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April 24, 2013

Sandy asks…

Why is the media covering the Haiti disaster only showing aerial coverage of mansions?

Haiti is one of the poorest nations in the world, with lot’s of mass poverty, yet I’ve noticed that when CNN and all the other news networks show the aerial helicopter video, they only show the extremely wealthy areas (i.e. large gated mansions), but the real parts aren’t shown.

Administrator answers:

Well the earthquake was only around the capital area, Port-au-prince. Which is where I would think most of the wealthy (including politicians) live. They just haven’t showed mansions; they’ve showed other things as well. I was watching CNN and they had shots of a woman’s wrecked house who was on the phone speaking to them, a hospital, some sort of store that was two stories, a woman walking past this ugly small pink buidling (convenience store?) in a area that looked bad, etc.

Though, I have to agree the media does sometimes only show what they want you to see. Perhaps the bad areas of Port-au-prince had some destruction that was too graphic.

Michael asks…

why does the sims 2 only respond with the mansions and garden stuff cd?

When I go to play the sims 2 an error comes up saying that i need to use mansions and garden stuff CD. I have it installed but Iost the CD. Will I need to un-install it?

Administrator answers:

Because Mansion and Garden also installs updates, you won’t be able to run the game without the CD. You’ll have to uninstall it or borrow a CD from a friend, or download CD mounting software. (Might be illegal, I’m not sure.)
Hope I helped!

Ken asks…

How many expansions does Mansions of Madness have?

I was wondering; how many official expansions has been released for Mansions of Madness? And if any, what are their names?
Thanks in advance :)

Administrator answers:

I think James has named the only official expansion: Season of the Witch.
OH WAIT! I just checked Board Game Geek and it looks like there are at least two more expansions.
I can’t tell what order the expansions came out, but one is called “Forbidden Alchemy” and has three new scenarios and several new investigators. One of the new scenarios is called “Return of the Reanimator” which sounds cool. And another one has time travel! That makes me want to pick up the base game just so I can play the time travel expansion.

Another expansion is “The Silver Tablet” it is a single scenario expansion, so it’ll probably be less than Forbidden Alchemy.

There is one more expansion called “Til Death Do Us Part”. It is Print On Demand, so instead of buying a package you it out at home. Because it’s a Print On Demand it’s mostly just the Scenario though it also says there are some cards to print out.

It looks like Season of the Witch and The Silver Tablet are both Print On Demand expansions as well, but you can also buy them on Amazon with cards printed from Fantasy Flight rather than having to print the cards yourself.
If you check out the Mansions Of Madness Board Game Geek it’ll always update about new expansions as they come out.

Steven asks…

What is the purpose of having more than one kitchen in mansions?

Alot of celebrities have mansions with more than one kitchen. What on earth do they need with more than one?

Administrator answers:

One rooms for the booze and another for the food durrr

Susan asks…

Why do they turn beautiful mansions into housing complexes?

Why do they turn beautiful mansions into housing complexes? It is one of the things that bother me most in the world. They take the gorgeous buildings that were peoples HOMES and they turn them into apartment buildings, whose tenants trash them. I think they should be restored in ONE piece not 200 condos and sold as a home. What is your opinion?

Administrator answers:

I think the purchaser of the home should do what ever he wants with it.

Many old abandoned textile mills in the south are being renovated and turned into upscale condos. Should an old abandoned mill remain abandoned because no textile company wants to use it as a factory and you should not re-purpose buildings? Of course not. The renovated textile mills in my area – the condos sell on the low side for $300,000. Most average around $500,000 (per unit).

A mansion would be no different. It’s a large building that was originally built as a single family home. However, the building is for sale and no one has put an offer in on it to use as a single family home. Therefore, a purchaser comes in and renovates it and re-purposes the building.

Perhaps it would be better altogether if the mansions that no one wants to buy and maintain as a single family home should just be torn down. Http://,0,7244228.story

The mansion that may have inspired The Great Gatsby was recently bulldozed. It was on the market an no one wanted to buy the 21,000 sq ft home. So it got bulldozed and the property will be subdivided. Would have been a better fate if this grand home could have been re-purposed into condos.

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