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April 16, 2013

Mandy asks…

How much does it cost to rent the ballroom for a reception at the Patrick Haley mansion?

To have a wedding reception at the Patrick Haley mansion how much will it cost to rent the room out? I checked on their website but it doesn’t say. Also, do they offer dessert packages for receptions or just dinner and beverages?

Administrator answers:

Call them & make an appointment with an event coordinator.

Ruth asks…

How much money does it takes to live well for a couple with 3 children in LA nowadays?

Hypothetically speaking, they are getting married and the children are newborns. I want to know the estimate amount of dollars (US) they need during their lifetime. In this case, living REALLY well and having the advantage of doing whatever they want to do, buying whatever they like (mansions, cars), traveling whenever they want, doing charities, etc. Please don’t exaggerate and make your point with facts.
Yeah well, no WHATEVER, I mean doing normal things with common sense.

So it will be around $30M for a lifetime, no?

Administrator answers:

A house costs at least $400,000 to buy? Rent would be at least $1500? What state is that?

You don’t need $30M to live will.

At $2MM with 5% interest that is $100,000 year income.
At $4MM with 5% interest that is $200,000 year income.

A house in LA (who wants to live in LA?) would run $2-5MM+ if you want a luxury home. A “regular” old home may run $650-775K+

I would go w/ private Education which could run $12-15K year per kid when they hit elementary school if they live in a good area.

I can go into great further detail but this is what i do for a living. This would be a starting place.

Susan asks…

Are there mansions for rent in new jersey?

Im looking for a really big place to fit about 1500 people..Are there any places that are big like that or any mansion houses. That would rent out for the weekend

Administrator answers:

Yes New Jesery is the best place for living on the high end.


David asks…

How do I work out what income is needed for renting a property of £825 pcm?

Can anyone explain what approx income credit reference agencies would be looking for this amount of rent?

Administrator answers:

It depends on the agency I think rather than the credit rators. It’s a percentage but I can’t remember what it was when we moved, sorry. Best thing you can do is go to the agency who has the propery you want and ask then what they require. If your living on your own or paying all the rent then on that high a rent it’s going to be a lot. I hope the place is a mansion for that price lol

Nancy asks…

How much salary does it take for a couple to live a decent life (not posh) in San Franciso, California?

I’m talking about rent for a one bedroom house, car, food expenses, misc expenses etc.

Is $20,000 enough to lead a decent life in SF?

Administrator answers:

San Francisco is the second most expensive major city in America (after New York City).

Forget about renting a whole house on your own. We’re talking several thousand dollars a month. And it’ll almost always require several families under the same roof. Besides, unless you’re a multi-millionaire living in a Pacific Heights mansion, houses in San Francisco are more like European-style townhomes anyway. You won’t have a front yard, and you will share walls with your neighbors.

An apartment is the more likely route. Full sized one-bedroom apartments tend to start at $1,500 (with junior suites slightly less at $1,200).

But even that is 3/4th or more of your proposed salary. So, I’d say you need to find a better job.

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