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September 21, 2012

Susan asks…

Are there mansions for rent in new jersey?

Im looking for a really big place to fit about 1500 people..Are there any places that are big like that or any mansion houses. That would rent out for the weekend..

Administrator answers:

No but try Bear Mountain Inn
or a Banquet hall. NO one will rent their home out to anyone for a weekend

Chris asks…

where can i find mansions for rent in NYC for parties or weddings?

Administrator answers:

There are mansions in Victorian Brooklyn areas (old Midwood, ditmas park, etc) and a Craigslist ad MIGHT get you somewhere, but they’re really just residential. Plus, they’re kind of out of the way.

Sharon asks…

Mansions for Rent in Maryland?

I’m planning a party and would like to rent a mansion with guest rooms in Maryland for a weekend. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good location?

Administrator answers:

If you like snow sports try Deep Creek Lake. There are a ton of huge houses there on the lake that people rent out. I don’t know how much they go for, but it’s a beautiful location about 3 hours west of Baltimore.

Sandy asks…

Does anyone know of any mansions/houses to rent for a wedding in new hampshire?

Does anyone know of a good mansion/large house/vacation rental to hold a wedding reception in New Hampshire? I’ve tried to search for some places online but there are just too many options! I’d like to find a place where we could set up a tent in the backyard for the reception and have a pretty casual event. I’ve even looked at some orchard places, but google just gives me too many choices. Any help would be great!

Administrator answers:

Alysons Orchard in Walpole, NH is very pretty. I’ve been to a wedding there that was gorgeous. Great views, great location :)


James asks…

we want rent mansions in atlanta for wedding.?

anyone know a web site or how they do it

Administrator answers:


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