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August 20, 2013

Donald asks…

What would you do with a 10 million dollars?

I mean literally there is only so much you can buy. I guess the most expensive thing you could buy would be mansions. So I’m thinking I would just buy a lot of real estate and let my family live there.

What do you think?

Administrator answers:

Sink the money in the bank and give yourself time to think.

Get an attorney – get a CPA.

Pay off ALL bills.

DON’T buy a lot of real estate!!! Real estate has bottomed out. Just look around your city at all of the houses for sale and/or being forclosed on. Just buy enough real estate for your living needs (OK, for your family too – but, buy just enough. And make your family pay you “rent” – even if it is just $100 a month. Otherwise they will take your real estate for granted and trash it.)

Then you want to invest in getting THE best education you can afford. Even if it just a degree in business/finances – you need to learn how to correctly handle that amount of money.

Go to a financial advisor (ask the attorney/CPA for names). Invest the money in ways that it will make MORE money for you.

Be smart.

And careful.

Lisa asks…

How is there still so many wealthy people, despite the state of the economy?

I keep hearing about all these home foreclosures, retail stores going bankrupt and closing(Circuit City, Learning Express, M.Moss,etc) unemployment rates going up and stocks going down.

Despite all this, I still know people living in mansions, vacationing in the Caribbean and eating out at nice restaurants almost daily. How are they still able to live this way with such a bad economic ‘recession’?

Administrator answers:

First, define wealth. True wealth is unspent income. If I earn a dollar today but save 50 cents of it — I can spend 50 cents tomorrow too without earning anything tomorrow.

In contrast, fake wealth is the appearance of true wealth by doing the opposite. If I earn a dollar today and spend $1.50 to rent a fancy car, I must earn at least a $1.00 tomorrow or I will be poorer tomorrow than I am today (50 cents to pay my “regular expenses” plus 50 cents to pay for the money I borrowed today to “live large.”

While it is true that 10% unemployment = 90% employment, it is also true that people (like me) who do not have a mortgage are far less worried about foreclosures and unemployment than people who have big bills to pay.

When you don’t borrow money (you pay cash for everything “big”) and never spend everything you earn, you will eventually get to a place where you are or are nearly cash flow positive: your assets generate the income necessary to support your lifestyle without regular income from a traditional source (a job).

That is the definition of true wealth.

Sandra asks…

Where is a good place to have a halloween wedding reception in canton or masillon ohio?

I am geting married on Oct 31, 2009 and I would really like to have the reception in a old mansion or barn. I am having trouble finding a place near massillon or canton ohio. I already have the ceremony site and it would also be the perfect place for the reception, but they do not allow alcohol there. Please help.

Administrator answers:

Advil Mansion on 3rd and IB Drive beautiful area and very mysterious. You will be able to rent it out for very cheap, I had a halloween party there last year!

Richard asks…

What is the best area in Los Angeles for middle and high schools? Would Chino Hills be better?

Looking to rent a nice home in a safe area with EXCELLENT schools.

Administrator answers:

Where are the best public schools in LA County –

Whitney High School – Cerritos = #6 in the country
California Math & Science Academy = on the Cal State Dominguez Hills Campus; operated by Long Beach Unified
Palos Verdes Peninsula High School = Palos Verdes
Marc & Eva Stern Math and Science School = on the Cal State Los Angeles Campus
Gertz-Ressler High School = Los Angeles
Cerritos High School – Cerritos
La Canada High School – La Canada
San Marino High School – San Marino
Dr. Olga Mohan High School – Los Angeles
Malibu High School – Malibu
Pales Verdes High School – Palos Verdes

This is based of of the US News and World Report annual high school rankings. Some academies and specialty schools were not included.

From this I would move to Cerritos – it’s affordable, safe, and has great schools

Chino Hills – affordable, you can get your mini-mansion, it’s almost in the middle of nowhere, schools are good, but not top schools, and if you like living in a cookie cutter world with no uniqueness, it’s a good option.

William asks…

Would you rather have a bedsit in london or a mansion in Northumberland?

All for the same rental price, I mean its a no brainer really isn’t it?
Corny – you’d be close to Newcastle, the world’s centre of night life. albeit a bit rough like.

Administrator answers:

If you twisted my arm, I’d take the Nothumbrian mansion, so long as it was in a nice bit, like around Berwick-upon-Tweed, or Bamburgh. There’s magic, hidden, places out near the border too.

I wouldn’t live in London. Full stop. End of story.

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