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Your Questions About Mansions Of Madness

August 11, 2013

Chris asks…

Is incenst/imbreeding implied in Fall of the House of Usher?

Near the beginning, the narrator talks about the family line, and says this:

I had learned, too, the very remarkable fact, that the stem of the Usher race, all time-honored as it was, had put forth, at no period, any enduring branch ; in other words, that the entire family lay in the direct line of descent, and had always, with very trifling and very temporary variation, so lain. It was this deficiency, I considered, while running over in thought the perfect keeping of the character of the premises with the accredited character of the people, and while speculating upon the possible influence which the one, in the long lapse of centuries, might have exercised upon the other – it was this deficiency, perhaps, of collateral issue, and the consequent undeviating transmission, from sire to son, of the patrimony with the name, which had, at length, so identified the two as to merge the original title of the estate in the quaint and equivocal appellation of the “House of Usher” – an appellation which seemed to include, in the minds of the peasantry who used it, both the family and the family mansion.

Is this saying that both the parents of each generation were Ushers? Or does it just mean that there was a male heir in every generation to carry on the name? I’m trying to decide if I can use this to argue that imbreeding and incest contributed to the family’s fall and madness.

I do get that there seems to be a creepily-close relationship between the brother and sister, but I want to know if the above passage means that this has been so for most of the generations. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I don’t think it is incest, after reading the passage several times (just trying to pass time until 5:00!).

I see it as saying the latter of what you suggest, that each father had a son who directly became the heir. I think this is shown when it is said “the stem of the Usher race” “had put forth, at no period, any enduring branch”.

The “enduring branch” part, though, is what confuses me a little. I think this means that the father never had multiple sons, which would have formed multiple “branches” when you make a family tree, and only one of these “branches” would have been the “heirs” – while the other branches were not. The branch with the “heirs” would then be the enduring branch.

I think the narrator considers this a deficiency, because the “undeviating transmission from sire to son” meant there was one father, who transmitted all of his royal qualities and characteristics to the son, and so this son became a direct replica of the father. Had there been multiple “branches”; i.e. Brothers and cousins, etc., the heir may have had various influences and sources from which a personality would be formed, instead of just simply learning from just the “father”.

Charles asks…

I wrote a vivid imagery poem — Posted it last night but nobody was online — thoughts?

[Title] Paraphernalia

Caught in a panoramic spectacle
Enter the master of disguise
Clothed in a rugged vest, displaying an oracle
His woolen scarf covers my eyes
Golden shekels made shimmering diamonds glow
Velvet robes cascaded to the floor
I asked the white beared man “What do you know?”
He sang and he quivered to the core

Paraphernalia, wealth of a man’s great hysteria
Be this new America, what is a heart to grieve a mania

On pearly white stones of his countryside mansion
As he lead me across the marble sand
I told him stories of the wild west expansion
From the richer Eastern shores of Maryland
I said politely how I was truly amazed
The chandeliers hung down from starlit ceilings
Paintings like Michelangelo’s Vatican faces
And he said they were ancient ghosts of our distant ancestors
Immortalized in the hearts and minds of men

I wondered though how devils looked into my soul
From the red and furied eyes above me
He said the flame of madness burned inside them
For they could not overcome their obsession

Paraphernalia, wealth of a man’s great hysteria
Be this new America, what is a heart to grieve a mania

The blinding light of rubies
The charriots of steel and iron wheels
And silver clocks abused me
With their constant ringing in my ears
Sentimental bedsheets, fuschia in colour
Hid a lustful tale, muffled the squeals
And chambers of golden idols lay before me
My mind became overwhelmed with fears

Heart beats have been deafened by this maniacal
Self wanting greed and sinful pleasuring
I screamed “I wish to see no more of these things
that appear to taunt and torment me!”
Just as the old man took me by the hand
And showed me to the door and threw me out
He shouted “Take your soul back and leave us to our distastefulness
And return to your vulgar reality!”

Paraphernalia, wealth of a man’s great hysteria
Be this new America, what is a heart to grieve a mania

Paraphernalia, nations crumble in hysteria
Be this America, I can only grieve for wretched mania

Paraphernalia, the Earth is drowned in hysteria
Oh God, America has lost sanity, I grieve and I weep
At this cursed mania of greed

Administrator answers:

Hi Adam! I read this last night and decided to wait till this morning to read it again. This is a departure for you. The subject matter is a little darker. Its very good (as always). You are a man of talent. Continue to write and explore your topics. Good luck & God bless!

Mary asks…

I’m trying to find the title of this classic thriller movie. Can you help me?

In this film a widow owns and lives in a palatial mansion where her and her husband once lived before his death. He died in his laboratory in a fire or explosion which was once a part of their home. Along comes a man who seems to be well intentioned yet he’s secretly evil deep down inside. The widow begins having nightmares that her dead husband is walking through her home, haunting her. These dreams are driving the widow to absolute madness and she thinks she is losing her mind. However it is the supposedly well intentioned man who has been posing as her dead husband for she isn’t dreaming after all! She’s having these horrible visions of her dead husband walking through their home while she’s awake because this man is posing as him, made up to look like him after a fiery death. It isn’t until the very end of the film she discovers the truth and the man is arrested. Can you please name the title, year of its release as well as the stars of this classic, lesser known thriller movie? Thank you.

Administrator answers:

Classic movie, it’s “The Night Walker” (1964) directed by William Castle and starring Robert Taylor and Barbara Stanwyck. IMDB page is below.

Michael asks…

Can anyone tell me how much all this is worth at GameStop?

im also selling my ps2, memory card, and cables plus controler.

Heres the list of games-(they are ps2 games up till the end then it switches to regular xbox games.)

Teen titans, Tony hawks american wateland, SW: episode 3, Metal gear solid 3, NBA 2k8, Smack down vs raw 07, Syphon filter: The omega strain, spiderman 3, NCAA: march madness 05, NFL street 3, Madden 07, NCAA: football 07, NCAA: football 09, Thrillville, Naruto: Ultimate Ninja, The haunted mansion, The getaway, BULLY, Fight night round 3, Call of duty 3,

splinter cell, splinter cell double agent, blinx, indiana jones: the emperor’s tomb, NBa live 07, Lego Starwars, starwars battlefront, starwars battlefront2, black, shreck, medal of honor: frontline, finding nemo, grand turismo1, nba live 05, ESPN nba, second sight, timmy: breaking the rules, 007: from russia with love, Dangerous hunts.

and finally Jackass for the psp.

so do you think that all this plus 44 dollars will get me an xbox 360 if i sell them at gamestop.
and yes they still buy and sell xbox games.

Administrator answers:

Well consider what 360 you are going to get first. Then consider all of the choices that come with getting one. How do I want to hook up xbl: wireless or wired (incredably less expensive), Am I wanting a wired or wireless controller, there are alot of wired/wireless decisions.Wired is always cheaper, but not always what you want.Make sure you check their availibility and affordability before you buy. I must have spent atleast $500 on mine, but I keep breaking headsets (lol). Also here are some stores that buy used original xbox games:
E.B. Games
3D Games
Disk Replay.

Hope I helped.

Richard asks…

Will this be just enough for an xbox 360?

Im selling my PS2 (with wires, controler, and memory card{8MB}) to GameStop. I also have 44$ saved up and a list of games for it that i am also selling. Could you tell me if i have enough with all this to trade in for the 360? The games are:

Teen Titans, Splinter cell, Tony hawks: american wasteland, star wars: episode 3, monsterjam: urban assult, metal gear solid 3: subsistence, NBA 2K8, smackdown vs raw 2007, syphon filter the omega strain, spiderman3, NCAA march madness 2005, NFL street 3, madden 07, ncaa football 07, ncaa football 09, thrillville, naruto ultimate ninja, the haunted mansion, the getaway, bully, fight night round 3, call of duty 3, nba live 07(xbox), lego star wars(xbox), shrek (xbox)

so will all this plus the 44 bucks be enough for a 360?

PS they still do take any xbox games you sell them.

Administrator answers:

Contact your local gamestop or blockbuster and ask to make arrangements to find trade in values. If anything you could get the Xbox Arcade which is the 20GB system, with arcade style games included.

Side note: Do NOT trust any sites mentioned above to get anything for less. Most of the time they are sites that want to steal your personal information.

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