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Your Questions About Mansions On The Moon

October 28, 2012

Sandy asks…

How much does it cost to buy the moon?

Yea I’m thinkin about makin another purchase( if you don’t remember, I’m the same guy who asked how to buy NYC)

but forget NYC, that’s not ballin enough, I’m lookin to expand, I want bigger, better, and lesser gravity. YUP THE MOON B*TCHES!

I’m tryna buy that nice peice of floating rock.

Where do I go to buy it? And how much money should I bring?

or has it even been claimed yet? Maybe I can get it for free since no one lives there.

Anyway, I got it all planned out. Basketball courts where you can dunk just like Jordan(since there’s no gravity on the moon, or very little)

Some moon McDonald;s of course.

And my moon mansion.

Oh yeah now that’s ballin.

Bill Gates dont got nothin on me!!!!

Administrator answers:

There is a treaty that was signed by almost all the major countries. Nobody has rights to the moon. And besides, how are you going to get there?

Robert asks…

What good franchises are there on the 3ds except for mario, zelda and prof. Layton?

I have a 3ds and these games: super mario 3d land, ocarina of time 3d and mario kart 7. I’m going to get luigi’s mansion dark moon, paper mario 3d, nsmb 2 and professor Layton and the mask of miracles.
What other good franchises are there on the 3ds? I like the style of mario and zeld and prof layton, but I want something new.

Administrator answers:

The Animal Crossing franchise is a pretty popular series, and the newest should come out between the spring or fall of next year. It’s really similar to London Life in Professor Layton and te Last Specter, but it has more possibilities and features. I really can’t think of many more franchises, but it’s great to see another PL fan!

Nancy asks…

Where does the man on the moon live?

Does he have a mansion on the moon or what?
Um no it’s not the moons face because when dream works makes a movie the beginning is a guy fishing at the end of the moon….I guess he likes eating space fish in his cheese castle..yum

Administrator answers:

He lives in a cave on the dark side of the moon so he can sleep

Jenny asks…

Please rate these gamecube games a 1-10…? 10 points…?

Okay, Will you rate these Gamecube games for me? Put them in the same order i typed them in if u haven’t played them leave em blank.
Paper Mario and the thousand year old door
Harvest Moon a Wonderful life
Harvest moon another wonderful life
Luigi’s Mansion
Harvest Moon:Magical Melody
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
The Legend of Zelda Four Swords
Animal Crossing:Wild World
Wario World
Kirby Air Ride
Wario Ware Inc.: Mega Party Games
The Sims 2
Simpsons Hit and Run
The Sims 2 Pets
Hello Kitty Roller Rescue
Crash Nitro kart
Zoo cube
Amazing island
And these are all GC (gamecube) games they are all on gamestop if u dont believe me look em up
and dont give me any links just give what u would rate on them (if you have played em) Kay thanks so much!!! =]
Ya,animal crossing on gc is too!!
Google it!
and ya i know i have it ds too!

Administrator answers:

Paper Mario and the thousand year old door – 10
Harvest Moon a Wonderful life – 8
Harvest moon another wonderful life – 9
Luigi’s Mansion – 8
Harvest Moon:Magical Melody – 5
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles – 8
The Legend of Zelda Four Swords – 7
Animal Crossing:Wild World (This is a DS game, not a GameCube game!)
Wario World – 7
Kirby Air Ride – 10
Wario Ware Inc.: Mega Party Games – 9
The Sims 2 -
Simpsons Hit and Run – 9
The Sims 2 Pets
Hello Kitty Roller Rescue
Crash Nitro kart
Zoo cube
Amazing island

EDIT: Yes, I know Animal Crossing is on GameCube, but Wild World (which you specified) is NOT.

Chris asks…

Which coming 10 games(2012 to early 2013) should I get?

I compiled a list of games coming out in 2012 – 2015 and was wondering which 10 of the late 2012 to early 2013 games I should get. – If you have any other games to add, feel free but my platforms are PS3; 3DS; PSP; PC; Wii.

My list: (Mostly in release order):

Lollipop Chainsaw
Lego Batman 2
[DLC] Quantic Conundrum
[DLC] The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard
Spec Ops: The Line
Metro Last Light
Theatrythm Final Fantasy
South Park: The Stick of Truth
Dead Island GOTY Edition
Kingdom Hearts: 3D Drop Distance
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
Little Big Planet Karting
Sleeping Dogs
New Super Mario Bros. 2
Darksiders II
Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron
Batman Arkham City GOTY Edition
Far Cry 3
Tomb Raider
Animal Crossing (3DS)
Borderlands 2
Hitman: Absolution
Resident Evil 6
XCOM: Enemy Unknown – 12th
Hitman HD Collection
Medal of Honor: Warfighter
Assassin’s Creed III
Grand Theft Auto V
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
Uncharted 3 GOTY Edition
[DLC] Doom 3 BFG
[DLC] Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault
The Ratchet and Clank Trilogy
Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time
DMC: Devil May Cry
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Bioshock Infinite
Metal Gear Rising: Reveangence
Dead Space 3
Crysis 3
Tomb Raider
God of War: Ascension

P.S. Edited out all the games that I don’t care about and aaren’t on my platforms!
Accidentally put Tomb Raider on there twice, well I do really want it – LOL!

Administrator answers:

I can’t tell you what to get, but I can tell you what I am getting and why.
I will be getting, Border Lands 2, Hit-Man: Absolution, and God of War Ascension (If you don’t have it, can’t go wrong with Dark Souls, amazing game) Border Lands 2 because, I enjoyed the 1st up until the end and I’m wondering where they go from there. Hit-Man: Because I grew up playing the Hit-Man games, and I haven’t came across one I didn’t enjoy, and God of War because, the way the last game ended. . .It is a Must.
As for Dark Souls, I would get it again, because the game is Challenging to almost any level of Gamer, and has so much depth and Play-ability, that it should keep you entertained for hours.

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