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Your Questions About Mishawaka Indiana

August 16, 2013

Joseph asks…


Administrator answers:

Buddy Emmons (b. January 27, 1937, in Mishawaka, Indiana), is an American guitarist.

Emmons has been called “The World’s Foremost Steel Guitarist”[1] and his talent is greatly admired by fellow steel guitarists.[2] His musical versatility spans genres such as country, swing, jazz, folk, and country-rock, and he has performed or recorded with a wide variety of vocalists and musicians including Judy Collins, Linda Ronstadt, Ernest Tubb, John Hartford, The Everly Brothers, Ray Price, and Lenny Breau. His innovative musical stylings range from tasteful ballad accompaniment and classical music to be-bop jazz, big band swing standards, and Western swing. He has also made significant contributions to the design, development, and evolution of the pedal steel guitar as a musical instrument.

Jenny asks…

where can i find mma training near flint mi?

Administrator answers:

Well if you want to train, there is Carlson Gracie in mishawaka Indiana.
Head instructor is a black belt in BJJ and he promotes events. His name is Wally.

Linda asks…

which is the best city to live in indiana with family. i am moving with my kids and i wana makesure which is?

best city ot town for living chep and safe…thanks

Administrator answers:

I have friends that lived in Mishawaka.
They said the schools are really good.
They had to move because the guy’s job transferred him here.
That’s been a few years ago.
I’m not much for larger towns.
[more people, more troubles]

Good luck to you, wherever you decide to go!

James asks…

Are there malls in Indiana [will pick best answer]?

How many shopping malls are there in Indiana? Where are they located?
Because most people on Yahoo Answers play like it’s a game…maybe that’s only in Polls & Surveys…w/e


Administrator answers:

I’ll start in the center of Indianapolis and name all the ones I know.

Circle Center Mall right downtown Indianapolis.
Greenwood Mall South Side of Indy.
Eastgate Consumer mall east side of Indy
Lafayette Square Mall NW side of Indy.
Glendale Mall near Northeast side of Indy.
Washington Square Mall wast side of Indy (though I think this may be all outdoor now).
Keystone Square Fashion Mall North of Glendale, Keystone at I-465.
Castleton Square Mall NE side of Indy, which thanks to the traffic is affectionaltely known as “Hassleton.” :)
Mounds Mall – Anderson
Muncie Mall – Muncie
College Mall – Bloomington
Commons Mall – Columbus
Kokomo Mall – Kokomo
Markland Mall – Kokomo
Tippecanoe Mall – Kokomo
Marion Mall – Marion
Richmond Square Mall – Richmond
Logansport Mall – Logansport
Honey Creek Mall – Terre Haute
Glenbrook Mall – Fort Wayne – state’s biggest
Southlake Mall, Hobart, Indiana (though many people say it is in Merrillville legally this is City of Hobart).
University Park Mall, Mishawaka (South Bend)
Pierre Moran Mall, Elkhart
Concord Mall, Elkhart
Woodmar Mall, Hammond
Eastland Mall, Evansville
Green Tree Mall, New Albany
River Falls Mall, New Albany

The site below has many of these and a few I missed, and it also has shopping centers (not indoor malls) and some of the outlet malls as well.

Ken asks…

Can Somebody Please Tell Me If There Are Any Good Modeling Agencies In Indiana ? Please Tell Me Anyone .?

Administrator answers:

When I lived in South Bend my girls modeled for AAA Modeling Agency in Mishawaka, IN. They appeared in a lot of Meijer adds. Here is a link to this place and the pay was good too and very nice to work with. But we were on call like 24-7!


I found these links that may help you…


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