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Your Questions About Mishawaka Indiana

May 9, 2013

Ken asks…

Where can I buy those emergency triangles for my car?

I’m in southern Indiana right now, but I’m not from this area of the country so I don’t recognize many of the stores. I’m trying to find those hazard triangles and also a wool blanket. I’ve tried Target but they don’t seem to carry this kind of thing. Anyone know?

Administrator answers:

You can get them here or on ebay.


Or try Harbor Freight sales…..

EVANSVILLE, IN 1200 N. WILLOW RD 812-425-0233
FT WAYNE, IN 3927 E. STATE BLVD. 260-373-1752
INDIANAPOLIS, IN 5703 EAST 86TH ST. 317-578-0455
KOKOMO, IN 2943 S. WASHINGTON ST. #3 765-864-8350
MISHAWAKA, IN 2556 MIRACLE LANE 574-259-6800
MUNCIE, IN 1413 W.MCGALLIARD RD #4 765-282-5446
TERRE HAUTE, IN 1800 E FT HARRISON RD #18 812-466-4460

Charles asks…

Between what streets in South Bend,Indiana is considered the bad,poor side of town?

Looking to relocate to South Bend,Indiana and we’re trying to figure out what areas to look in on realtors websites.Not looking for the richy rich neighborhood but don’t want the South Bend ghetto.Thanks

Administrator answers:

*Definitely* avoid Portage Ave. The worst area IMO is all of portage (from Brick Road to the Memorial hospital area), and the area between it and the airport. The Bendix park area isn’t very good either, from what I hear. As for the downtown area, it’s pretty good. Wouldn’t be out there past midnight, but otherwise, not a problem. The eastern area near Mishawaka and southern area near the US20 Bypass are good areas though. West/south west are crap shoots, but the farther south the better. Also along the river can be rough at times, but not too bad. Notre Dame/Roseland area is nice, but expensive. Anyother questions feel free to shoot an email. Hope this helped!!!

Lisa asks…

How can I charge my ipod touch on a bus?!?!?

I am going to Disney world with my school from indiana so out trip will be like 24 hrs. I want to use my ipod touch(2nd gen) mainly for music but also some movies. I know i can go the whole way with just music but to watch movies i would need it to be recharged. How can I charge it without an outlet or computer? My friend was telling me about somehow charging it with an altoids can. Any help would be appreciated!!!

I will give a best answer!

Administrator answers:

You can get a back-up battery charger. They retail for about $30 to $40. They can be charged on their own via a power outlet. Once they’re fully charged, they provide more hours of power for the iPod and also charge the iPod when they’re connected. Here’s the product page for one from Best Buy, they claim an extra 30 hours of playback time for your iPod.

By the way, which school in Indiana do you attend? I’m from Indiana myself, went to Penn High School in Mishawaka.

Linda asks…

Medical Coding in Indiana – What salary does a certified medical coder get in Indiana?

I also want to know more about the certification you need for a well-paying medical coding career in IN.

Administrator answers:

Medical coding salary in Indiana is between $37,000 and $43,000 a year ($13-23/hour). You need a national certification like CPC from AAPC (or CCS-P from AHIMA) to get that kind of salary.

In fact, a national certification is one of the main criteria to get a job as a medical coder in the State. But don’t worry, CPC is an exam-based credential which means you can get certified by passing the exam in IN.

Here’s a Google document that explains the certification requirements & salary figures for Indiana:

Remember that this information applies to all the major cities, town and neighborhoods in Indiana:
• Indianapolis
• Fort Wayne
• Evansville
• South Bend
• Gary
• Carmel
• Hammond
• Bloomington
• Muncie
• Lafayette
• Anderson
• Terre Haute
• Fishers
• Elkhart
• Mishawaka

Donna asks…

any parkour groups interested in getting together in the south bend/mishawaka areas?

I am a pretty large guy (tall not fat) and would like to know if anyone in my area would be interested in doing a parkour group in this area. I’ve never done it before but am very interested in giving it a shot. I just need a good group of people to give me a push and a bit of encouragement.

Administrator answers:

Well look up gym in the area that tech Parkour usually gymnastic gyms teach it and on Saturdays are open gym so you can go and practice there (but during the summer gyms might be open gym everyday) but also you can Google Parkour groups in the area of South Bend or mishawaka but that should help and find teachers or instructors that could teach you and they might be able to point you into the right direction but usually universities has a bunch of College kids during Parkour

Also learning Gymnastics helps with Parkour and Martial arts to cause it gives you balance and control of movement…0.0.ZsXWzsFyDP4

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