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June 21, 2012

Mandy asks…

Luxury NYC apartment prices?

Just wondering how much some luxury NYC apartments would cost. Not necessarily a penthouse, but something like Barney on How I met Your Mother or Justin Timberlake in Friend’s with Benefits had. Modern, upscale, really nice. To be honest, I make quite a bit of money and am looking to move out that way, never been to NYC though. All I know is that is the type of apartment/condo I would like to have if I move to the city and just trying to get some prices.

Administrator answers:

A two bedroom apt in Tribeca starts at around $5000 + utilities. If you want to live in a building with doorman and concierge and have a great view, add $2000. The better the view, the more you pay.

It all depends on your wishes. Uptown, Downtown, amenities, space. You name it, New York has it.
Don’t forget, you will have to tip everyone who works in the building at the end of the year, from the manager to the maid. That adds another =$1.500 to your rent.

Sandy asks…

Can anyone suggest luxury holiday apartments in NYC?

Hi everyone,
I have friends coming for a month and have to put them up in a luxury apartment somewhere in Manhattan. Not so much as part of a hotel but something that is like their own apartment in the city. Do you know of any websites that can do this? all I have been suggested is craigslist and since I am going to be outlaying thousands of dollars I want something financially secure and legit.
We live near the park so I want somewhere that is fairly close by to us or maybe the East Village just has to be close to all of the nightlife and such…..
Any suggestions?

Many thanks.

Administrator answers:

If you want luxury, there’s a place called Bristol Plaza on E. 65th Street that does long-term (at least one month) apartment rentals. These are furnished and have a kitchen with everything you’d need. Maid service as well, of course. The building is beautiful and has its own parking garage. I only know about this because my son and his wife have an apartment there, but this was unfurnished and much cheaper, without the maid service (and boy,could they use it, lol).
The building is gorgeous, with, of course, a 24-hour doorman and concierge service. There’s a health club and pool, too.
Here’s a link. It’s very pricey, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue for you:

Robert asks…

Become real estate and major in acting in nyc school?

1)Normally I planned to attend gallaudet…
2) then I decide to go there for only two years and other two years is that I will be going to NYU, Juilliard or whatever.
3) NOW I want to be real estate and go New York Real Estate Institute
4) I just realized it takes like 10 years to be official real estate and sell expensive luxury apartments in NYC

Now I am lost…HELP!

Administrator answers:

It doesn’t take a college degree to become a real estate agent. You need to pass the real estate exam(s) — not difficult. Go to a real estate agency and see what opportunities are available for someone such as yourself. Work in sales while you study for the real estate exam, then once you become an agent, work hard and you’ll be selling those downtown apartments in no time.

Donald asks…

What should I be asking for when searching for apartments in the NYC area?

As a potential NYC resident I understand that I’ve been accustomed to certain luxuries while living in the south. What are some of the things most NYC area apartments do not offer and I should be paying attention to. In other words, What is the fine print?

Administrator answers:

I am from the South too and moved to NYC several years ago. First of all apartments here are hard to get if you’re picky. They don’t do the one month free kind of thing. They generally don’t have dishwashers, central A/C, gyms, pools, and extras like that.

A majority of the apartments are available only through real estate brokers and they usually charge one to two months rent for their fee. You can get around this by going to or village voice newspaper and searching for apartments listed as NO FEE or no broker. If you want to live in Manhattan, the space will be very tight. Usually an apartment near public transportation is more expensive, though worth it. The winter is the best time to start a lease as it is the slow season.

You should expect to pay the first month’s rent plus one month’s deposit, and sometimes last month’s also.

And do me a favor, don’t pay a “membership fee” to attain access to a list of apartments. I did that when I first moved here, and it was a joke.

Hope this is helpful and happy hunting!

George asks…

What luxury hotels in NYC can you buy a apartment?

Administrator answers:

The new gramercy hotel does NOT have places, but there are condos connected to them that let you use the hotel staff/amenities, so it is basically the same thing. I think the $40,000,000 penthouse is still available.

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