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Your Questions About Mansions For Rent

January 9, 2013

George asks…

How do I rent a mansion in Los Angeles for a weekend?

I’m looking to rent a mansion or house short-term for some upcoming visits in Los Angeles. My stays will vary from single days, weekends up to a week. Where can I get help with renting a mansion in LA?
Thankful for suggetions,


Administrator answers:

Hey, I think that u should contact a concierge company in LA. My friend got a huge house with pool and everything in Hollywood hills just for a week, he used the company luca&luca and he said that he had an amazing experience.
U should contact them or any other concierge companies in LA, I’m sure u will find what u need.


Betty asks…

Looking to rent mansion or large home, in Lakeland, Florida, for a wedding.?

preferably not in the middle of a neighborhood or that looks like farm.

Administrator answers:

Have you tried ?

Nancy asks…

I want to rent a mansion in Rhode Island during Christmas?

IT’s a bunch of us (about 20 people, 6-9 families) and we want to rent a house for a short weekend since we don’t celebrate Christmas. Anyone know any good websites?

Administrator answers:

I would go online to the town or towns where you are interested in going to. You will find vacation rental specialties companies and or a real estate company that deals with these sort of houses.
Enjoy all your time together!

Sharon asks…

How much is it to rent a Mansion/venue and where can I find it?

I live in Atlanta and I need to find a mansion/venue to throw a party for one day. What can I do? Any suggestions or consultants that can help me?

Administrator answers:

You have a couple options. The first and easiest is to work with a party planner. They will know of mansions and venues that fit what you need. They can also arrange catering, valet, group rates at hotels, taxis for guests, etc.

If you go on your own, then a company like may have something listed. But, you will probably have a 3 day minimum; one day for set up and load in, one day for the party, and one day for cleanup/load out.

Laura asks…

I am looking for someone who rents Mansions with 15-20 bedrooms n about 10 baths in Houston Tx or surr area?

Want to rent mansion with
15-20 bedrooms, 10 baths, big back yard, pool, lots of space for group gathering

Administrator answers:

Post your question in the classified ads of those local papers, craigslist is also great

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