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February 4, 2013

Jenny asks…

Are you able to rent a mansion in the future?

im talking about in 50-60 years later? im not asking about now.. i know u can rent them now even for a holiday.. im asking if you are able to rent it in 50-60 years

Administrator answers:

If course you will be able to rent a mansion in 50-60 years, as long as there are mansions around. The real question is, will you have the money to rent one. They are more than $99/month. Also, why wait 60 years? You will be all shriveled up and won’t be able to walk up the stairs.

Charles asks…

How to rent a Mansion for a day/party?

I’m trying to have a party for my birthday, I want to rent a mansion or a big house for a party
I’m tired of using lame clubs for a certain amount of time
I live in Richmond, VA, dont want a place too far from it
How do i do it?

Administrator answers:

It will be very difficult and very expensive to do this. You will need to get a short term Insurance policy to cover the house and event. You will have to deposit a large cash bond and then the rent itself will be high. If you want to do some research, I suggest you contact a local commercial Realtor and see if they know of this type rental in your area or if they can refer you to someone that might.

Ken asks…

I am looking for a mansion to rent for a wedding in ontario?

Administrator answers:

Casa Loma would be beautiful -

Steven asks…

I want to rent a mansion for a couple of hours to have a pool have any ideas?

I live in maryland

Administrator answers:

Call a real estate office that does property management .


Mark asks…

What is the average rent to expect in different areas of Chennai?

I will have to rent out a flat/PG accommodation in Chennai after a month or so. I would like to know what to expect in terms of rent in different areas. Also are there any good quality PG/accommodation in Chennai with all basic amenities?

Administrator answers:

Renting flat would required 10 Months of Advance , maintenance as applicable , electricity, water charges as applicable.

Certain house owners may not give single accommodation. Certain pockets like w.Mambalam only vegetarians are preferred.

Average rent single bedroom flat [unfurnished] can cost from Rs.5000/- to Rs.10,000/- PG with decent basic amenities would cost around Rs :3000/- on sharing basis.

There are several mansions for bachelor accommodation .. Rent ranging 1000/- – 2000/- for sharing basis.(common or attached bath) . Triplicane, Mambalam, T.nagar, you find most mansions.

Remember saw a add few years back from Hotel Ganpath at Nungambakkam,CH-34 has A/C single room accommodation on monthly basis around Rs.4000/- not sure on current rent details.

You may find contacts in classified from , , The Hindu (News paper- sunday edition), Freeads

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