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July 8, 2012

Charles asks…

What can I expect to spend on a luxury apartment near Boston College?

I just finished grad school and got a job at a decent consulting firm here in Boston. I have two roommates and we’re looking for a nice apartment near BC because they’re still in school. What are reasonable prices on a 3 bedroom for something that’s considered “luxury“? Something with nice interiors, maybe city views, a fitness center, etc. I’m used to having decent living quarters but now that I’m done with school I’m ready for something more comfortable. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Congrats on the new job! I went to Northeastern for undergrad and lived only about 15 minutes from BU/BC area. I didn’t live in anything luxury for undergrad, but err..I do now in Quincy. My buddy (from NEU) is a realtor in the area and has a good website with pricing and info. You’ll be spending about $3200-3600 for a luxury three bedroom. If you accept a few less amenities you’ll be looking at $2800 maybe $3000. Good luck finding a place if you have dogs. I searched forever and finally my buddy found a nice place that accepted them.

Mary asks…

How can I rent a luxury furnished apartment/condo with close proximity to downtown for 3-6 months?

I have a consulting job in Boston and would like to get out of hotels and find a place that would encourage my wife to come and spend some time with me.
Saji and PennyLeeD2, your answers were unexpectedly good and very helpful. I will have to flip a coin to determine a best answer. Thank you both.

Administrator answers:

There are many corporate rentals, chances are you can find one within a few blocks of your client.

Google Boston Corporate Apartments, there are a number of companies. You can contact any real estate agent for recommendations. Or the HR department of your client might be able to help.

The Devonshire often has corporate rentals, but I don’t know if it’s directly through them or a separate company. Fantastic location and views. I’ve had friends live there, and we almost moved there. Only a block from Faneuil Hall.

Susan asks…

finding apt in Boston!!!!!please help!!!!!?

I currently go to school in Boston. I was looking for an apartment for almost 20 days but I could not get it yet! Why is this so hard to find an apartment in end of September.. I could not even get a broker who I can really trust T.T..I want to live in Allston, Brighton, Brookline, and Boston area but I do not know which apartment is safe, and reasonable price for me. My Maximum money budget is $1600 for one bed room. I just want it to be safe..that is all I need..I am not looking for the extremely luxury apartments…Could you please recommend any apartment which is in Allston, Brighton, and Brookline area?? Currently, I am in Malden but I really want to get out from here…Please help me..guys..Also, it would be great if you let me know about the apartment website that I can trust and look at them. THANK YOU!!

Administrator answers:

Try putting up notices on bulletin boards at school. You need to find someone who dropped out.

James asks…

Don’t feel like settling down in a city?

I graduated from college in this January and started a full-time job in Boston. Since I came to Boston, I’ve moved several times. I’m always searching for apartments for move into.

I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I don’t feel like settling down in Boston. It’s not as good as I thought, and the weather changes too much. Meeting with a realtor or signing a year-long lease simply intimidates me… So I stay at friends’ places or hotels every week, and so far I haven’t had a place of my own.

The problem is, I know I need an apartment, but I don’t feel like moving into or having an apartment. You know what I’m saying? I don’t mind staying at others’ places, but having my own place seems a disgusting idea to me.

My job isn’t as challenging as I thought, although it pays so well that I can afford a luxury apartment downtown. I think I’m looking to relocated for a more challenging job in a year, but right now I don’t know what to do with my life in Boston

I don’t have an apartment and have been living a nomadic life for the past few months. I don’t know why I don’t want to settle down and start having a life… I’m feeling really confused… Any tips or advice? Thanks in advance!!

Administrator answers:

Try moving to new york city

Michael asks…

Is it a good time for a young professional to buy a condo?

Hi guys,
I recently just move to Quincy (right below Boston) and I’m looking for a place to move into. I’m a 24 years old single male and I’m earning about 75,000 pretax. I looked around the rental market in the area and it’s about 1200~1500 for an OK 1BR, and 1500~1700 for a luxury apartment. I then look into the condo market and to get a luxury 2BR I only need to pay about $1500 a month at a 30 years mortgage rate. (property is $255,000)

So I thought, if renting and buying are almost the same cost to me, why don’t I buy instead of rent? I am pre-approved for mortgage (I have no debt and I have good credit) and my parents are willing to lend me money enough for 20% down payment.

Before I make the big decision, I would like to see what you guys think, as I got some people telling me that it’s a bad idea to buy condo as a single right now, and they suggest me that I should just rent and keep looking for a while. Please let me know what you guys think!


Administrator answers:

Buying is a long-term commitment and you have to make sure the property will still fit you in a few years time. You’ll end up in the red if the market value on your place doesn’t increase enough to cover the costs of selling (yes, you gotta pay to sell too). Now, if you decide buying is the route you want, note that your mortgage is only a part of home ownership costs. You’ve got taxes, utilities, maintenance fees, repairs, and insurance, plus lawyers fees and commission right off the bat. My best advice is find yourself a real estate agent that has experience in your desired area. They’ll not only be able to help you find the right place to purchase or lease, they will help you figure out if buying is both feasible and practical for your situation by going over all the numbers and variables with you.

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