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Your Questions About Mishawaka Indiana

August 7, 2013

Richard asks…

Where’s the best place to live in Indiana?

Where do you think the bet place to live in Indiana is?
Northwest (Gary, Valparaiso)
North (South Bend, Elkart)
East (Fort Wayne, Muncie)
Central (Kokomo, Lafayette, Indy)
South east (Richmond, Lawrenceburg, Madison)
South central (Bloomington, Columbus)
South west (Evansville, Terra Huate)

Please answer with much detail.
- Thanks.

Administrator answers:

Wow, most places you listed are great. You know, if you have to pick out one as the best, you should consider many factors, like your budget or what you are looking for (education? Low crime rate? Best entertainment? Etc).

Based on my knowledge, Fort Wayne is the best place in terms of lower living cost. This area gets cheap houses for both renting and buying. Best of all, there are many area attractions worth your visit. This city also has some parks for you to explore. You can also find lots of entertainment venues, museums and other places to hang out.

South Bend/Mishawaka may also be great if you’ve got enough with big & crowded cities. These places might have less entertainment and shopping options, but you can live a leisure life there for sure. Actually, living in South Bend or Mishawaka can be full of fun as well. For education, these areas also have a number of nice colleges.

Oh, if you love music, I recommend Bloomington. It kind of like a “capital of music” :) This is the place where Indiana University School of Music is located. And this city host music festivals every year.

I’m not quite familiar with other cities you mentioned, so that’s all I can say about the “best” places to live in Indiana. Hope this info useful.

Maria asks…

Extreme Electronics in South Bend Indiana?

I know its a long shot, but does anyone know what happened to the buisness, Extreme Electronics in South Bend Indiana? Years ago it was on Mishawaka Ave in South Bend, but has closed, and I cant seem to find any info about it at all. Any help would be apprecitated! Thanks

Administrator answers:

Is it this lot ?

James asks…

Confused, mapquest is giving me 3 driving directions… Which one should I take?

I’m driving from Mishawaka, IN to St. Louis MO… First time traveling alone, do I take 80/90 to 55S? Is it a way to avoid going threw Illinois? Please Help!!!
No GPS… :-( I need to invest in one..

Administrator answers:

The only way to avoid going through Illinois is to drive straight south in Indiana into Kentucky and then west into Missouri. This would involve taking an extremely indirect route without interstate highways.
Most mapping programs (like Mapquest or Google Maps) give you a few different choices.
Google Maps shows I-80 to I-55; I-57; or I-57 and I-70. The mileage is similar on all three routes, and so is the estimated time. The ones involving I-57 appear to have less mileage on toll roads.

Betty asks…


Its my friend’s BIRTHDAY! this week [ specifically Tuesday] and I NEED to know what are the BEST restaurants in SOUTH BEND, INDIANA, [ I'm coming from Michigan]. If you could please suggest places that are BOTH good and CHEAP [ we're college students on a budget]. Thank you!

Administrator answers:

Reggios in mishawaka isn’t bad
you can always do the local olive garden, etc

Thomas asks…

breeders in evansville,indiana?

i live in evansville,indiana and im looking to buy a bird from a breeder.(i was going to adopt but we on have one human sosiety and it only has 2 parakeets to adopt)do you know any in my town?is there any websites to search for one?
i wanna buy a sun conure,or jenday conure

Administrator answers:

Bird breeders in Indiana:

Bird Fever Inc.
Bird Fever of Indianapolis
Indys’ only all exclusive bird store. We offer the largest selection of California cages in the state. We carry all of the major lines of bird food in pellets. Always plenty of handfed babies. Located across from the Castleton Square Mall on the NE side of Indy at 5919 East 82nd Street.Phone 317-845-7823. Email:


Birds Of A Feather Of Granger
Breeder of American Singer Canaries & Society Finches
specializing in Red Factor, Yellow plus Society Finches (crested & non). These are quality, healthy , happy birds; reasonible. We offer boarding, grooming & pet supplies. Breeder over 20+ years; near Mishawaka, South Bend, Edwardsburg, Niles. (574)272-7485 or Granger, IN


Bridgets Birdland
Exotic bird shop voted one of top 50 in USA.
Full line bird shop where we raise our own babies from cockatiels to hyacinth macaws.all size cages incl.california, prevue, and more. More toys than santa and a huge sel. Of gourmet foods. Full online ordering. All credit cards accepted. Www.bridgetsbirdland, Email:,[812]477-7114 Evansville, IN.


JT Enterprise
Specializing in Exotic Birds
Specializing in hand-fed domestic baby birds. Eclectus, Greys, Finches, Tiels, Parakeets, Canaries. Large selection of cages, toys, supplies and food. Excellent quality and competitive prices. Open Mon.-Sat. 9AM-5PM Email: Indianapolis, IN.


Picture Perfect Pet Center
In Business 22 years Full line “Hands On” pet store with Grooming
Picture Perfect Pet Center has a wide variety of livestock. Exotic birds, puppies, kittens, reptiles, freshwater and salt water fish, live corals, invertebrates… And much more. Please visit our “Livestock” section for details. Email: 2233 Westwood Sq., Marion, IN


Sherry’s Exotic Pets
Sherry’s Exotic Pets & Reptiles -Pet food and More
Sun Conures, Blue Crown Conures, Eclectus, Quaker, Yellow Collared Macaw, Green Wing Green Wing -Macaw, Indian-Ring Neck And lot More. All Hand-fed Babies. 574-370-7620 E-Mail: Elkhart, IN

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