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Your Questions About Mansions Of The Lord

April 7, 2013

Mary asks…

Whats the name of the instrument?

I’m trying to figure out what kind of instrument it was that was used on a episode of Amazing Race one time; there where Indians playing it in the woods and they had to listen and find them; and also, it sounded kind of like that part of the song ” The Mansions of the Lord” that plays during that last fight on the Movie “We Were Soldiers”.
OMG, thank you Kristin W, ive been trying to figure out for a long time.

Administrator answers:

Didgeridoo? I played one, it was awesome! Apparently women aren’t supposed to play them because it’s a male fertility thing. Didn’t buy it because I thought the neighbors might complain.

Joseph asks…

ok we were soldiers movie?

the mansions of the lord scene , does anybody know where i can find that video so i can put it on my myspace?
hello can some1 answer?

Administrator answers:

Try this link. I believe you can use the url or embedded codes for each clip. Not sure if the scene you are looking for is listed but there are several clips.

Hope this helps

Carol asks…

Ronald Reagan Funeral Slideshow?

I am trying to find a link to a slideshow of pictures from the Ronald Reagan funeral. The slideshow was about 6 or 7 minutes long and played “Mansions of the Lord“. It use to be on the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library website but I cannot find it there.
It use to be here but no longer is…

Here is an link that still has the music, but no pictures…

Administrator answers:

I could not find what you are looking for. I did find some video though.


Ken asks…

Title of a romance novel I read a few years ago?

It was about a red-headed Lady who was very clumsy. She was married but then her husband dies and she had just returned to her home-town. She wanted to move into the one mansion but another Lord had taken over it so she dressed up as a ghost (supposedly this place was haunted) and tries to scare him out. Obviously it didn’t work and the two ended up falling in love. I can’t for the life of me remember the names of the main characters. Her maid was named Josephine, Joanna, Joe-something or something along those lines. It was a good book and want to read it again but can’t remember the title or author. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Forbidden Love (Dell Historical Romance) book is an old fashion bodice ripper. I enjoyed it and it took me a day to read. Yes he is a totally Alpha male but she is strong and stands up to him. This is my favourite Karen Robards book. I think you will either love this book or hate it – no middle ground here!


Sandra asks…

Does Anyone Know of any good 3ds games?

Ones i have: samurai warriors: chronicles, Zelda OOT, Pokemon Super Rumble, harvest moon 3d, mario 3d land, mario kart 7, oregon trail(hate this one), skylanders, kid icarus uprising, and mario tennis
Im getting: any pokemon or mario. kingdom hearts 3d DDD, heroes of ruin, animal crossing, luigis mansion, and castlevania lords of shadow.
But the point is, does anyone know of any good hardcore games? the ones i have took like 1-4 days to beat.(except for still working on)
Does anyone know a game that would take like 2 weeks+ to beat? thanks.

Administrator answers:

You could try Resident Evil: Revelations

But no, no game takes 2 weeks to beat, they can’t fit that much info on a game cart.

Besides, not even games on consoles take 2 weeks, unless you only play 2 hours a day or so.


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