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July 6, 2013

Robert asks…

Nice vacation location in Ocean City MD area?

I am looking for a top notch place to vacation with my friends. We want to be surrounded in luxury and money is no object. Do you know an area/specific neighborhood in Ocean City where I could find a mansion to rent or a 5 star hotel suit to stay in for a weekend?
I would prefer a private house with 4 master suites, oceanfront with a heated private pool.

I have no idea what neighborhood is best- meaning most exclusive. This is what I need help with.

Administrator answers:

There is no “exclusive” home neighborhoods in OC. There are streets with nice homes, but OC is very ecclectic. My friends parents have a 2M dollar home that is 2 doors down from essentially a beach shanty. It’s the wonder of OC.

There are many nice homes on Old Landing Dr. – but I don’t know if any are for rent. You will find your nicer homes for rent with the homes that are on the bay, not an inlet, but actually on the bay.

If you are looking for hight-end home to rent you want to look in Delaware. Fenwick Island, DE has many beachfront mansions and some may be for rent. It’s not far from OC. I.e or

The Clarion Fontainbleau Hotel will be one of your nicer hotel/resorts.
Http:// and the Princess Royale and the Coconut Malorie is very 5-starish – but is bayside, not ocean front. Http://

Chris asks…

How much does it cost to live in Phoenix,AZ?

I will be paying rent, gas, food, other payments? is 2000 a month ok to start out?

Administrator answers:

Nice apartment $800 with community pool.
Nice small house $900
Big house $1,400 to rent

To buy
2 bed condo $90,000
3 bed small house $130,000
big house $250,000
Paradise Valley mansion $5Million

Utilities: electric $75 except summer it’s $175
Not much gas
water $20 at apartment $30 at your house
$20 cable for basic $80 for all channels
$19 for phone but it costs $35 with the tax.

William asks…

What is a good movie to watch?

I have a netflix account and Im trying to think of some good movies to rent. The problem is ive seen alot of movie. I really like animated movies but I enjoy movies of all genries.

Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

The Haunted Mansion, Back to the Future trilogy, Twister, and Titanic.

James asks…

How many people think John Edwards is still lying?

He said that the child is not his, but his former campaign official is paying his former mistress $15,000 a month and paying the rent to a mansion in California. Interesting. Oh and don’t bring up McPain, cause I don’t support him either.

Administrator answers:

He probably is lying, but isn’t that what 90% of cheating husbands do anyway? He really is no different, and I’m not surprized

John asks…

I’m a resident in Va can Apartment Complexes legally require proof of income that you make 3 x’s the income?

A friend of mine says that this is illegal in the state of Virginia and referred me to the DHCD and the Fair Housing Act. I however have not found even one thing that has anything to do with whether or not a landlord can refuse to rent to a prospective tenant based on income. I believe that she is misinformed. Are there any lawyers who can help me to better understand the law?

Administrator answers:

Of course a landlord can refuse to rent to someone if their income is not enough to pay the rent. And there is a generally used ratio/formula (like X% of your income) that they use.

Else, the clerk at the gas station would be able to force a landlord to let him rent a mansion, even if he couldn’t afford to wash the floor.

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