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Your Questions About Mishawaka Indiana

September 9, 2012

Donna asks…

Is mishawaka indiana a good place to live?

is it nice? what’s the crime rate? what is the average salary around there?

Administrator answers:

The violent crime rate is pretty low, and the property crome rate is about medium.


The average salary is around 56,00,more or less.


I live in Indiana and I have been to mishawaka,it’s pretty nice.

Thomas asks…

anyone know where i can get a French Bulldog near Mishawaka, Indiana?

i would preferably like a puppy or under the age of two. the sex doesnt matter.

Administrator answers:

Go to……this is a site for rescue groups…..just enter your Zip code, and enter breed wanted, and be AMAZED at how many GREAT choices you have !!…..i recently adopted a Great Pyrenees mix from them, and my dog Sylvester is awesome !!…..check it out…..try it… a good deed…..adopt a French Bulldog today !!!…..good luck to you, in your search for a French Bulldog as a new pet !!!!…..most adoptions run between $ 50 to $ 200 maximum, for a wonderfull dog, who will be very happy to be your new pet !!!

Mary asks…

pet refudge adoption center in mishawaka,Indiana?

location is on 6th street.In Mishawaka,Indiana. adoption of cats and dogs. want to view pictures on line.

Administrator answers:

To the dogs

to the cats

Good Luck!

Sandy asks…

Fishing at Laing park in Mishawaka Indiana?

Going to school in Mishawaka for the year and was just wondering how to fish by the dam at Laing Park. What to fish with and when. Any species of fish will do.

Administrator answers:

Rocky bottom, try fishing with jigs and expect to catch small mouth bass. They will be most active in the spring but will dive deeper in the summer when jigs become a better choice of lure, it’s not as cold down there during mid-summer.

GREAT place to fish btw, lucky you!

Richard asks…

If you live in Mishawaka, Indiana and you would like to become a blood(gang) where do you go?


Administrator answers:

Go to Syracuse. Head down to Lake Wawasee this Sat. And yell “Santa sucks” as loud as you can. And I’ll give your friend an @ss whoopin so bad they’ll never want to join a gang again.

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