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Your Questions About Mansions On The Moon

July 22, 2013

Linda asks…

how do i trigger the blach heart event with skye from harvest moon ds? cute?

i want to trigger the black heart even t i go on a sunny day around 10 o clock to the mansion but nothing happens any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Make sure that you talk to Lumina even for 1 time. If you haven’t talked to her yet, talk to her and wait for 10 pm and go to the mansion :D

Hope I helped ^^

Joseph asks…

Girls on Harvest Moon A wonderful Life ?

on Gamecube Version Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life, can you marry Lamina ? The girl that lives with her grandma in the mansion ?
And how do you have a daughter and not a son ? Some people say you have to talk to some pots in the harvest spites house, but its not working, any advice ?

Administrator answers:

In harvest moon a wonderful life you are stuck with a boy forever and you can only marry nami celia and muffy… So yeah

in havest moon a wonderful life special edition ps2 you can marry the lumina (shes looks under 18) along with the other 3 brides and then if you want a girl go to the little sprites place and talk to the pots in the pots in the corner 100 times and then talk to a sprite and they will ask something about your child answer with the girl answer

Helen asks…

On Harvest Moon DS Cute when EXACTLy does Skye appear?

I know he’s first found in the mansion– but when EXACTLY. And how DO you make curry– or, WHERE do you find the recipie to make curry… finest curry to be exact.

Administrator answers:

You’ll first meet Skye during his black heart event. To trigger it though, you have to talk to Lumina (she’ll be in the mansion).

Skye’s black heart event:

» Walk from Main Pathway to Romana’s Mansion
» 10:00 pm to 12:00 am, sunny day

Skye will then come to the valley on sunny days only, from the exit in the east at 10pm, and will go to the Goddess Pond and wait there until 6am.

Skye also won’t appear the day after his heart events or on festival days.
More info:

Finest curry:

Rainbow Curry + White Curry + burnt Frypan dish + burnt Pot dish + burnt Oven dish + burnt Mixer dish + burnt Steamer dish + burnt No Utensil dish

(To make a rainbow curry:
Blue Curry + Green Curry + Red Curry + Yellow Curry + Orange Curry + Purple Curry + Indigo Curry + Curry Rice )

To make a blue curry: Riceballs + Curry Powder + Blue Grass (follow the same rule for the other colours, but change the grass colour)

To make burnt dishes, just throw a weed (or lumber for example) into each utensil.

All recipes:

Some people still get confused, so I broke it down into the following steps:

Step 1: Cook curry rice
Step 2: Cook a blue curry
Step 3: Cook a green curry
Step 4: Cook a red curry
Step 5: Cook a yellow curry
Step 6: Cook an orange curry
Step 7: Cook a purple curry
Step 8: Cook a indigo curry
Step 9: Cook a rainbow curry (which basically combines the above steps together in one dish)
Step 9: Cook a white curry
Step 10: Cook a weed in frying pan
Step 11: Cook a weed in cooking pot
Step 12: Cook a weed in oven
Step 13: Cook a weed in mixer
Step 14: Cook a weed in steamer
Step 15: Cook a weed without utensil
Step 16: Cook finest curry (which involves: rainbow curry + white curry + all 6 of the burnt dishes)

Just a tip: I wouldn’t bother making Skye finest curry, despite it being his favourite item. You’ll need a house upgrade and a kitchen, and a cooking pot to even make it. You’re better of giving Skye jewellery or toiletries. It’s cheaper and easier to get.

Ruth asks…

Michael Jackson,daed?

I live in the Philippins on a small island about twenty miles from the island of palawan a very large island.
I received a call from a friend in the states asking me if Michael lived on Palawan, he said that someone had talked to him from here. I drove my boat over to Palawan to check it out, What i saw amazed me, either the guy is mMchael or he is a DEAD ringer,sic. for Michael
There were a thousand people standing in front of his mansion, He was doing the moon walk for them and exhorting them to not to tell anyone he was alive. (The Doctor or a very good look alike,)who is on trial in Vegas for his death was standing at his side.I saw the Doctor drive off toward the airport in an airport limo.
Was that Michael? I don’t know. every one here thinks so.I spoke with one of the secuiety guards who is a cousin of my wife and he said Michael has lived there for a year and he as a guard is paid well for his silence. I know for a fact that a Filipino can’t keep a secret because i am married to a blabber mouth. But i love her, blabber mouth and all think what you like but i know what i saw. i will investicate more and try to find out if the person is a lookalike with the dark brown skin with white blotches or a fraud.

Administrator answers:

Old story

Donald asks…

If we can land on the moon, why can’t we cure republicanism?

lets face it.. right wingers are slowly being bled and exhausted as they find the weight of society’s will against them.. soon being coifed and chuffed away in their mansions won’t bring enough solace that they’ll just have to accept the fact.. THEY DONT OWN THE WORLD EXCLUSIVELY!!

Society has now degraded so badly due to right wing extremism and selfishness.. for example.. there were no murders in my city 10 years ago.. now they happen weekly as do carjackings and everything else.. all due to right wing selfishness stripping away well paid jobs, and favoring big business over things like health care which should always be non negotiable!

Right wingers have sat back while the education system collapses, health system collapses and soon property market collapses..

WHAT can be done??

These right wingers are out of hand.. they think because they have more money than others that they can dictate their will.. that they can be openly hypocritical..

WHAT can be done??

Administrator answers:

You are grossly mistaken. Crime and murder rates are highly correlated with Democrat enclaves.

The education unions are near unanimous Democrat.

A wel paid job is *YOUR* job, not some rich Republican. Improve your skills, get a better job…simple.

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