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July 23, 2013

David asks…

What would you do if you won 1 billion dollars?

What would you do if you won 1 billion dollars

I would buy a 50 million dollar mansion in Florida , Washington , and Hawaii. I’ll travel the world . Haha so cheesey , but i would seriously. I’d gave 10 million to charity( I’m not a heartless person. )

I know this girl where her family made more than 1 million dollars before .
Her dad was a Surgeon , her mom was a Anesthesiologist , and her brother was a Computer Hardware Engineer. Rich family….. Her family probably makes about 600,000 per a year…. so rich.

Administrator answers:

Well, first I’d pay the income tax that comes along with winning this big sum. Then I’d rent an apartment with a friend in New York City. Then I would pay for college. Then I would pay for voice acting classes and the production of demo tapes. Then I’d buy some clothes. Then I’d give the remainder to charity.

Edit: Dang. Rich people on this page. My family makes less than 14,000 per year.

Maria asks…

What Kind of House Can I Buy in San Francisco?

My girlfriend and I have finally decided to move to San Francisco and get out of Texas. I’d appreciate some advice from those in the SF area.

I’m looking for at least a 3BR/2BA in a nice neighborhood. I know that housing prices are supposedly a little crazy, so I’m willing to spend up to around $400-450K. Here in Dallas, I could be living in a mansion for that kind of money, but I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ll have to settle for a somewhat smaller house in SF.

Can anyone recommend any particular neighborhoods that we should look at? I’ve heard that Nob Hill, Noe Valley and Russian Hill are nice, but I’d appreciate some local insight. Thanks!!!!

Administrator answers:

Well, my friend, I am afraid you are in for a shock. In the neighborhoods you mentioned (Nob Hill, Noe Valley, and Russian Hill), for a 3br/2ba condo (not a house), you’re talking more like $1 Million to start…and then up from there. You could look at condos, but you’re still going to be talking about $800k to start (if you want a relatively “nice” place, like you said). If you’re handy with a hammer and paintbrush, you might find places for less.

Russian Hill is the most expensive (and nicest) neighborhood you listed…it’s a great area (it’s where I rent now), but unaffordable to most people buying. Nob Hill is directly south of Russian Hill, and has some very nice areas at the top of the hill, but it butts up to some not-so-nice nieghborhoods, so overall is a tad less expensive. Noe Valley is a larger neighborhood than both Russian Hill and Nob Hill so there is more to choose from, housing wise…most of which is more affordable than Russian Hill and Nob Hill. But you’re still going to be hard pressed to find a nice 3br/2ba house under $800k…and that place is going to be kind of dumpy.

In the price range you have given, and the neighborhoods you’ve specified, you should be looking at studios…maybe 1br/1ba…and probably not in Russian Hill.

Being from Louisiana, I understand where you are coming from. I have lived in and around San Francisco for 12 years now, and have come to understand that it is a place that most people simply cannot affort to buy a house. Condos are slightly more affordable, but some people think this is not a good condo market with all the high-rises being built in SF, and with the housing market softening. Plus some people just don’t want to live in a condo. But it’s the only option for many of them.

Check out Zillow, and poke around at house prices in the areas you’re interested in:

Good luck.

Jenny asks…

Will Voter ID backfire on the Republicans when they can’t get the dead vote anymore?

The Voter ID inspires many Democrats to work the polls, rent buses, and provide free sandwiches while people vote. People will vote again for the excitement and passion of taking out country back again.

Administrator answers:

We rich people hope the Republicans win so we can keep our tax shelters and tax cuts. We have mansions and Rolls Royce collections and yachts to maintain, we need to keep taxes low so we can buy caviar for our little poodles and pay our servants. Please do vote Republican, we will toast you with champaign on the yacht.

Sharon asks…

what are some cheat codes for animal crossing wild world on ds?

My character is in need of many bells to pay off rent. It may take months or years!!! please help her!!! also…can I have someone’s friend roster number?

Administrator answers:

Golden Axe
Give a Scallop Seashell to Pascal to get the Golden Axe. Note: This requires some trading. Start by purchasing a Red Turnip from Joan. Trade it to Wendel for a Turban or Country Guitar when he appears in town. If Wendel gave you a Turban, trade it to Sahara for a Massage Chair or Red Vase when she comes to town. If Sahara gave you a Massage Chair, trade it to Tortimer on the next holiday to get the Scallop Seashell.

Golden Bug Net
Catch one of each type of bug to get the Golden Bug Net.

Golden Fishing Rod
Catch one of each type of fish to get the Golden Fishing Rod.

Golden Shovel
Bury a regular shovel in the ground. When dug up after 24 hours, it will be a Golden Shovel.

Golden Slingshot
Shoot fifteen items out of the sky and a Golden Slingshot will appear in the sky. Shoot it down to collect it.

Golden Roses
Plant red roses next to one another until black roses appear. Use the Golden Watering Can to water dying black roses and they will appear as golden the next day.

Golden Timer
Get the Golden Axe, Golden Bug Net, Golden Fishing Rod, Golden Shovel, Golden Slingshot, and Golden Watering Can. Then, Tortimer will give you the Golden Timer.

Golden Watering Can
Keep the environment perfect for sixteen consecutive days to get a Golden Watering Can from Pelly or Phyllis.

Museum Model
Donate the most items to the museum by the time it is completed to get a Museum Model.

Successfully complete the indicated tasks to unlock the corresponding paper, which cannot be bought or found:

Academy: Sign up with the HRA. When they send your scores, it will be on the Academy Paper.

Bottle: Buy a bottle and paper from Tom Nook, then write a letter in the bottle and throw it into the ocean. The reply that you get will be on Bottle Paper.

Formal: Win a special event (for example, a tournament). The note accompanying your prize will be on Formal Paper.

Fox: After becoming a Crazy Redd tent member, his weekly password will arrive on Fox Paper.

Insurance: Buy accident insurance from Lyle. After you need to use the insurance, your settlement will arrive with a note written on Insurance Paper.

Nook: Order an item from Tom Nook’s catalogue. Your order will be accompanied with a letter on Nook Paper.

Snowman: Make a snowman, and the gift that it sends you will be accompanied with a note written on Snowman Paper.

Town Hall: Deposit money in your Post Office bank account. The monthly statements are written on Town Hall Paper.

Donation rewards
Donate the indicated amount of Bells to Boondox to get the corresponding reward:

10,000 Bells: Green Feather
200,000 Bells: Blue Feather
500,000 Bells: Yellow Feather
800,000 Bells: Red Feather
1,100,000 Bells: Purple Feather
1,400,000 Bells: White Feather
6,400,000 Bells: Rainbow Feather

Home point rewards
Get the indicated number of HRA points to win the corresponding reward:

One story house model: 70,000 points
Two story house model: 100,000 points
Mansion model: 150,000 points

House upgrades
Pay back the indicated amount of debt to get the corresponding upgrade for your house:

First house expansion: 19,800 Bells
Second house expansion: 120,000 Bells
Upstairs room: 298,000 Bells
Left room: 598,000 Bells
Right room: 728,000 Bells
Back room: 848,000 Bells

Mush furniture
Get acorns at the Acorn Festival, then give Cornimer the indicated number of acorns to get the corresponding Mush furniture piece:

Mush Bed: 170 Acorns
Mush Chair: 40 Acorns
Mush Closet: 80 Acorns
Mush Dresser: 60 Acorns
Mush End Table: 10 Acorns
Mush Lamp: 25 Acorns
Mush Stand: 100 Acorns
Mush Stool: 5 Acorns
Mush Table: 120 Acorns
Mush TV: 140 Acorns

Saving rewards
Save the indicated amount of Bells at the Post Office to get the corresponding reward:

Box of Tissues: 1,000,000 Bells
Pelly’s Picture: 100,000,000 Bells
Phyllis’ Picture: 500,000,000 Bells
Piggy Bank: 10,000,000 Bells
Town Hall Model: 999,999,999 Bells

Animal Crossing Island (Japanese version)
Connect to the houses of four friends and give Tom Nook 50 fossils. You will get a whistle that calls Kapp’n; he will take you to Animal Crossing Island. -From: ellichan

Mr. Resetti’s home
Restart the game at least two times to have Mr. Resstti appear. Then, use a shovel to hit all the rocks until one cracks. Hit that rock again, then enter the hole that appears to find Mr. Resetti’s home.

Tom Nook’s home
Go to the back of Tom Nook’s shop between 12:00 and 2:00 p.m. Use a shovel to hit the back wall three times, then hit the front entrance once to be able to enter and see Tom Nook in pajamas with a teddy bear.

Tom Nook’s store progression
The following are the expansions for Tom Nook’s store and how to obtain them:

Nook’s Cranny: Available at start.

Nook ‘n Go: Buy 25,000 Bells worth of merchandise.

Nookway: Buy 65,000 Bells worth of merchandise.

Nookingtons: Buy 240,

William asks…

Three nights in New Orleans will I need a rental car?

My wife and I were going to spend New Years in New Orleans. Will we need to rent a car or can we get around by foot? We are in our late 20′s and dont mind walking.

Administrator answers:

No. You do not need a car. Parking is a pain in the as$ in the quarter and Taxis are cheap. The best taxi company in New Orleans is United there number is 504-522-9771. Also, if you want to go uptown you can also take the streetcar. You can walk anywhere in the quarter on foot. Either take airport shuttle to your hotel or call united when you land or go to the cab stand. Airport shuttle you can purchase a round trip to and from the airport.

Have Fun!

My favs:
The best po boy sandwich is Domilise’s a little family owned place outside of the quarter and is cash only.This is a best kept secret.

My favorite drinks is the Planters Punch at Pat O’s, Pimms Cup at the Napolean House, and bloody mary at the avenue pub uptown.

Check out what festivals are happening.


Attractions: Jackson Square, St Louis Cathedral, Cafe Du Monde, Steamboat Natchez Riverboat Cruise(don’t eat there the food is terrible),Moonwalk on the Mississippi, Audubon Zoo, Aquarium, Zoo/Aquarium Cruise, Imax, Audubon Insectarium, Royal St. Antiques, Magazine Street Shopping and Julia St Art Galleries, Check out the Architecture in the Garden District, Airboat Swamp tour, Mardi Gras World, Ride the Streetcar, New Orleans School of Cooking, Carriage Ride, City Park has rides for the kids, Preservation Hall in Quarter serves no alcohol and is no smoking so it a jazz hall for all ages it is great for everyone to enjoy.

Plantations-Oak Alley, Madewood Plantation, Nottoway Plantation, Beauregard House at Chalmette Battlefield, Destrehan & Ormond Plantations

Museum-Historic New Orleans Collection, Ogden, Dday, the cabildo, Pharmacy, Confederate Museum, US Mint, Conti Wax Museum, Historic New Orleans Collection, Childrens Museum

Haunted Places-Le Petit Theater, The Pontalba, Pirates Alley, The Lalaurie House, Lanaux Mansion, St. Louis Cathedral, Lafittes Blacksmith shop, The Pharmacy.Go see the ghost table at muriels, LaLaurie House, St. Louis Cemetery Number 1, Columns Hotel, Place de Armes Hotel, Yo mamas bar and grill, Pat O’s, O’Flaherty’s Irish Channel Pub, Octoroon’s House – 734 Royal Street, Hotel Monteleone, Brennans, Le Pavilion Hotel, Arnaud’s Restaurant, Canal Street at City Park Avenue, Cafe Lafite in Exile, The Sultans Palace, Gardette-LePrete Haunted House, The Beauregard-Keyes House, Marie Laveau’s House at 1020 St. Ann Street, The Creole Lady of Faubourg-Marigny at 734 Royal St, Lafayette Cemetery No. 1 and 2

Jaquimos( Best Alligator Cheesecake and blackened red fish),Rio Mar, Commanders Palace(MY FAV), Muriels(Turtle Soup, Goat Cheese Crepes, and Pecan crusted drum), Coffee Pot (FAVORITE RED BEANS and breakfast), Upperline( TURTLE SOUP and FISH PIQUANTE USA todays best dish), Lilette, Irenes, Galatoise- (Very famous and very good), Dick and Jennys-(EVERYTHING IS GREAT!), Napolean House( Great. LUNCH SPOT), One on Hampson( BEST DUCK GUMBO),
Brennans( BRUNCH), Crepe Nanou,( Love their crepes and grilled AMBERJACK), Tommys Restaurant, Brigtsens ( Everything is AWESOME), Yo Mamas Bar and Grill- Best Hamburgers and Boil Crawfish during the season), Palace Cafe( PECAN CRUSTED FISH AND BLUE CRAB LEGS),
Domileses(awesome poboys), Cochon( BEst cochon du lait), Favorite coffee- Cafe du monde

Drink in the Quarter! Pat O’s, Lafittes Blacksmith shop, Absinthe House, Carousel Bar at the Monteleone hotel, bombay club
favorite FQ BAR- Lafittes and Pat o’s,
Goldmine- place to dance in the quarter

Bars not in the quarter- Victorian Lounge at the Columns, Bridge Lounge, Delachaise, fat harrys, Bull Dog, Balcony bar, rendezvous, Lucys retired surfers bar(warehouse district)… After 1am bars, F and M’s and grits(more of college and upper 20′s crowd), St. Joes.

Frenchman street has a lot of music clubs!!(snug Harbour, DBA, Spotted Cat)
Tipitinas has cajun dancing every sunday night as long as there is no special events going on
Maple Leaf Bar- Rebirth plays every Tuesday night and it right next door to the local favorite restaurant jaquimos!!!!Great music plays here! Http://
Le bon temps rouler- Soul rebels every Thursday
Rock n Bowl-…
House of Blues-…
Vaughns- Kermit Ruffins plays here a lot.
Howlin Wolf-
Preservation Hall- Serves no Alcohol so all ages are allowed to go in.

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