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Your Questions About Mishawaka Indiana

April 15, 2013

John asks…

Selection of a Mutual Fund as Part of a Retirement Plan?

Etta Westbrook is a single mother of a 6 year-old, works in a marketing firm in Mishawaka, Indiana, and is willing to invest $2,000 to $3,000 per year in a mutual fund. She wants the investment income to supplement her retirement pension starting in approximately 20 years and she has a moderate investment philosophy.

a) Should Etta invest in a mutual fund with a growth objective or one with a growth and income objective? Why?
b) Explain your reasons for suggesting Etta invest in a load fund or no-load fund.

Administrator answers:

EW sounds like she is busy working and raising her child so she has little time to devote to managing her nest egg. The first gain is to put it in a tax protected account. Pay the tax on your income 20 years from now when your income is lower. Second, invest in an “index” mutual fund that holds blue chip companies that pay dividends. Third, EW is correct to question the fees, the load on whatever fund she chooses. EW should shop and make sure that if she pays a fee that she is getting good value for that fee. Otherwise choose a no-load fund.

Paul asks…

any LARP groups near Mishawaka, Indiana?

I live in Mishawaka, Indiana and I’m wanting to get into live action role play, but I’m new to it. I’m looking for midievil or anything like DnD (swords, magic). Preferable one were i could make my own clan or group within the LARPing community but any that fit the first part will work.

Administrator answers:

Kik me Avengerchick my answer is long lol but al u need to do is look ot upp

Donna asks…

Im looking for a good haunted house in northern Indiana?

I live in northern Indiana and im lookin for a good haunted house attraction this year for halloween. We usually all go to Niles, but thats not much of a thrill anymore. Anyone know of good attractions?

Administrator answers:

Wicked Jester Entertainment?
Lot W, 14130 McKinley Ave, Mishawaka, IN?
(574) 329-6612?

Richard asks…

For Wiccan people that live in or around Elkhart, Indiana?

Are there any wiccan stores or places to buy all the things needed for rituals for wiccan needs in or around elkhart indiana?

Administrator answers:

I’m the High Priestess that Crystal Dolphin was referring to in her response. Although I do live in Indiana, I’m way down on the other end of the state near the Kentucky border, so I don’t know what is available in your neck of the woods.

I do agree with what Crystal says… Don’t get trapped into thinking that you’ve got to buy “specific” items from a special store in order to be a true Wiccan, or for your ritual to be successful. Your ritual will work if you believe in it – with or without the tools, no matter where they came from.

In fact, tools that you create yourself are actually better, because they are empowered with your own energy, and that in and of itself is a form of magick. When you can put something of yourself into the creation of your own tools, that makes it more powerful.

When I make my own candles, for example… I am invoking all aspects of the Goddess – when I am thinking it out and imagining what it would look like and preparing to create it, I am manifesting the Maiden. When I actually sit down and create the tool; shaping it, birthing it, giving it life, empowering it with my energy… I am manifesting the Mother. When I actually use my candles – writing up a ritual, putting my wisdom and knowledge to work, conjuring up the energy and sending it out into the world… I am manifesting the Crone.

So making your own tools is really better for you… Whether that be making your own candles, making your own incense, making your own wand, etc. Etc.

Places like Hobby Lobby, the Dollar store, Goodwill, etc. Are just as much a witch’s place to shop as that Wiccan store an hour away. Take advantage of them. Buy candles and holders from the Dollar store or you can also often find them at Goodwill stores. Wine glasses make great chalices, and you can always buy some glass paint at Hobby Lobby and put your own designs on them. I’ve bought polymer clay and made items using that… Including incense holders, a lantern for a votive candle, and decorative altar items.

Mother Nature is also an excellent source of tools. You might find a broken branch laying on the ground that with a little cleaning up, makes an excellent wand. A feather can be a symbol for Air in the East, a shed snake skin a symbol for Fire in the South, a shell the symbol for Water in the West, acorns or pine cones a symbol for Earth in the North. Gather up some twigs and put them together in a star shape and glue it or tie it to make your pentacle. Pieces of driftwood can make wonderful altar items… I have one that kind of looks like a sitting goddess.

For herbs that you can use for incense and other magickal purposes, check out natural food stores, etc. There is one not too far from you in Mishawaka, Indiana called Harmony Market. Their website is

And of course, there is always the internet. There are plenty of excellent on-line stores for purchasing items.

I too am curious why you put this under “performing arts” as opposed to “religion and spirituality.” A Wiccan ritual is not about performing, it is about making a connection to the Divine. It doesn’t need to be an elaborate, fancy production with all sorts of tools and accessories and the like. I’ve done some of my most powerful rituals spontaneously, at the moment, simply because it felt like the right thing to do. Crystal Dolphin and I even did an impromptu ritual in her swimming pool one evening!

The best rituals are the ones you personalize for yourself, and which have meaning for you.

James asks…

I need colleges that offer nursing degrees in Northern Indiana?

I live in the Michiana area and I need a college near home, so that I still go to school, while my mother watches my son. Does anybody know any schools that will offer an RN degree with 2 years of college around Northen Indiana?

Administrator answers:

Not sure if that is even possible in 2 years.

Associates in nursing usually take 2-3 years. Full BS in nursing take 4.

However IU South Bend and Bethel both have nursing programs.
They are in South Bend and Mishawaka respectively.

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