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August 6, 2013

Robert asks…

How to throw a warehouse party in los angels ?

i want to throw a party for my friends birthday .
i need a place more like a warehouse or a mansion just a big place.
I wondering where i can rent a warehouse for a party and what do i have to do to make it legit.
and any other information would be really helpful.

thank you.

Administrator answers:

Find a warehouse
Ask permission to use it or pay to rent it.
Invite friends

Sharon asks…

I am looking for ideas for a wedding reception – no hotel or typical banquet style halls. Any suggestions?

I am near Chicago, IL. Maybe a large mansion? A big house with big yard? Any other suggestions? I am trying to save a bit of money and give my family a different experience. Probably 50-100 ppl.


Administrator answers:

There are really great museums and the Botanic Gardens are gorgeous….unfortunately, none of those would be budget-friendly options. Even the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum (a really small museum on the north side) is $4,000 just to rent the space. Don’t even get me started on the Field or the Shedd.

Anyway, I would check out the mansion idea. Otherwise, you can check out boat cruises.

As for mansions, there are lots. And they are GORGEOUS. Check out college campuses too (Lake Forest College, Northwestern, etc).

This looks like a pretty spiffy mansion. Http://
Not exactly budget-friendly either….but given your small size, the costs might not be so high. The thing about some places is that they charge exhorbitant rental fees — so even if you are only having 10 people you still get charged thousands of dollars. The nice thing about places that charge you what seems like a lot for meals is that you save a lot if you’re willing to have a smaller number of guests. So if you have a limited guest list, a place with high food costs can be a much better deal than a place with high rental costs.

Linda asks…

How can i find a swimming pool to rent for a private event in UK, preferably around London?

Whether it be within a mansion or a social club.

Administrator answers:

London: There are 3 pools at the Crystal Palace sports centre. Some years ago you could rent the training pool or lanes by the hour. Not sure if you still can, but after losing the Grand Prix, they probably need the money.

Charles asks…

Where can i rent a warehouse/Mansion in the inland empire CA?

I need a Warehouse Around the Inland Empire. Where I can bring my own drinks. and with no security. if its a mansion and I could rent over night even better!

Administrator answers:

The warehouse idea is illegal.

You may be able to rent a mansion, if you have the money for the deposit and rent. However, only the people on the rental agreement can be on the property, you can’t throw a party or anything stupid like that.

Paul asks…

Does anyone know of a barn or house to rent in South East Surrey for wedding parties?

Trying to Steer clear of big hotels,mansions etc, happy for gardens where can set up marquee or any further away locations for possilbly long weekend wedding, just need help!!

Administrator answers:

Here are several barns in the surry area which are licensed for weddings. I wasn’t clear on whether you needed a place to also hold the ceremony, so i included only places which are licensed to have wedding ceremonies and receptions.

The gate street barn….contact at

the barn at bury court….contact at

coltsford mill barn….contact at

the kings arms barn….contact at

oaks farm… at

there is also coverwood lakes where you can set up a marquee, theirs or your own. But i was unable to discover whether or not this property is licensed to hold civil ceremonies there. You can check them out at

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