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August 15, 2013

Charles asks…

What is the 6 sided building to the east of Westminster Bridge?

I’m looking on Google Earth and I’m trying to identify the 6 sided building to the east of the Westminster Bridge. Its between the bridge and Waterloo Station, at the juction of York Road, Westminster Bridge Road and Lambeth Palace Road.
Thanks for your help.

Administrator answers:

Google earth is out of date that building is no-more. At this moment in time its a building site for some luxury apartments. The building you refer to on google earth so i hear was to be used for part of the old GLC greater London Council. But like everything to do with the GLC the building was full of lethal blue asbestos and was never used beacause of the health hazzard.

Donna asks…

best place to start off living in florida?

Im planning on renting my first apartment in about 2 years. Im just trying to get a head start. My question is where is the best place to start off at, which cities are best for young couples?
I guess i forgot to mention that I live in florida and have for the majority of my life. In any case thank you for the answers.

Administrator answers:

This is a good question! I had the a few years ago before I moved to Florida. I took the luxury to tour around different cities. I found the East Coast cities are big, expensive real estate; impatient short tempered people and the long line of traffic just like home -New York. And then I found the West Coast of Florida. Especially Sarasota, a beautiful artistic town full of culture …and the town like Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Fort Myers and Naples. Real estate prices are more affordable. Most people here are from the mid west like Ohio, Indiana and Michigan etc they are much friendlier. You are a young couple; you should be concerned about job prospect. In that case, big cities like Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami are better choice. If you are in medical profession you will be welcome in any Florida city.

A nice hint for your future reference is in case you did move here and do want to be in medical profession. Make sure you get your Florida driver’s license right away and started your Florida residency (about 12 months). Once you are Florida residence, you can enroll to the vocational technical school in medical field with a discount. Classes usually short and only last for a year or less. In no time, you will have much sort after profession.

It is not a bad idea to come down in Florida with your friend to visit the two coasts . You can pick the cooler weather to visit Florida. I hope you can find a town you love and the beach (Florida coast is full of fine sand beaches) you like to hang out! It is just because I have done that! And happy to say there is no turning back to New York for me.

Sandra asks…

Where do most models live in New York?

Like which neighborhoods? I understand that agencies fix up model apartments, but where exactly are the prime spots for them? I’m talking about the new girls, okay, not them supermodels. Places like Tribeca or the East Village must be out of the question, am I right? I mean, I can’t imagine any model management willing to provide such expensive housing for fresh recruits.

Administrator answers:

They are all over town and even in Brooklyn and Queens. These are not always luxury apartments, some are tiny shoeboxes in a 4th floor walkup — and there are 2-4 beds in each bedroom, normally bunk beds. So while there are model apartments in Soho and Tribeca, it’s not like it’s some 3-bedroom loft with one model in each bedroom.

The agency does not provide free housing – the models are billed for this. They either pay upfront, or if the agency fronts them the money, then their rent comes out of any money they make on their jobs. You are in debt to your agency until you make enough money to pay this off. So if you are being charged $1200/month for the model apartment (most model apartment charge $300-350/week) and get booked on a job paying $1500, the agency is going to take $1200 of it to pay their rent and you get paid $300

Sandy asks…

How much money would someone typically need to get set up in New York?

If you wanted to move to New York City how much money would you typically need to have to get a decent enough place and get set up there? In what areas could you find cheaper but decent apartments or homes in safe neighborhoods?

Administrator answers:

Lots and lots. We here in the city are not all rich as I’m sure you know but it does cost more than what you may be expecting. I’m not sure what you mean by decent so I’ll assume you’re by yourself and would what a one bedroom apartment in a safe area. If that’s the case then Astoria in Queens is a good place to start. Typical apartments out there go for 1000-1500 a month. If you have a car then gas is about 4 a gallon. Since you’ll be in city you would have a hard time driving and getting parking space so you will most likely ride the subways. A metrocard (your ticket to ride so to speak) will cost you 2 dollars one way. It’s better to have an unlimited which costs 81 for a monthly, 45 for two weeks and 25 for a weekly. Utilities vary by building but you will most likely have a cable bill which can go for around 100, electricity bill which is different by building but will be anywhere from 60 to 200 in some places; a phone bill which can be like 40 to 50 and then your luxury bills like cell phones and internet. Then you have you groceries but that depends on you and then what ever else you’ll need to live your life like your toiletries and then your entertainment needs. In other words it’s a lot so start saving and good luck.

William asks…

How much money should I save before moving to New York City?

I will be moving from California to New York City when I’m 18. I’ve had no job experience. I’m not going to college but I will be attending Makeup Designory School (MUD). How much money should I save up? And How much do you think I’ll pay?

Here is what I have so far:
Rent – $900 for a one bedroom or $1500 for a 2 ($750 with a roommate) per month
School – $14,200 (not sure about payment yet)
Gas – $35
Electricity – $40-$100
Cable/Internet – $115
Phone – $100
Food/general household items – $250
Transportation – $76 30 – Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard
Furniture – $500-$1000 (basic stuff to start out with; bed, some kitchen appliances, desk/chair, etc)
Water –
Sewer –
Laundry –
Entertainment –

I’m not sure about other utilities such as water and sewer.
What else am I missing and approx how much are they?
Also when would be a good time to work? I can take either day classes (8am-5pm) or night classes (6pm – 10pm).
I’ll probably be working on minimum wage like at Starbucks or Barnes and Noble. I really want to work at MAC Cosmetics but I need something that is flexible.

Please give detailed answers!!
There are no dorms. This is what I just figured on what people have told me. I’m not expecting to pay. I just want to know average on everything.

Administrator answers:

Your rent expectations are half of what they should be. You can’t even get a studio (one room, no separate bedroom) for under 1200 in Manhattan. On top of that you need at least three month’s rent up front (first, last, and security deposit) and you will likely need a cosigner or guarantor (like a parent) to get a place. Your best bet would be to find a roommate first to see how you like living here and getting on with life here. Your furniture budget is too low unless you are bringing stuff with you or are literally expecting a bare bones/milk crate type existence. Try to find a furnished room if you can or at least one with a bed, it will be easier, plus one less thing to move if you do move on to another space.

You need to budget more for you groceries/food or plan on eating ultra cheaply without going out to get by on that amount. You will have to live like or Monk or add at least 100 a week for entertainment like drinks, movies, lunch out, etc. And that is still relatively modest. You also didn’t include anything for clothes which you will need. Remember there is a lot of walking here and you will go through shoes faster and need good, well made shoes. Also depending on where in California you are from you will also need to get a winter coat, hat, gloves, sweaters, boots, etc.

You won’t be paying water/sewer/heat in an apartment, just electricity and phone/cable/internet. Most people in your situation just have a cell phone or sometimes the internet/cable/phone plan. Laundry will be at least $15 a week, more if you have to dry clean your clothes. A minimum wage job won’t get you very far, you would likely need two which wouldn’t leave you any time for school. You can’t support the above expenses on a full time, minimum wage job, it can’t be done. If you can’t get a a higher paying job you wont be having cable or any other luxuries like eating out, school, clothes, air conditioning, or anything. You will need to plan on saving enough now to support your entire stay in school here.

Assuming you plan on being able to earn your own way each month you will need to bring with you at least three whole months worth of money in case you don’t get a job right away aside from the money for your housing upfront.

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