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Your Questions About Low Income No Credit Check Apartments

June 20, 2012

Carol asks…

Where can i find a low income apartment with no credit check in philly?

Im going to be 18 in a week and have no credit but i have to be out and i only work in fast foods as of now. i know its rare but can some one help?

Administrator answers:

A roomate situation is the only thing that will work for you if you plan to stay in the fast food business. You probably heard it before, but if there is anyway that you could go to school and get a college education your life will be much more comfortable provided you complete your degree. If you go a year or two, then quit, your life is even worse than not going at all because of the student loans you had accumlated.

Find a way to make your life work. If your parents aren’t in the picture and refuse to provide you a place to live while you go to school, see if a family member is an option. On campus housing is something that is available too.

You are too young and have too much potential to be wasting it working at a fast food place, and looking forward to paycheck to paycheck type of life. Please do the right thing for yourself.

Jenny asks…

Low income apartment– same credit check?

First off– no judgements please. I live in Pasadena, CA. I have bad credit because a couple years ago I lost my job and had to get surgery (long story short– got way behind– DESTROYED my credit). Also, I work two jobs but it still doesn’t pay ENOUGH. I found an apartment complex through my cities housing website.. and it said that they have low income apartments (NOT SECTION 8!).

I still have to be “approved” though– and I filled out an application and they told me it takes into consideration your rental history, check clearing history (which both are good), and credit history (which as I said is bad)…

I am just wondering.. for these kind of programs– do they have separate credit guidelines or is it the exact same approval system for both (low income– and just normal- not low income)


Administrator answers:

I’m no expert, but my sister has horrible credit rating and she’s renting a nice apartment. I think credit rating doesn’t have much impact for many places. There’s a lot of folks out there these days with bad credit. Good luck! Moe

David asks…

Does an eviction from section 8 housing come up on a credit check for an apartment?

I was evicted from a low income apartment a year ago because I did not pay my rent for 2 months. (I was moving in with my boyfriend anyways, and was just irresponsible). However, we did not work out and now I am trying to find an apartment on my own since I moved back in with my mother. I have a toddler and it is just hard to find anything. I didn’t go to court for the eviction, but had a 4 hour time period to get all of my stuff out. I do not have bad credit, but no credit at all. Even though this was section 8 housing, will it come up on a credit check or background check?
does it come up on a backround or credit check?

Administrator answers:

It will only come up on section 8 records, which are not public, unless court papers were filed.

Linda asks…

Why would you be denied low income after being on the waiting list for 6yrs?

I applied for low income housing with hacc and I was on the waiting list for 6yrs and finally got an application. I did everything asked and found out just yesterday that I was denied because of my credit. I have only a few that are being disputed that were with my bankruptcy, but what i don’t understand is if it low income why do I have to go through a credit check and what’s the whole purpose of waiting and then they say no you don’t qualify. I have 3 kids and a single parent and I am struggling just to pay rent and everything else, and I can’t get help from them. This just don’t seem right! If that was the case, i could have just applied for an apartment and let them do a credit check. I just need someone who has experience with this to tell me what do I do when I need a place to stay and i don’t have the best credit and can’t get any help!! I can’t afford a $900-$1,000 rent by myself and I am trying to get affordable rent for me and my kids before we don’t have a place to stay.
Im not asking for a handout, i pay my own rent and work, im just trying to find affordable rent for me and my family, and that’s what I thought applied to low income housing. I didn’t think that your credit mattered in order to get low income housing.

Administrator answers:

Please don’t take this as being disrespectful, that is not my intent … But …

These 3 kids have fathers somewhere and should be paying child support. It would be far easier to file papers to start receiving support from the man or men responsible for the care of your children than trying to get the rest of the tax payers to do it. Go to court and start the process, most counties make it really easy and all you have to do is show up at the courthouse early and they will walk you through the process.

Good luck to you.

Paul asks…

How can you move fast with no credit and little to put down?

My gf is getting kicked out of the house she was living because they’re an older christian couple and they said they don’t feel it’s working out. Anyway they wanted her out that day but legally they can’t of course. They expect her to be out on the 14th or 15th but I know if she can’t move that they can’t kick her out like that.

Anyway I want to know how we can get an apt together without credit checks or with one and bad credit? I have bad credit since last year with a forclosure I’m quick selling and a divorce, and she was down for a few months and missed a few months of cc payments. We thought we had a place but they never called to tell her she was denied and now we’re close to her deadline with no place. They told us we could do it with like 1k down but that’s out of our ballpark right now.

I don’t want any low income housing, just a regular apartment and looking for ideas on how to get one.

Administrator answers:

You are not regular renters, you can’t expect a regular rental.

Drive around the ghetto areas looking for “For Rent” signs or look into a weekly motel.

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