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Your Questions About Luxury Apartments Houston

June 19, 2012

William asks…

luxury apartments in houston?

What are some best apartments in the houston area?
something along the lines of metropole (
i dont mean to endorse anyone, but just so you get an idea what im looking for.

mid-rise or high-rise would be a plus.

Administrator answers:

3000 Sage in the Galleria area
Gables Augusta (also in the Galleria area)
The Lofts at the Ballpark (midtown)
Jackson Hill (Memorial/Heights)
3333 Allen Parkway (near downtown)

Sandy asks…

How much is rent for a one bedroom semi-luxury apartment in Houston?

Administrator answers:

$1000 – $2500 per month – depends on where you want to live in Houston.

Donna asks…

Are luxury apartment homes only for lease or can you buy to own? Houston, TX?

Are luxury apartment homes only for lease or can you buy to own?

Administrator answers:

In New York City you can buy an apt. Costing 45 million. And up

Joseph asks…

Nice Apartment or Small House in Houston?

I’m looking to move soon, my apartments suck and after Ike (Im in Galveston Co are even worse). I want to get either a small house, or a nice apartment, does anyone know of any nice luxury apartments in the Houston area? Or a small house that’s in a good neighborhood without outrageous taxes?
preferabally with a Gym nearby, most of my free time is spent working out.

Administrator answers:

Do you want to rent or buy? I use a lot. If u rent, i used to live in a Camden apartment, it’s nice. It’s gated with gym, several pools. They have apartments all over Houston. I think website is

Ruth asks…

Why does my rent keep going up?

I live in the outskirts of Houston TX, in a luxury apartment complex. This now my 3rd renewal and rent is to be an additional $25 a month. Same as the year before. Its increased $50 in 2 years. I understand if property value goes up, but in other places that I have lived, never had an increase. Is this a judgment call by the Management Company? I mean they are all ready making a killing on all the residents here with the amount everyone is paying?

Thanks for your opinions.

Administrator answers:

There are 2 reasons why rent goes up.
1. Landlords’ expenses go up, mostly taxes and insurance.
2. Greed. Landlords are landlords to make a profit.

It has nothing to do with property values. Many landlords don’t raise rents because it encourages long term tenants. Some squeeze all they can. Most are somewhere in between.

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