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Your Questions About Mansions For Sale

June 8, 2013

Laura asks…

playboy mansion for sale? zillow..?

go to and search this address to the playboy manison, 10236 Charing Cross Rd. Beverly Hills, CA 90024

how come it says that it is for sale for $79,000?
yes i know that it can’t possibly sell for 79k, i live nearby. but if you click on the house, it says that the house has an agent and that she is selling it. is this a glitch?
it also says that this “HOUSE” is for sale. not garden shed or anything. i dunt think its a garden shed or porta potyy since it is 79k and it also has an agent selling it.

Administrator answers:

Make an offer!!!

Ruth asks…

Mccain’s Mansion for Sale?

Just recently announced one of 7 of John Mccain’s family homes is for sale.. who is interested in buying this home.. It’s a 13 room mansion. The house is appraised at $12 million..

How many Republicans and Mccain supporters on Y/A are ready to make an offer!
Openbook- where is your source of info?

Administrator answers:

Noooooooooooo he cant sell a house in this economy……..McCain doesnt get it

Steven asks…

Is Britney Spears mansion for sale ?

is britney spears beverly hills mulholland mansion for sale again? i really like that house and i want it, and fortanutely i can afford it, so id like to know.

here’s the house:

Administrator answers:

I guess so and I love it wish I could ahve it what about you

Sandy asks…

Does anyone know where to find a Disney Haunted Mansion Secret Panel Chest for sale?

I have been looking for one for quite a while now with no luck, they where made in the 60′s and 70′s as Disneyland and Disney World souvenirs if it helps.

Administrator answers:


Daniel asks…

Can someone translate my weird dream?

I was looking at a huge mansion for sale and wanted to buy it. It was next to the beach, it was perfect, but then my sister came along and said she bought it. Then I said “But I wanted to, so my kids can play football”


Administrator answers:

You definitely want the nicer things in life, and this comes out in the dream. But what also comes out in the dream is that your sister will take what you want, and perhaps this is symbolic of your relationship with her. Perhaps she took the spotlight, attention, credit for your good deeds, etc…

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