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Your Questions About Mansions For Sale

July 11, 2013

John asks…

What recent Dr Phil episode talked about a Murder Mansion?

My co-worker was talking about an episode where a mansion was for sale and had been rebuilt and everything, but no one would buy it. Does anyone know which episode this was, or more importantly, what murder it was? Thank you

Administrator answers:

Check Dr. Phil’s homepage. It might be listed on there.

James asks…

Was Real Estate difficult for most Americans during the great depression 1930 to 1940′s?

I was randomly looking at real estate in Illinois area. I noticed that there was a few 1920′s mansions / farm houses for sale recently.

Then as you look at more there aren’t many homes built until 1950′s. Right after world war 2 was over.
The town of Winnetka IL has some luxurious homes. Just google or look up their real estate online.

They are almost like the mansions you see in Rhode Island.

Administrator answers:

Construction came to a standstill from 1930-1945, all over the country.

During the roaring 20′s many large homes were built everywhere, as a result of economic expansion.

Chris asks…

Where to find 20s to 40s era homes for sale?

I find it extremely difficult to locate those charismatic homes for sale that were built between 1920 and 1950. I see them in neighborhoods, but specifically finding them for sale in any given place is really hard. Does anyone know of a web site that targets these homes? or a great way to search? typing “tudor” usually brings up “tudor revival” mansions, not the cute quaint original tudor homes. Thanks for your help!

Administrator answers:

Real Estate is a LOCAL business. Call a Realtor in your area and explain what you are searching for. They can search through MLS to find homes that may match your criteria. The Realtor can also link to you with emails all new listings that match your criteria.

Best wishes and good luck.

Robert asks…

How come some mansions have more bathrooms than bedrooms?

Just something I noticed when I see these celebrities put their million dollar homes up for sale and was always curious why that was…

Administrator answers:

Sometimes they throw big parties, and its always handy to have an extra bathroom in case a guest may be taking too long on one, or has flooded the toliet.. Ect. Keeps the party running smoothly.

Paul asks…

How much does a two bedroom mansion cost in Tokyo?

Approximately, how much is a two bedroom mansion(?????) in Tokyo for sale?

I know the prices can vary a lot depending on the neighborhoods. I would like to avoid the most expensive areas such as Meguro or Shinjuku. But I would like to live by Yamanote-line.
I’m not looking for any fancy, newest mansions, but nothing old, slum-like either.

What would be the price range for my criteria?

Administrator answers:

At least, 30,000,000 yen, I guess.
It depends on the nearest station, distance from the station, age of that building and so on.
Anyway I recommends you to decide the station, not the line.

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