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May 12, 2013

Mark asks…

Is there any such organisation that protects artists from exploitations?

I heard all the times how these gifted actors and singers get exploited by people around them. These artists are naive, they do not know the everyday normal lives but just they know how to perform. For instance, according to Michael’s nanny, Michael didn’t know his rent and was paying too high and he thought he signed for 10 show at O2 Arena but not 50. I feel for these artists. Do you?

Administrator answers:

I do not feel for artists. Actors either. Hey it is their job and sometimes we have to do things at work that we really do not want to do. As for Michael though, I think he was a crook anyway so if he was paying too much rent, good for who was getting it. He had enough money.

If they (artists) had any smarts about them though they would have a lawyer look over any contracts to begin with, hey they have the money, and if they don’t then they should sell one of their mansions, or their Mercedes bends, or in michael’s case his circus park. I would not dwell on them too much though, they can take care of themselves. I hope you are doing well. God Bless.

John asks…

what is that movie called where the boy inherits the playboy mansion?

what was that movie called? I wanted to rent it for a party, but I cant find it….help?

Administrator answers:


Nancy asks…

What is the least expensive Hotel in the Philippines?? Or Place to Rent for Vacation?

Going to South Mindando, need a place to rent for vacation. More like a house for rent, or Room with utilities?? Just curious if they anything like this…..

Administrator answers:

If you are bound for Davao City, there are lots of apartelles (fully furnished) for rent. Try Jogue’s Apartelle (url: for a quick look at the amenities.

There’s also White Mansion (url: where most Expats rent out for months.

Hope this helps.


Joseph asks…

How was the problem of housing shortages during World War II resolved?

Rent control and prefab didn’t help much, did they?

Administrator answers:

During the war everything was in short supply including people to occupy the houses, because half of them were serving in the military forces. Rent control allowed more people to demand similar sized housing so its direct effect was not helpful here. The partial solution was the splitting of big mansions into smaller family sized units, where rent control enabled the fractions to work in practice.

But after the war was over, the British government needed houses to be supplied fast and the prefabs were quickly built to temporally satisfy this need. As far as I can tell this solution was successful but not satisfactory due to the poor resulting living conditions.

Laura asks…

I’m going to Ireland in February, any tips or sights off the beaten path I should check out?

I’ll be staying in Dublin but plan to rent a car and venture outside of Dublin a bit as well.

Administrator answers:

Hi there,first of all the weather will be crap in february,just letting u now lol..My advice is to get out of dublin as soon as you can and head over to galway its a lovely chilled out small city with a laid back atmosphere..Most people then head to the south west which is also nice around kerry and cork..But Irelands hidden gem for scenry is Co.Donegal in the NW.Its in the republic of Ireland but is also the most northerly in the whole island.It has the highest sea cliffs in western europe at slieve leauge and has a beautiful 100mile coastal drive around the innishowen basin soaking up the views of the atlantic ocean.Glenveagh national park is also in Donegal,its beautiful.there is an old mansion here bulit beside a lake trapped in by two mountains,there is tours all day of the house and the gardens and everything appears as it did when the house was built in the 1800′s.Search for county Donegal and galway in wikipedia to find out more.So in retrospect,I would tour from dublin down to the south west,then up to Galway and Donegal.Then maybe from Donegal head east to the giants causeway in antrim then back down to Dublin for a night on the town.

Hope you enjoy your trip..

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