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November 8, 2012

Donna asks…

renting mansions in palos verdes or near?

is it possible,near or in palos verdes, to rent mansions with a pool, jacuzzi, game room including foosball and ping pong, and also a firepit for one night?

Administrator answers:

No. If you are going to rent something like that, they generally want you to rent by the week or the month. Mansions like that would be vacation rentals. One night rentals just don’t pay. If you do get one, it will be close to the weekly rate anyway. (figure $3000+)

Sharon asks…

Does anyone know of any mansions available in Florida to rent for a wedding reception?

Hopefully a mansion in the west coast, oceanfront, and for 75 to 100 guest.

Administrator answers:


Make sure you do the advanced search… It is so detailed!

Good luck and have fun!

Helen asks…

I am searching for a mansion to rent on the West Coast of Florida? Anyone have any suggestions?

Its for a wedding about 100 people.
Its for a wedding arourd 100 guests.

Administrator answers:

Look into the Henry B Planet Musuem. It is an old hotel that is used for school and weddings now.

Paul asks…

I am looking for a mansion to rent for a wedding in Montreal or Canada?

anyone know of any?or have any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

I forgotten their names, but there’s a good one in North York or Thornhill – it’s owned by the community, was built by a family who owned a piano company. I attended a wedding there years ago. The bride used the bedrooms upstairs to get dressed. Then came down the staircase and into the panelled dining room for the service. The receiving line was in the hall. A bar was set up in the conservatory and dinner was in the living room.

In Montreal there is a private club – the Shagunay (sp?) or something like that. It has several rooms available, so you could probably have a service in one and dinner in another. It’s very elegant.

Sorry, I can’t be more specific on names.

Sandy asks…

Does anyone know of a mansion for rent in western suburbs (Aurora, Naperville area) for a wedding?

Ideally looking for mansion with ballroom and possibly a room that could be used as a chapel. (Illinois)

Administrator answers:

In Joliet there is the Patrick Haley Mansion at 17 S. Center St. Phone 815.726.6800

Web site,

It is an old Victorian Mansion that has 3 floors, as well as a large dining area.

When we used it for our daughter’s wedding 6 years ago the dining area was a very, very large, sturdy tent on one side of the mansion. You walked from inside the mansion into the tented area. Circus Surleigh ( sp?) type of tent.

I understand now it is more of a permanent structure part of the mansion. The wedding was in March and we had no problems with weather, it was a cool day. The people there were very good.

It is a wonderful place, my daughter said her vows on the 2nd floor, had a live jazz band on the main, and we ate a wonderful meal in the dining area.

Check it out as I have heard it has gotten even better since we were there 6 years ago. Everyone loved the place.

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