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Your Questions About Mishawaka Indiana

June 20, 2013

James asks…

Is South Bend, Indiana really as bad as they say?

I had been interested in going to Notre Dame until a few people told me that South Bend is an incredible hell hole. Is South Bend nearly as bad as they say? What does South Bend look like? Abandoned warehouses and ghettoes? If you have been to South Bend, please weigh in.

Administrator answers:

While I do not completely regret my choice to attend ND, there are many aspects of my experience that make me question my original reasoning for attending the school. I graduated from Notre Dame last year, and I will tell you that South Bend is a hellhole. And it’s not that I came from an urbane hometown…I grew up in the suburban Midwest, which isn’t exactly a cultural hotspot.

I lived in a very popular townhome development south of campus that was right next to an abandoned hospital and a meth house, and random people would knock on their door asking for money. Idiot intoxicated Notre Dame students deciding to walk home from Club 23 at 3 AM were occasionally attacked. One guy in particular was attacked with a brick and had his wallet stolen. And I almost forgot about the two students who were shot in a drive-by in front of Club 23 by some local dude who they refused a ride home.

I would say that a certain amount of crime would be tolerable if the area had other things going for it. However, unless you view the chain restaurants along Grape Road as fine dining and the Pleasureland Sex Museum in Mishawaka as a cultural attraction, then I think you may be disappointed. I had a car since second semester freshman year and my roommate was from South Bend, so I explored the city often and had a much deeper understanding of the city than the average student, who pretty much never left campus.

For most people, they choose to attend due to its unique campus life. If that’s what you’re looking for, then don’t worry about the fact that South Bend has nothing to offer. However, I drastically underestimated my desire for an urban campus, and if I could redo the past four years, I would probably not attend ND. I felt that my education was excellent, and I met many interesting people, but I feel that I could have grown considerably more as a person by attending a school that was different, both in the student makeup and the city type, than where I grew up.

If I had to do it over again I would have gone to college in the Boston Metropolitan area and probably attended Holy Cross or possibly Boston College.

Lisa asks…

anyone know a place that buys used drum sets in indiana?

i need to sell my drums and there in veryy good condition. gently used. so if anyone knows a place or buissnes that buys used drums thats located in indiana please tell me :]

Administrator answers:

Woodwind & Brasswind The (local advertiser)
(574) 251-3500 | 4004 Technology South Bend, IN 46628

Blessing Music
(574) 234-5550 | 1426 Mishawaka Ave South Bend, IN

US Buy and Sell

drums online:

Drum Bum Classified:

Ken asks…

Where can I buy women’s plus size clothing in South Bend, Indiana?

I just moved here and I’m looking for sizes 3x or bigger. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Try Lane Bryant


Thomas asks…

How bad are chicago winters?

I just visited chicago lately and I truly loved the city. It was full of really nice people(at least in north side chicago), there was a lot to do yet did not feel too crowded, and lake michigan was amazing.

But everyone tells me about how bad the winters are. Can someone tell me about the winters for a guy who has grown up in southern california.

Administrator answers:

First off we’re really happy you enjoyed our city as much as we do!

Winters can be very bad, yes. In fact I believe this past winter was pretty bad, but not everywhere in the area. How can that be?

I am an architect with projects in NW Indiana and the South Bend area. The building I am working with in Mishawaka/South Bend has a two month weather delay right now. Foundations went in before the new year and then they had six weeks of snow and weather too cold to pour a floor slab. The other two weeks of delays have been because this has been one of the wettest springs on record according to WGN9 meteorologist Tom Skilling.

Northwest Indiana and the east coast of Lake Michigan get about 3-4 times more snow than Chicago, thanks to the lake effect. Air passing over the lake picks up moisture and as it hits land the warmer terrain wrings those clouds like a sponge and it dumps on those sides of the lake. And it can be really fickle. I used to live in Chesterton Indiana, due south end of the lake, and work in Michigan City Indiana, 12 miles to the east at the Michigan Border. One day it was sunny at work but I could see a long black cloud coming off the lake. My wife at home called to say it was snowing like crazy. Chesterton got 20 inches of snow in five hours! Not a flake in Michigan City.

So when Chicagoans complain about snow I say “quit yer bellyachin’ you don’t know what snow is!” :)

But one commonality is the cold. I think we had two straight months of temperatures below 32 and close to a week below zero. Aurora to the southeast is in a valley and you can usually subtract 10 degrees from the average area temperatures here.

As for the tax debate what Miss Amanda meant to say was that the City of Chicago has the highest sales tax in the nation, 10.25%. It could had gone 1% lower today but Todd Stroeger feels it shouldn’t go down. But one other interesting thing is food – Illinois has a much lower sales tax on grocery foods, I think 1.5%. Indiana has a lower sales tax overall, I think 7%, but this is uniform with no discount for food.

KL thanks for the income tax info, interesting – I’ll call you if I need a new accountant!

Nancy asks…

how old to pierce my lip?

okay, i am 12 and my mother said its fine to get my lower right lip pierced i live in Mishawaka, Indiana and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get it done at? (around southbend or mishawaka or close by)

Administrator answers:

Usually you have to be at least 16 with parent consent or 18 by yourself. Try calling some shops in area and asking.

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