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July 28, 2013

Mark asks…

Are luxury apartments like hotels? And what are Commons apartments.?

Can you compare and contrast luxury apartments to hotels. How do they look like and are they in any way like hotels. Is there such thing as a hotel apartment?

Administrator answers:

When I first got married we lived in a luxury apartment and when I got divorce I looked into one. I would not compare it all to hotel because it was much nicer.
The one I lived in and the ones I looked were comparable.
* Each Apartment Looks Like a 10,000 Square Foot Custom Made Home
* First Floor Individual Formal Entrance with Covered Porch and Foyer
* Granite Countertops
* Ceramic Tile and Hardwood Floors
* Separate Standup Showers with Glass Enclosure. The bathtub was in the side and was large with jaquizzi jets.
* One and Two Car Private Attached Garages with Automatic Openers
* Controlled Access Gates Conveniently Operated from Your Automobile. Guests had to check in and give their name and then they called the home to OK their entrance.
* 2″ Custom Mini-Blinds in Every Home. The more expensive ones had the remote controlled blinds.
* Plant Shelves
* Double Kitchen Sinks with Disposal and Vegetable Sprayers
* Multi-Cycle Dishwashers
* Keyless Deadbolts
* 10′ Foot Ceilings and Vaulted Ceilings that were in the upper level
* Marble Six-Foot Oversized Oval Jacuzzi Garden Tubs located off of master bath.
* Eight-Foot Tall Expansive Windows
* Marble Wood Burning Fireplaces with Custom Mantel
* Oversized Oak Kitchen Cabinets with Highly Upgraded Appliances (I loved the kitchen)
* Video Conferencing, T-1, Satellite High Speed Internet Access and DSL Available in Every Home (additional cost)
* Audible Intrusion Alarms (Monitoring Available) For the alarms you had to have home phone service. People now don’t have home phone service like in the past with all the technology of cell phones.
* 18-25 Cubic Foot Frost Free Refrigerator with Ice Maker and Water Dispenser
* Extensive Crown Molding in Living Room, Dining Room and Master Bedroom
* Italian Marble Entries, Marble Master Bath Surround and Marble Vanities
* Multi-Media Center Built-Ins (very small Den like closet for a mini office)
* Built-In Computer Workstation and Desks (In Media Center)
* Select Superior Golf Frontage Homes Will Include Mahogany Hardwood Floors, Granite Countertops and Brass Fixtures (This is was in the higher priced apartment)
* Workout area with heated Olympic size pool pool (all indoors)
* Immaculate Mansion type conference center located in the main office. This was available to rent out for parties. Every morning there was a nice continental breakfast. On holidays they had parties free to the residents.
* The landscape was gorgeous.

I could not afford the luxury apartment after my divorce so then I looked into the Residences Inn by Mariott.

It was basically a very nice suite type hotel.
Indoor Pool and Weight Room
Offered Continental Breakfast
Maid Service
I think they went up to three bedrooms but I know for sure two
Much smaller than the Luxury apartment
Free DSL
You had to pay to use the phone. It was charged to your bill.
Hotel Carpeting and Bedspreads
Very small kitchen and smaller appliances
Very small living room with furniture included
Small Bathroom
Allow pets
*The cost was more than a luxury apartment
***I looked at Extended Stay and walked out
Posting links to both so you can see for yourself

After my divorce I went to a Commons Apartment
* Basically nice apartment
* More affordable
* Vaulted ceilings
* Looks more like a plain basic home with nothing really fancy
* I had a washer and dry in my own apartment some have laundry areas that you share
* Kitchen was nice. It had a basic refrigerator, basic stove and oven, dishwasher, and garbage disposable.
* Two bathrooms that were nice size. The main bathroom was a regular bathroom. The master bath had separate shower and bathtub. Nothing special but was nice.
* Cable TV ready and DSL (extra charges)
* No Pets
* Outdoor Pool
* Club house
* Outdoor Pool
* Nice landscaping with 4 ponds with fountains.
This was like living in a smaller home. It was bigger than some of my friends homes. It reminded me of a Ranch Style Home Layout and the bedrooms were larger and lots of closet space. The gas was free but the electric was not. Water and sewage was free. Posting links similar to where I lived and mine.

I hope you are not referring to a college commons room because they are usually furnished but very small!

Commons apartment:

Thomas asks…

Best LUXURY Apartments in San Diego?

What are the best luxury apartments in San Diego? I want to find something nice but not too expensive and preferably in downtown San Diego. Any advice?

Administrator answers:

I live in the Strata in downtown San Diego. This place is relatively new and very luxurious. A ton of amenities and features, plus very affordable. For the high quality of living this place provides, I’m actually shocked that rent is not a lot higher. I love it and highly recommend this place to anyone looking to move to San Diego.

If you want to view an apartment you need to make an appointment to come by. I’ve attached the link down below for you to view pictures and make an appointment to check it out. Hope this help. Good luck! :)

Chris asks…

Luxury Apartments in San Antonio?

Hello, we are planning to relocate to San Antonio and I do have an idea of what the good areas are, but I’m wondering if someone can recommend some NEW luxury type apartments. I’ve seen some nice apartments online, but then I ck the rating on another site and they have negative comments. Help!
Thank you!! I cked out the pinacle site. Looks great, but is that area of San Antonio a good area? I wonder if there are other apartments like that in the northwest northeast area of SA.

Administrator answers:

First suggestion:

Once there, input the City, State, and other info asked for on that page… Then, click on “choose amenities” and check what you’re looking for in an apartment home… Then, click “Go”.

Second suggestion:

On the home page, make sure the tab “apartments” is chosen. You can fill in the information on the basic ‘form’ on that page, or click “Advanced Search” (under the ‘form’, in green). Once you fill in the information, hit ‘search’.

My son and daughter-in-law moved to SA a month ago, and these are the two sites we used to find their new ‘home’. They had narrowed their choices down to Mira Vista at La Cantera and Broadstone at Colonnade.

I couldn’t find a dedicated site for Mira Vista, but you can get really good info on the “Apartment Guide” website. Their info is a bit better than “For Rent”.

I did find another site with some Mira Vista info, and it appears to also be a site dedicated to a “luxury” apartment search. Here’s the page with Mira Vista info:

The main website for that one is:

The second of the two my ‘kids’ chose from is here:

Broadstone is VERY nice. Their company also has Broadstone Ranch.

There are a lot of new complexes going up that aren’t yet advertised from the respect of being on the web anywhere. Without driving by each one to get phone numbers off their banners, getting any info will be a bit tough.

But hopefully the info here will at least get you going in the right direction. If you need more info, please feel free to use the Yahoo! Answers “email member” link on my profile page to contact me. I’ll be happy to help you any way I can!

Steven asks…

is it mandatory to include smoke detection systems in high rise luxury apartments?

The Apartments are all privately owned but have a management company

Administrator answers:

In the US smoke detectors are required, how many depends on when the apartment was last remodeled. Present code is all bedroom as the common hallway.

Fire and CO detectors are not required unless it is new construction (never the CO).

In new construction requires a fire system with sprinklers that go off at a certain temp, as well as a fire alarm that sets off in the entire building, inside and out.

Charles asks…

Is Vat and Service Tax applicable on Luxury Apartments?

i want to know whether VAT and service tax is applicable on luxury apartments or not?? and if yes than wht is the percentage …. and if possible let me know the notification…please
Is it applicable in maharashtra

Administrator answers:

VAT of which state?

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