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Your Questions About Mishawaka Indiana

May 31, 2013

Mandy asks…

What towns are around South Bend Indiana?

I need to know. my friends and i wanna go to haunted places in towns around south bend. we’ve done all the south bend places.

Administrator answers:

Niles, Michigan (the Niles Haunted House is amazing, my friends and I do that every year), Mishawaka, Indiana. New Carlise, Indiana, Elkhart, Indiana.

Carol asks…

Has anyone been to Shipshewana, Indiana to visit Amish Country?

If so, did you stay in the area overnight and where?

Administrator answers:

Google the hotels, etc. I’ve been through an visited on many ocassions but have never spent the night there. I usually stayed in Mishawaka, Elkhart or in Angola.

Several nice bed & breakfast places from what I hear. The whole Amish thing is somewhat overblown but the local restaurants and craft shops are fun.

And, yes, you will see real, live Amish folk in their horse and buggies.

Ruth asks…

International Market Place in and around South Bend, Indiana?

I am going to be moving to south bend soon, and I was wanting to know if there is an international market place nearby where i could find foods from around the world, like french butter/cheese, german foods, etc?

Administrator answers:

This place is supposed to have unique foods:

Bamber Superette, 1145 Mishawaka Ave., South Bend.

People compare it to Trader Joe’s. I’ve never been there, but I would check it out.

David asks…

What ever happened to Bonnie Doon Ice Cream in South Bend Indiana?

Administrator answers:

It’s on 2704 Lincoln Way W, Mishawaka, IN close to the Autorama Used Cars dealer. It’s actually closer to South Bend, IN than Mishawaka, IN.

Mary asks…

Looking for informatio0n and advice on walking shoes, events, care for blisters, etc.?

I ama former runner, age 51, now walk 5-6 miles daily. Looking for walking events in the Kentucky/Indiana area, comments on favorite walking shoes, I currently use New Balance 608′s-for cross-training, very good support and cushioning. Have trouble with blisters, have used a myriad of over-the counter toe pads, bandages, powders, etc.-any other advice? Thanks.

Administrator answers:

What kind of socks are you wearing? Socks with cotton as an ingredient do not perform well during activity and may have something to do with your blisters. If you look into a synthetic/microfiber or even wool type of sock that is geared for physical activity I think you will see a change there. When you sweat cotton gets wet and just doesn’t move right. I use “Smart Wool Adrenaline” socks and never had that issue. They are comfortable and always feel dry and have a lip at the back fo the sock to prevent them from sliding back into sneakers or shoes.

If that doesn’t help it could be time to look at your shoes. The fit might be off. With as much walking as you are doing investing in a pair of shoes for walking is a good idea as well. Cross trainers are great for a little bit of everthing, but you are doing more than a little bit of walking on a daily basis.

A great store that can help you figure out what needs to change is The Walking Company ( They have 2 locations in Kentucky and several in Indiana. If no locations are convenient to you, there is also online ordering.

Fayette Mall
3401 Nicholasville Road
Lexington, KY 40503
(859) 271-1006

Oxmoor Center
7900 Shelbyville Road
Space B8
Louisville, KY 40222
(502) 327-0838
The Fashion Mall
8702 Keystone Crossing
Indianapolis, IN 46240
(317) 848-7489

Circle Center
49 W. Maryland St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 624-9255

Castleton Square
6020 E. 82nd Street
Indianapolis, IN 46250
(317) 842-4107

University Park Mall
6501 Grape Road
Space #348
Mishawaka, IN 46545
(574) 247-9142

With events you can look here at for anything that is happening in your area.

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