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March 30, 2013

Laura asks…

How much do I need to make to afford an apartment in NYC?

Okay, I’m young (haven’t even graduated college yet), but I’m feeling a bit ambitious. I plan to become a registered nurse or a psychiatrist some day and I’m wondering what the average salary was to live in the Financial District of NYC, while also living decently. I’m not talking a luxury penthouse or anything, but a nice one-bedroom or even a studio would be fine(don’t plan on getting married or having kids anytime soon, haha)…Thanks!

Administrator answers:

The average rent for an apartment in the downtown financial district is $3000-4000 a month for a very small 1 bedroom. You monthly salary would need to be at least $9K-12K a month.

David asks…

what can be used(is there s scent,ie moth balls?)to keep mice from entering my NYC apartment;forget glue traps

The cause of numerous mice is due to Construction(blasting underground for an underground mall/luxury condo)= mice and rats in exisiting apartment buildings! Studio apartment, can’t find where they entering (stove,radiator, etc.)…. Help!!!!

Administrator answers:

Mothballs will deter them, but the smell will also bother you.

The easiest way to keep them out it to search out every possible entrance point, and then block that entrance.

Remember that mice can squeeze themselves through very small openings. If a mouse finds a tiny space it will be encouraged to make it larger, to gain entry.

You can seal every space easily by using pressurized foam.

You can buy it an any hardware store. It comes in a can to which you affix a nozzle, then turn the can upside down and begin applying the foam. It goes on as a thick liquid and you just put it on in like a bead or thick string. It will expand about 6 to 10 times the size of the bead you put down. As it expands it completely seals the area, sticking to whatever it touches.

If you have a large hole, you might drop a mothball or three inside, before applying the foam. The smell will help deter the mice while the foam sets, and for a week or more after that.

Also note: you M U S T wear the plastic gloves they supply. If disposable gloves are not included, buy some. The material is not harmful to your hands, but it is tends to blacken if you try to wash it off your skin and it is hard to remove. .

If you spill any on a hard surface, let it set and then scrape it off.

Mark asks…

If you are a Fortune 500 CEO, are you considered rich?

If you were a CEO or other executive (vp, coo, etc.), are you considered rich? Viacom CEO got 30 million this year, and the COO got 21 million. However, only 2 million was salary, and the rest wS restricted stock awards, option awards, etc. Does that mean they really have 30 million? Could a fortune 500 executive afford a mansion in Florida, a luxury NYC apartment, a lamborghini, a maybach, a mega yacht, and a private jet? Ar they rich?

Administrator answers:

Nope there are rich CEO and poor CEO.

Linda asks…

How much should I offer to pay my super for him to remove my fridge from my apartment?

My super often does extra, non-required work for the tenants of our building, and we pay him for his services. I need my refrigerator to be taken out of my kitchen to the street. I live in Washington Heights, in NYC. Yes, this is Manhattan, but it is not an upscale area at all, not a luxury apartment. How much money would be appropriate to offer him for the job?

Administrator answers:

If the fridge works, might see if you can donate it to a relief group.
Used furniture etc. (not junk) is picked up at no charge.
If you’re having a new one delivered , ask what the store charges for removal.
Maybe someone else in the building can use it?
Depending on stairs etc. & as mentioned $35 to $50 would be fair.
The door must be removed also.
You / super have to see what city requires regarding recycling or appliance “dumping”.if there is a city pickup. Program.

James asks…

Can I sue my sister under this scenario?

My question is:

If I was given power of attorney from my parents and can prove that my sister is fiscally irresponsible with the money she has in her savings to the point where she will eventually end up a liability to my parents (we can prove she has in the past), can I sue her and make the court take the funds and put them in a trust for her benefit? I would like myself or my parents to be the trustees (meaning that we cannot take payments from the trust but she cannot do so either without our prior authorization).

My sister is a very irresponsible person and my whole family as well as myself worry about her future. More importantly, we are worried that she will be a liability for my parents and guilt them into funding her manhattan lifestyle that she won’t let go of.

She had received a divorce settlement a couple of years ago for $250k. Since she has no concept of money or of her long term future, she wanted to use that money to rent out a luxury apartment in NYC for $4k/month (she only makes $50k/year).

Thankfully, my family argued with her for awhile and convinced her to purchase a co-op in a NY borough so that the money could remain safely invested in real estate. She agreed to this only because she found a new rich boyfriend that gave her the lifestyle she demanded.

Recently, he broke up with her and is kicking her out. She sold that co-op and wants to use the funds (now $150k: $50k was a loan payback to my parents) to pay for rent for a luxury manhattan apartment. My sister will obviously be broke within a couple of years and everytime she goes broke she guilts my parents into giving her money.

Administrator answers:

No, you really can’t do that. If she can hold down a $50k/yr job, the court will not consider her incompetent. She’d have to be incompetent to be able to do what you wish. However, you can set up a charitable trust for her benefit. You’d have to fund it yourself.

Now that your parents are getting older, you may wish to talk with them about making you trustee of their estate. That way you can still control your parents money and make sure your parents are taken care of while keeping your sister from robbing them.

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