When I’m looking for a place to live, should I rent an apartment while I’m in school (with the boyfriend…who’s credit isn’t great) or pay the debts and get a secured credit card while I’m waiting out the rough patch with a friend?
Would it be stupid to use some of the student loan overflow along with my accrued savings and accumulated credit to put a down payment on a house instead of an apartment? I’m 22 and KNOW I will be staying in this city because I want to teach here, so a long-term purchase really doesn’t bother me.


Administrator answers:

I’m not a financial adviser but I can give you my own personal opinion. You of course have to make your own decision but maybe something I say will help.

First, let me commend you on your savings plan. Very wise choice in my opinion. If you keep that up, I think it will be a big advantage for you in the future.

I don’t really know enough about what the credit rating agencies use to determine when you move past “insufficient information” but to me it seems like it would be a good idea to pay off the debts and get some kind of a credit card – secured or even unsecured if you can get one. (You might be able to get one with a small credit limit.) Since you’re doing well with saving, that hopefully means you are responsible and have enough self-control that you would not spend more than you can afford to pay every month. If you pay off your credit card balance in full every month, I would think it wouldn’t take too long to establish a good credit rating. If you don’t pay it off though, you’re digging yourself a financial hole, so be sure you are going to be able to control your spending and pay off the bill before getting one.

I’m not sure about the apartment vs. Staying with a friend question. Maybe having an apartment and paying rent and utility bills would establish a credit rating, though I’ve never seen my utility bills on any of my credit reports and I would guess a landlord wouldn’t report to the agencies, so maybe that wouldn’t help. On the other hand, staying with a friend probably means you’d be able to save more and that’s definitely a good thing.

Regarding the house, I’d be concerned about buying a house in the situation you’re currently in. I’m not sure you’d be able to get a mortgage without a full-time job in the current lending environment, but even if you could I personally think it’s not a good idea to take out a mortgage until you’re sure you have a full-time job that’s pretty secure in order to pay the monthly payments (and the taxes and the repairs and various other things that go along with owning a house). If you get into a house then end up without enough income to pay it off you’ll lose a lot of money and mess up your credit so I think that would not be a good idea given what you’ve said about your situation.

Paul asks…

Renting an apartment/duplex?

Im 24 yrs old currently like a single mom of 2, living in my dads tiny guest house and I have been trying to rent my own place, but I have bad credit, no rental history because I have always lived with one of my parents or my husbands parents. I currently have no job but I am receiving unemployment check and I am actively looking for work. I went to dpss and they said they could help with rent but I need to show a rental agreement. So I’ve already gone to alot of low income buildings and the waiting list is 5-7 yrs long, for regular apartments I would need to make at least 2400 a month and currently with the unemployment I only get 1500. Ive explained to the rental offices my situation and they still say no. So if I cant get an apartment, will a private landlord for a duplex be the same?

Administrator answers:

Don’t go to a rental office, look through the newspaper and find apartments for rent. Not all apartments for rent are owned by companies.

Also, I don’t think that you will be able to get an apartment without a job. Would YOU rent to someone who didn’t have steady income coming in? I am also collecting unemployment and I know that it is only for 6-12 months. Then what will you do? How do you know if you will find a good job? The economy is bad right now, unemployment rates are at an all time high, its hard to find a job that isn’t minimum wage.

Low income plans through the state are a joke, because alot of people in the ghetto who collect welfare and get paid under the table take these homes, when they can afford to pay their bills without the state’s help. The government does not help those who need the help. I have been on a waiting list for years also and I see people living in low income housing, who have nicer cars than I do, and wear all name brand clothes. They go shopping with the extra money that they have each month, because their rent is like $50 a month. It’s an outrage.

I don’t know where you live, but in NJ costs of apartments are like $600-1100/month, depending if its a 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom.

Anyways, go through the newspaper and craigslist. I got an apartment a few years ago, and I was 20 with no credit history and no previous rental history. I had no problem getting it. But then again the landlord made sure I was employed, wanted to know with who, and asked like how much I made so he could make sure I wouldn’t stiff him with the rent.

If you are really in dire straights, you could go to the Board of Social Services, if you tell them you have no where to go, and your father advises them that you can no longer stay there, they will give you emergency apartments. My sister in law did this, she had to sleep at a shelter in a suberb area, it was actually really nice, for like a week, and they got her into an apartment in one of the nicest areas around here, she was only expected to pay like $100 a month towards rent. She has 3 kids.

She stayed there until she graduated college and now she bought a house. Good luck :)

Richard asks…

unplanned pregnancy, borderline poverty… where should I go for help?

my boyfriend and i struggle from week to week. he and i both work, but we don’t make very much.

he works as a diesel mechanic but cannot afford to go to school to get the certificate that says he is “certified”, so he does not get the pay that other diesel mechanics do even though he does the same work.

i work as a part-time cell phone agent and i train clients when i can (i am also a certified personal fitness trainer/aerobics instructor).

our town is small and our jobs are leaving. so there is not much disposable income for cell phones or fitness training. and there are no jobs to choose from anymore. even the larger cities around us have a high unemployment rate.

we thought we couldn’t have children. his doctor told him he wouldn’t be able to, plus we were using condoms just in case. we’ve had condoms to burst, but didn’t really worry due to what the doctor told him.

so it’s not like we weren’t taking precautions. but here we are – expecting a baby and broke – in a one bedroom apartment with no credit and low-paying jobs.

i am going to need help financially.

i got laid off from my good paying job that had excellent health insurance benefits. now i have none at all, and can’t afford any.

i am lying in bed at night for hours worrying about what we are going to do.

i have called about WIC and Medicaid benefits, but it’s been 2 weeks and i haven’t heard anything. i’ve called to check the status on my benefits but no one will call me back.

i am happy that i am able to have a baby even though i though it wasn’t possible, but i am definitely terrified. any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Some cities have “alternative pregnancy centers” … You might find something like that in your yellow pages under “abortion alternatives”. These centers sometimes have clothing, baby items and furniture donated which you might be able to get for free. Also, talk to some churches in your area. Many churches have clothing closets and collect used items for those in need.

Technically, social services has about 90 days to process your application, so be patient about that. It will come through in time. Don’t worry. If God has seen this time as right to bless you with this baby, He will provide for you in caring for it. Take good care and drink plenty of water!
Thing are gonna work out.

William asks…

I need financial advice about unpaid bills and voluntary loan default?

If you don’t feel like reading my long story, skip to my questions below:

My situation is complex. I filed for bankruptcy two years ago due to thousand of dollars in medical bills and a car repossesion. It was discharged, I was on my way back to the top and then I got laid off from my job. With my limited income, I had to prioritize and therefore I had to let some bills go. Even after almost two years, I have not been able to find a full time job. I am currently working two part time jobs with no health insurance. My priorties were paying rent, utilities, back taxes, student loans and my car payment. Now I have gotten to the point where I can’t make my car payments. I have three credit cards, all in good standing, but low credit limits. Recently I have had three unpaid bills go into collection. I did not want that to happen, however those creditors gave me no other options and expected me to drop hundreds of dollars at once, if I was able to do that, they would not been unpaid in the first place. My issue now is not paying my car payment, when I got the car, I was employed, since I got laid off, I have been struggling to make the payments. I no longer need the car because I live in a city with good public transportation, but I cannot sell it, it is not worth what I paid for it and no one will offer me the amount I paid for it. Furthermore, I cannot refinance it, I keep getting turned down. I have tried to seek help from Capitol Auto Finance, but they will not offer me any. At this point, I give up, I feel stuck and unlucky. I know many Americans are going through the same situation, but I feel like I am not trying hard enough to get out of the financial mess I am in. I been constantly worrying and depressed. Now I am worried that I want be able to get a job or an apartment (despite the fact I have never been late for rent or never been evicted) because of my credit issues. I was offered a job, but it contigent on a extensive background check, which is includes checking my credit. Even if I get the job, it will be too late. I have manage to put myself in financial ruin again.

My question is what should I expect from the 3 unpaid bills sent to collections (is there anything I can do about them once they have been sent to collections) and what should I expect from my voluntary loan default. My credit score was alright, but when these 4 items hit, it will drop drastically. How can I increase it in the future?
“Learn from my mistakes” What mistake did I make, I can’t help that I have a genetic kidney disease or if my job laid me off. I don’t use those as excuses nor do I live beyond my means. I don’t have stuff to sell and already live on a bare minimum, sleep on the bare floor, just waiting to die at this point. How the hell am I suppose to sell the car “for anything”, how am I going to pay the remainder of the loan? If anything, that was my only mistake, getting the car. You sound like a creditor, someone with no clue of what I am going through.

Sorry for venting.

Administrator answers:

1. Voluntarily turn the car over to creditor. They will still likely come after you for the deficiency (what you owe on the car minus what they can get for the car), but voluntarily turning it over will at least decrease that amount somewhat.
2. You can negotiate with creditors even once the debt is turned over to collections. All that really means is that the original creditor is getting tired of trying to collect so they let “professionals” collect for them. Sometimes it is actually easier to work out a deal once it goes to collections.
3. If the creditors still will not work with you, tell them in writing that they are not to call you but may only contact you by mail. That way you don’t have to worry about harassing phone calls.
4. If a creditor sues you and gets a judgment against you there are a couple things you can do. If you are unemployed, they obviously can’t garnish your wages, so don’t keep money in a bank account and don’t worry too much about them collecting. If you get another job, see if you can get an installment payment through the court. Most states allow that and you can usually get a relatively low payment (much lower than what the creditor can garnish from your wages).

Susan asks…

Am I giving to much out of this relationship?

So my boyfriend and I have been together for about 5 months now. A lot of people of telling me that I have been doing “too much” in this relationship. I first bailed him out of jail and still haven’t received my money yet on top. The bail money was $1800. And im only getting $1250. Back the rest are fees on which I expected to get back from him but he explained to me that “ I knew what I was getting myself into” and he does not have that type of money. He grew from a very low-income family, I grew up from a low-income family as well but I know how to save my money and not get into trouble. So anyway, I feel like I’ve been putting all the money out of this relationship. The other day he asked me that he needs cable but he has a past balance of $96.80 but at the same time he wants to get cable so all together it would come out to be $150.00. He’s asking me to “ borrow “ money” and gradually he will pay me little at a time I said no to him because I learned my mistake. So last night were speaking and he ask me to buy him a converter box and I said no and said to him don’t you have a debit card why can’t you use your debit card to purchase the product on amazon. He says that he has an overdrawn account on his checking account for $125.00 so I basically tell him that this can ruin your credit history, if at any given time you were to apply for an apartment that will effect your application, all the negative things that can affect your future. So he tells me what he’s going through and I always talk to him like a kid, and always trying to make him fell bad, making it seem that its his fault, always bringing him down. At the same time he’s 25 years old he should have his stuff together because he wants to move in with me. How can I move in with someone who made all these bad choices in the past? I cant see myself paying all the bills because you cant afford it or seeing myself having everything into my name (i.e. the bills or anything). I don’t know if I should continue this relationship but at the same time I still haven’t receive my money from the bail bond. I know I did a lot for him, and sometimes I feel its too much. Do you think I should let him go or should I try to work this out but at the same time have a firm way of doing to much things for HIM?

Administrator answers:

He is using you for your money and your credit.

When you refuse (and with good reason) he is trying to emotionally blackmail you into giving in to what he wants.

Everytime you give him money or get him out of a financial jam, you are only reinforcing to him that if he pushes the “Poor Me” line with you, he can get what ever he wants. As long as you let him, he will keep sucking you dry.

Do you honestly think he’ll stick around when you run out of money?

If he says he will change, make him prove it. Tell him if he’s going to talk the talk, he’d better walk the walk,and to come back and see you when he’s got his act together and the receipts and bank statements to back it up.

Cut your losses and walk away. Today.

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