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May 23, 2013

Sandra asks…

i just got an xbox….?

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Administrator answers:

John asks…

H.P. Lovecraft movies?

I’ve seen quite a few, but sadly he’s over-looked in this day and age. It’d be great to see a grand, epic film adaptation of some of his material. It seems his stories are only done in B-movie fashion. Is there anything up and coming I may not know about? I’d love to see Spielberg tackle “At The Mountains Of Madness

So far, I’ve seen Unnamable, Dunwich Horror, Dagon, Re-Animator (my least favorite), Cthtulu Mansion….

Administrator answers:

…have you seen these???

“From Beyond”
“Beyond the Wall of Sleep”
“Die, Monster, Die”
“The Haunted Palace”
“Lurking Fear”
“Castle Freak”
“The Curse”
“The Resurrected”

Susan asks…

Can someone translate my dream, please?

Okay, i had this dream today a bit earlier, and out of lightness i’m going to post the details here and see what people can get from it.

The dream starts outside a mansion, with dark clouds billowing overhead – there are people entering the mansion and there seems to be something going on inside.

I move into the mansion, and a butler greets me, pointing me in the direction of a reception – the interior of the building is a bidilapidateded, but still retains a cozy atmosphere regardless. I move into the reception and take a closer look at the guests. Some of them are sitting and enjoying drinks, others are walking about looking apieceses of art on the wall. There is No Clear Reason why all these people are congregating in this place, so i assume that i must’ve ended up in some murder mystery writer’s idea of a story.

Growing bored of watching the other guests, i moved back into the main hall and talked to the butler about the history of the house, he tells me it is 18th century and that the surrounding countryside complements the atmosphere the mansion generates – i look out the window, and see empty fields and pastures, which have been poorly cared for. In the distance is a keep, and the butler tells me it had been there since long before the mansion was built. The ocean is also visible from this vantage point. At this point i ask to go outside, and the butler shows me the way to the conservatory. Stepping outside, i take deep breaths of clear, fresh air and look up at the clouds, thinking to myself that something is certainly odd about this environment.

After a few moments, i go back inside and discover more guests are arriving, and slowly the reception room is filling up. I ask the butler how many people he is expecting to be receiving tonight, and he tells me it is a public affair, where any can come to.

Satisfied, i head back outside to where i can see the fields and the ocean, and suddenly the scenery has become hellish to say the least – the fields are drying up to the point of which no plant could possibly grow, and there are strange, dark figures moving around in the fields. From my vantage point they look like Ghosts, but with black fog inside of them instead of the typical whiteness seen in films. Shocked by this, i turn and discover one of the shapes has actually crept up to the mansion, and reaches out to me. Terrified, i run back inside the house, and notice that some sort of battle is now taking place between the guests and the ghosts – the butler is nowhere to be seen.

At some point, i must have fled from the main entrance, because the dream fades away at this point, but – and this is the strange bit – i see MYSELF enter back into the building, except with decay eating into my cheeks and jaw. There is a firey light in my eyes.

I, or at least – the disembodied I, walk around the mansion, discovering that all the other guests are in a similar condition, with literally dozens of people having become what could only be called zombies. The Butler is still hiding somewhere, but a new person has arrived. He stands among the zombies (Zombie-Me included) and looks at me directly, saying that there are three places where the ghosts are coming from – all of which are underwater, one near the chinese mainland, one off the coast of wales, and one in the gulf of mexico.

He tells me next that he possesses two objects which he calls “The Dogs of Hell” with which he can both see the dead, and raise them.

At this point, i wake up, slightly unnerved by the strange-ness of the dream.

Can you, the denizens of yahoo answers, put method to my madness?
I asked for method, not madness.
Thanks for pointing out the similarities, but still no light has been shed on how this dream came to be.

Unless, of course, you’re suggesting i have the mind of a writer.

Administrator answers:

As you said “The dogs of hell”. In a weird way I also have had a dream where the ghost of my father is black. I also have the mind of a writer. Fromy my point of view I think that Satan (Is that his name?) is trying to communicate with you. This isnt a pleasant dream and may be triggered by the underworld communicating with life or one of your dead family members or ancestor whom have gone to hell signaling you to save them. I say shake it off, best you forget it, communication with even your ancestors who are in the underworld is a very risky task.

Richard asks…

The Case of the Forgotten Diary?

The case had been closed for almost one hundred years. William Pritchett and his sister Olivia, had died of a strange ailment. Their arms and legs shook violently, they had severe abdominal cramps and fever. On her deathbed Olivia accused Holly, the maid, of poisoning her and her brother. Holly told a different tale; of William and Olivia’s descent into madness and her efforts to cure them through herbs and vitamins. Holly was put on trial and convicted. When she died in jail of a similar sickness, it was assumed Holly had poisoned herself through carelessness and the case was closed.
Now, it was opened again as the relatives of those long dead battled in a civil suit. Holly’s great nephew, was suing the wealthy Pritchett family, for the pain and humiliation his family had endured. He claimed William had gone mad and poisoned both Olivia and Holly. Forensic Psychologist Stella Mavis had been called in to determine the sanity of people who lived and died before she was born. Finding little information in the ancient file, Dr. Mavis traveled to the Pritchett mansion to look over some old belongings, stored in an attic.
When she pulled up, Detective Davis was already there, talking to Maya Pritchett, daughter of William’s cousin.
Maya greeted Dr. Mavis, then showed them to the musty attic. “Most of this is William’s.” said Maya. “This was his workshop. Some woodworking but he mostly made those.” She pointed to a large stack of moldy fur hats on a trunk. “It was his hobby, but he didn’t feel it was a proper hobby for a high class gentlemen, so he worked on them up here. Underneath them is a trunk of Olivia’s.” Maya disappeared down the stairs, eager to get out of the stale air.
Detective Davis began looking through boxes of William’s clothes. Dr. Mavis moved the furs away and looked through Olivia’s trunk. Wrapped in a scarf on the bottom was a little diary. Dr. Mavis leaned against the pile of hats and read:
January 4th: I have been shopping in town and helping William, it’s been so much fun to help make the hats! I don’t like Holly. When she serves our tea, I am always helping William in the workshop, and she glares at me. She’s just jealous of me.
May 18th: Today I was in the garden and I saw Holly’s face change into a spider! Holly hates me, and I think the spider means she is going to hurt me. My tea tastes bitter, and Holly said it was medicine, but I don’t believe her. I can see things for what they really are now and I think William can see them too.
September 20th: I am so tired of the medicine in my tea. I always feel sick after I drink it. Holly says I must stay away from William. She has turned on him and says he’s dangerous! This must have been what the rainbow I saw yesterday meant when it said she would betray us…
December 12th: I ache and I have no control of my legs. But it’s ok! I can fly! So can William, he says the unicorns told him we need to leave this place. I am so excited!
Dr. Mavis couldn’t make out any more, but she didn’t need to. “Davis,” she said, “Let’s go. I know what happened.”

What happened to Olivia, William and Holly?

Administrator answers:

Dr. Mavis first had her suspicions after seeing the workshop and pile of hats, and Olivia’s description of her hallucinations made it clear. In the time that William Pritchett lived, mercury was used in the process of hat making. William, Holly and Olivia died of mercury poisoning from prolonged exposure in the attic workshop. The symptoms include shaking, cramps, fever and hallucination. Mercury poisoning was common among professional hat makers, which is where the phrase “mad as a hatter” comes from.

Mandy asks…

Weird Dream? (Involves Cannibalism)?

I am sorry that this dream is so long.

It is around 1760~1780, Europe. I have no idea what was going on, but there are a bunch of children in a bush maze. The maze is behind a big mansion and the bushes are only up to our knees. It was also snowy, and the atmosphere covered the floor with ice, which made it slippery for us to walk on. A girl, who I assume is my friend, was running and sliding on the walking pavements of the maze. She did it bare foot and she told me to take off my shoes while sliding, but I refused.

At night, some children came to me and formed a group to steal treasure in the mansion. I agreed and together we went roaming into the hallways, living rooms, and libraries. The place seemed like a setting in crazy stairs. It was an insane place but we found our prize. The other kids seemed to be very happy to see it, but I found that all are phony. Most of the treasures are beaded eggs.

We ran as fast as possible out of the mansion. The other kids took what they can, but I took nothing. I stumbled across a table with two golden necklaces and gripped them, but I put them down because I remember a girl cherishing them.

Although the stealing seemed like a success, we were caught instantly. It was not until now did I realize that I am a boy around age 17 who has long black curly Kamijo hair, and was wearing white blouse and black and white stockings. There was another boy who looked and wore like me, but older, I assumed that he is my brother but he was sitting far away from me.

The baron of the mansion was humongous. He wanted us to sit on a long bench and told us that all children must vote for one person to go into the deadly forest and let the monsters to feast on. Surprisingly, I see my real life father, and he asked me why I stole. I did not tell him that I stole nothing; instead, I said that I hated the baron and that the other children should vote for me to die. My mother was nowhere to be seen. The other children also faced their mother or father. At the end, I was voted to go to the forest.

I went into the wet and dark forest, killed all the weird creatures and came back alive with a small knife in my hand. The creatures were just hands crawling on the floor. And for some reason, I had to protect a sleeping (or dead) little girl (I had to carry her around.)

The baron was mad and ordered his knights to kill me. I took out my hidden knife and slit the barons’ throat. The other children also charged and tied to kill the knights. I slit many throats. One child passed me a long axe from a dead knight. We tried to fight, but we failed. And the last scene shows my beheaded head in a pot of water. I did not get it at first but I see people dressed as royalties, sitting in a circled table, cooking my head. The camera zoomed into the other tables, and each table has a child’s head (along with hair) in the pot.

After seeing a few heads and pots, I see women and men passing around a purple tongue, sucking and biting on it. Now that I think about it, it probably is not a human tongue because it is too big to be so. However, it really grossed me out and that is when I woke up.

Some extra notes:
-No blood was shown anywhere in my dreams.
-If this helps, I think that the bare foot girl is the same girl who was cherishing the necklaces, and is the same girl sleeping in the forest. She seemed like one of the barons’ child because the table that cooked her head was awfully quiet and sad.
-Also, I have some details that were left out because I could not remember.
-I am a teenage girl who recently finished “Alice-Madness Returns” and “Stacking.” My dreams corresponds to Alice’s clothing and Stacking’s story line

Thank you for helping.

Administrator answers:

Your dream means you feel like your being pushed around to much – the children in your dream wanted you to steal when you seen the necklace that a girl cherished you didn’t take it.

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