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Your Questions About Luxury Apartments

March 10, 2013

Charles asks…

What is the difference between premium apartments, deluxe apartments and luxury apartments ? is it no of rooms

I have seen same builder mentioning one block as premium apartments ( consists of 2 BHK ) and other block as deluxe apartment (consists of 3 BHK) in Bangalore. Is the number of rooms is the main criteria ?

Administrator answers:

It’s all marketing baloney. If you are interested in them just go and see them and make your own judgment.

Richard asks…

When is the best time to find luxury apartments for cheap around North Austin, TX?

I’m getting married next year and need a nice apartment to move to. Therefore, I’m engaging in an early research of apartment types, prices etc.
Please help if you currently live or have lived in similar conditions.

Administrator answers:

Just look for place that are running specials

Mary asks…

What are some good luxury apartments in San Francisco?

My fiancee and I would like to move into a 2BR/2BA apartment in San Francisco. Must haves include a parking spot and W/D in unit. I work on the Peninsula, so I’d like to have reasonable access to the freeway. We are looking in South Beach/Mission Bay, Pac Heights, and SOMA. Any suggestions? We’d like to stay around $3500/month if possible.
We are looking to rent, not buy, at the moment.

Administrator answers:

I can’t help with San Francisco but there is a real nice community in menlo park called the laurel grove apartments. 2 bd 2 bath with wd will run 2550.00 per month. It is a nice area and near the cal train.

Ruth asks…

Where can I find luxury apartments within 1.5 hours to Manhattan for a $1000 studio?

My budget is low but my tastes are expensive. I’m willing to move 1.5 hours away from Manhattan (close to transportation, a train that can get me into the city) but i am looking for an apartment that has the doorman, gym and newer appliances. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Try Norwalk, Connecticut

Paul asks…

How much are luxury apartments/condos in Manhattan?

Just wondering. Is it around $5 million dollars.

Administrator answers:

In many case even more.

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