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Your Questions About Mishawaka Indiana

February 27, 2013

Sharon asks…

Where can you sell diamonds and gems in South Bend Indiana?

I recently got a decent size bag of gems from a buddy who used to work in a we buy gold store. They would only buy the gold so all the gems he would pull out and just bag up. Not sure if they are real or not but I’m sure with just the shear quantity of gems some of them must be real. I got diamonds, rubys, emerald, Sapphires, etc. You name it we got it. Does anyone know of a store in the area that would look at what we got and buy the real gems? Anywhere in Mishawaka, South Bend, or Elkhart Indiana area would work. thanks

Administrator answers:

Most definitely

Donna asks…

I am scared to go to the dentist?

I go to small smiles I saw a video of a kid getting 16 root canals in one day and the dentists tied him to a chair he was 4 for crying out loud I go to the one in Mishawaka in Indiana do they do anything bad there
I don’t live in Mishawaka silly I just go t the dentist there since my dad don’t like our old dentist

Administrator answers:

Dude…. Im pretty sure that video wasn’t your dentist and those guys were probably retarded no dentinst would do that, just relax… Its not that bad

Ruth asks…

Any diaper lovers want to contact me.?

Hey my name is Caleb Higginbotham and I am a diaper lover in Mishawaka, Indiana. I was wondering if any diaper lovers from around me would want to hookup? My email address is calebhigg@
No insulting comments. I wear diapers I love it, am proud of it and will not stop. So don’t tell me I am a baby, or I need to see someone.

Administrator answers:

Lol. I like to wear diapers and my 10 year old brother is still diapered all the time because of a medical problem. Mail or IM me if you want:

Betty asks…

Imax Theater Locations?

What is the closest IMAX theater to South Bend/Mishawaka, Indiana?

Administrator answers:

Check on

Maria asks…

Need Aspen Dental info please!!!?

Anyone out there been to Aspen Dental in Mishawaka, Indiana? If so, please tell me if you had a positive or negative experience, and would you recommend them to others?

Administrator answers:

They average

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